RECRUITING MATCH 05: Play-By-Post Start Date 01/16/2011

Recruitment Open

Dungeon Master: C. Steven Ross
Map: E4M1 - Court of the Storm Lord by Robert Waluchow

The January 14th Baltimore Fourthcore Team Deathmatch tournament will soon unleash a wake of death and dismemberment previously unseen in this world. Afterwards, we will all be left forever changed and hungry for more.

Enter: Play-by-Post Match 05

The match will start no earlier than Monday January 16th, with the teams of dungeoneers discussing their strategies and tactics among themselves at least 7 days prior to the start date. This will be a quick match, lasting a mere 6 rounds, and will consist of two teams of four dungeoneers.

As per usual, the Dungeon Master wishes to emphasis the quickness and frantic pace of the match and asks the dungeoneers to observe decorum and refrain from "strategy talk" once the match has started.

Once you have realized the inevitability of your participation, dear reader, kindly send the Dungeon Master an email and you will be set up in a team of his own devising. If you have friends in mind with whom you would like to join in on your team, be sure to mention it. New players will be given preferential placement as a means of fostering a welcoming atmopshere of eternal war and hatred towards your fellow man.

Good hunting, dungeoneers!


Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 04

09 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 04

Umbra 24 -
Shazi 18 - Margorach 16
- Co
unt Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frankenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Round 4 - Fight!
Umbra respawns on location 1 and sends their bat to feast on the Count's chocolaty bits, knocking him unconscious!
Shazi jumps up to the platform and drives a spoon shaped stake into Count Chocula's heart.

The Count is GIBBED!
Margorach respawns on location 2, and not to be outdone by Shazi, swings with every fiber in his being, crushing Frankenberry into a bloody pulp, giving his team a resurgence of momentum.
Frankenberry is GIBBED!
Count Chocula respawns in location 1 telefragging Umbra! Lashing out but missing at Margorach, he moves through his foes to feast on chocolaty milky goodness from Damakos!
Umbra is GIBBED!
Damakos is bloodied.
Booberry, while hurtling down the mine shaft, attempts to hypnotize Damakos, attempting to send him to his doom, but he's able to resist the allure of breakfast!
Lucky sends out a rainbow of bolstering power to energize Count Chocula, and hits with such force that it knocks Damakos unconscious!
Frankenberry respawns in location 4, and charges up the stairs to deliver a strike with his massive spoon to Shazi that relatives beyond the grave felt bad for missing their breakfast.
Shazi is unconscious!
Damakos takes the point and respawns in location 2. He then climbs the wall and unleashes a hellish fury in a blaze of pyrotechnics around him, burning Count Chocula and Frankenberry. By merely being in the presence of a rock star, Shazi is uplifted to join the fight once again!
Count Chocula is bloodied.
The minecart with Booberry and Lucky hurtles down the rest of it's path. Two High Explosive Barrels are picked up, and they approach the platform.

End of Round!


Let the Bloodbath continue! - Match 4 Recruitment


Alright you scurvy-ridden dogs! It appears that bloodshed of FTDM is slowing down, AND THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN! I hereby decree that recruitment for Match 4 of FTDM is officially open!

For this event, we'll be playing on a brand-new, never seen map! At least we were going to, until those tricksy Archfey decided to partake in some holiday mischief, so instead we'll be playing on E6M1: Internecion In The Feywild!

The Unseelie Fey have demanded the sacrifice of 8 brave (or cowardly, they aren't picky) dungeoneers (2 teams of 4)! The match will begin one week after I receive 8 entries, and teams will be assigned randomly, unless you specifically request to be placed on a team with another dungeoneer.

As per usual, the match will end after 12 rounds, switching to a new map at the end of round 6. But what will the new map be? The first team that garners the favor of the Baba Yaga while in the Feywild will choose the map for the second half of the match! How does one gain the Baba Yaga's favor? Well telling would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? If neither team manages to gain her favor, the map will be determined randomly by the DM.

For those of you new to FTDM, make sure you read the character creation rules, and if you have questions be sure to peruse the FAQ page or reach out to me.

If you're brave enough to risk life and limb to the bizarre machinations of the Fey Courts, send me an email to register for the match. Once we have 8 dungeoneers, I'll send out an email to each dungeoneer, letting you know which team you're on and putting you in touch with your new teammates.

Good luck, and good hunting/slaughtering/maiming/decimating!

edit - Just to clarify, if more than 8 players are interested, preference will go to newbies, and I'll chose randomly among the experienced dungeoneers for the remaining slots.


by C. Steven Ross


Christmas Rules Changes

If I had 8 of them, it surely would have been Hanukkah Rules Changes.

A big thanks to all our Play-by-Post dungeoneers who have given Fourthcore Team Deathmatch invaluable experience outside of the chaos of live events. From their efforts, we are making two quick rules changes, which are really rules reversals. These changes affect all new matches started after today.

1). Backgrounds from Scales of War and Forgotten Realms are forbidden. (Placed in Character Creation) Bye bye, Auspicious Birth! We hope this brings back a little more of the slaughter and mayhem that we've been missing.
Yes, to those of you who have not seen the live events, that means that we usually see more bloodshed.

2). Animal Companions are unaffected by Respawn on all maps. (Placed in FAQ). They've got a perfectly valid and reusable way to be brought into the game post-mortem, they really don't need two extra lines of terrain power text on every map giving them a free handout.

Play-by-Post: Match 03 FINAL ROUND

11 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 08
Dav'2 - Renato


Play-by-Post: Match 03 Round 05

07 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 07
John Connor - Morthos - Raaargh - Odesso - IG-88 - CT Feltek - Dav'2 - Renato


Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 03

07 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 02
Umbra 24 - Shazi 18 - Margorach 16 - Count Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frankenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Round 3 - Fight!

takes the point for the team to respawn in Location 3. He unleashes a psychic attack that shrouds his ally from Frankenberry's sight.
Shazi respawns in Location 3, shifts back to line up a shadowy noose, and pulls Booberry into the Liquid Hot Magma!
Booberry is GIBBED!
Margorach moves into position to deliver a soul crushing blow to Frankenberry, when a kobold strapped to a barrel collides with Margorach! Margorach is bloodied.
Count Chocula advances from the shadows, and slams into Umbra, bloodying them.
Booberry respawns in Location 1, GIBBING Margorach! He then flies to the nearest mine cart, but Damakos swings true with a power chord and dazes Booberry. Booberry, pushing through his dizzied state, is still able to charm Damakos to whirl around and attack his own ally, Umbra!
Umbra is unconscious
Lucky continues to fly down the tracks, positioning himself to open another spectral chasm. The chasm swallows Umbra , and pins Damakos to the ground.
Umbra is GIBBED!
Frankenberry shifts into position to swing at Damakos and turn him into a pile of marshmallows, but misses!
Damakos stands up, and unleashes a song of hellish fury that blazes outwards.
Count Chocula is bloodied
With that, Booberry's mine cart races around the upper track, knocking Lucky into it and heading towards the Kobold Cache! Things are about to get exciting!
End of Round 3!


Play-by-Post: Intra-Party Email Etiquette

The subject has come up recently on the proper etiquette and expected actions of intra-party emails during a Play-by-Post event.
In short: less chatter, more splatter.

Play-by-Post: Match 03 Round 04

05 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 06
John Connor - Morthos - Raaargh - Odesso - IG-88 - CT Feltek - Dav'2 - Renato


Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 02

Match 02: Round 2
04 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 01

Umbra 24 - Shazi 18 - Margorach 16 - Count Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frakenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Round 2!
Umbra takes the point for the team Respawns in Location 3. Then their spirit bat flys out creating an opening for Shazi to strike! Frankenberry is bloodied. Frankenberry immediatly bolsters himself against the oncoming assault.
Shazi, amidst erupting lava plumes, continues her vicious assault on Frankenberry cutting him to pieces of his marshmallow'ey goodness!
Frankenberry is GIBBED!
Count Chocula is bloodied
Margorach respawns in Location 2 and is unable to spot any sugary foes on the platform, so unleashes a series of shadow darts hitting Booberry
Count Chocula emerges from his shroud and slams into Damakos, draining some of his blood.
Damakos is bloodied
Lucky, flies over to a section of the top track, and unleashes a protective rainbow to bolster The Count. Energy leaps off Count Chocula and pushes back Damakos into a Mine Cart.
Damakos is unconscious
Frankenberry respawns in Location 2, telefragging the unfortunate Drow standing on it and takes a great swing against Umbra
Shazi is GIBBED!
Umbra is unconscious
Damakos takes the point for his team and respawns in Location 1. Shifting into position with a rockin' solo he then lays down backup riffs in support of his team.


FTDM Trash Talking

Once again, the dungeoneers take time out of their life-and-death struggle for supremacy to engage in some trash talk!

First up from Match 2 is "The Breakfast Club" a.k.a. Team 2:

Ooh...is Team 1 going to let that stand, or are they going to prove once and for all which team is made up of Cereal Killers?

Next up from Match 1 Part 2, Team Quadcore takes time to flaunt their recent use of the Pit of Wombs!

Was the daring use of the Heart of Malcanthet enough to seal Quadcore's victory, or was it simply setting up Team Playoff for a glorious comeback?


Play-by-Post: Match 03 Round 03

04 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 03
John Connor - Morthos - Raaargh - Odesso - IG-88 - CT Feltek - Dav'2 - Renato

Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 1

Match 02: Start!
01 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 00

Umbra 24 - Shazi 18 - Margorach 16 - Count Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frakenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Wetworcs have decided to keep initiative as-is. Lets get this party started! Good luck teams! FIGHT!

Umbra appears in Location 4, Moves to the top of the platform, and lays down a field of earthly growth hampering their enemies.
Shazi appears in Location 1, shifts back and lays down a cloud of darkness while they await the enemy.
Margorach appears in Location 3, and follows suite by shifting back and laying another cloud of darkness down while he sharpens his blade!
Count Chocula appears in Location 4, and unleashes the first attack of the match, a wave of swarming shadows before teleporting away and becoming invisible. In the attack, he Bloodies Umbra, and knocks Margorach unconscious from a lava plume erupting nearby.
Booberry appears in Location 4, and unleashes a ghostly chasm that opens up on the platform. He then hops in a mine cart and starts along his course. Umbra is hit by the attack, and falls prone, but is still alive.
Margorach is GIBBED! FIRST BLOOD!!
Lucky appears in Location 4, and flies out to a remote section of track. From distance, he unleashes an artillery barrage of firey death knocking Umbra unconscious.
Frankenberry appears in Location 1, and summons a shadowy Maul. Shifting around his target, he finds an opening to strike, but swings wide, missing Shazi.
Damakos in a display of pyrotechnics and blazing music appears in Location 2, climbs up on the "stage" and makes a break past Sugar Bear and "The Count" Chocula to flip the switch!


January Live FTDM Events

We've just confirmed that Fourthcore Team Deathmatch is going international starting in 2012!

Conan the Barbarian (1982)
Saturday January 21st (1:00pm), Dragon's Lair Comics in Austin, TX will be ground zero for carnage and slaughter not seen in the Republic of Texas since Santa Anna at the Alamo, hosted by Dungeon Master Muttonchops. Send him an email today to reserve your place at the table! The event has no restrictions outside of our normal Character Creation guidelines, and details on the maps to be used will be forthcoming.

The Austin event takes place exactly one week after the Baltimore, MD Fourthcore Team Deathmatch! Join us in the upstairs room at Games n Stuff on Saturday January 14th (1:00pm) for an afternoon of unrelenting bloodshed. Golden trophies will be bestowed upon the winning team to commemorate their victory! Email Dungeon Master Ross to reserve your place at the table. The event will feature the maps E2M2: Mortal Kombat, E1M3: Tomb of the Iron Lich, and E3M1: Ambulatory of the Succubus Queen. Come alone or with friends, but leave only with honor, glory, and pride.
Special: To even the playing field for 4E novices, Dungeon Master Ross has forbidden both Backgrounds and Themes for this event.

Teams have already started forming for these highly anticipated events. Don't miss this chance to seize your destiny and bathe yourself in glory!



Match 2: Recruitment Closed

That's it folks! Among the many, Eight have stepped forward to heed the call for Match 2 - E2M1: Minecart Massacre. Team names and other info will be coming out soon so stay tuned. If you missed out on this round of recruitment, don't worry, stick around and watch the action unfold. Also, you should pop in on the continuation of the fight between Quadcore and Playoffs in Match 3 going on now on Ambulatory of the Succubus Queen submitted by Sersa V himself! Who will emerge victorious!?

Play-By-Post: Match 03 Round 01 & 02

03 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 03
John Connor - Morthos - Raaargh - Odesso - IG-88 - CT Feltek - Dav'2 - Renato



by C. Steven Ross and Graham H. Leeb

Fourthcore mention in Penny-Arcade

We're very pleased, positively tickled, to hear that Fourthcore got a small mention in today's Penny Arcade post. Please, Fourthcore Crusaders, go out and spread the good word of our most cherished philosophies to all whom might ask.

And to all those Penny Arcade readers who are stumbling upon this blog: Welcome! Fourthcore Team Deathmatch is one of the most fun, action-packed, and exciting ways to play with the Dungeons & Dragons system. We will be taking our little venture out to meet you at PAX East this year; shooting for a tournament on that Saturday around 1:00pm. Turn your gaze here for more information as the event schedule becomes known.

If you are curious about FTDM, but would like to just get your toe wet before jumping in whole hog, please sign up for the next Play-By-Post match by emailing Dungeon Master Muttonchops and telling him that you want in. Registration closes Monday December 5th, and the next Match will start recruiting soon after New Years.


Pulled into the Feywild by unseelie Archfey, the dungeoneers must fight to the death to entertain of the Court of Stars.

by Jon Green


Play-By-Post: Match 01 Post-Game

Ye dungoneers who hath braved the challenges of the first Play-By-Post Fourthcore Team Deathmatch have blazed a trail into the realms of Dungeons & Dragons, pushing back the boundaries of what is and what is not possible, and come out better dungeoneers for it. Please, use this post as a means to comment on the strengths, weaknesses, and unique experiences you encountered during Match 01, while contemplating the next arena before you.

During the match, there was quite a bit of excitement and a flurry of communications within the teams. I've caught little snippets of it, and have asked all the teams to send me their FTDM email conversations for posterity, enjoyment, and as a strategy resource on how teams have planned for and handled the match. Also, please get me your DND 4e files, for archiving purposes, if you can and I'll post them here.

Let me just say that this past month has been tremendously fun. You're all a joy to game with, and I look forward to all the gibbings we will have together in the future!




Stuck somewhere between the dimension we know and love, and a realm of Lovecraftian disorder and horror, we find teams of gladiators. They fight over mystical flags, through a red and blue haze of constant reincarnation.



My first FTDM map is complete and ready to be stained with the blood of countless victims. Let the carnage begin!

Play-By-Post: Match 01, Round 06 (FINAL ROUND)

Playoffs! 15 === wetwORCs 17 === QuadCore 13
Round 6 - FIGHT!


Play-by-Post: Match 01, Round 05

Playoffs! 13 === wetwORCs 15 === QuadCore 13

Sarah Connor - Renato Ugarth Dav'd - T.Grumpkin - Og - P3-10R - Morthos C.T.Feltek - Odesso Alecto Kludge - Dungeon Master
Round 5 - FIGHT!


FTDM Match 2 Call to Arms!

That's right you slabs of meat, I will be hosting Match 2 of the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch. Please read all the rules for character creation, and the play-by-post variant rules to get familiar with the format. As Gib happy as I am, I am sticking to the standard Play-by-post rules for this match.

The map will be E2M1: Minecart Massacre, so it'll pay to read the info for that as well.

I am looking for 8 dungeoneers (2 teams of 4) to take the field. Once I have 8, I'll make an announcement of the start date. It will be at least a week after I've filled the last slot. The match will last 12 rounds.


A larger version of this map can be found here. You can also view the high-resolution print version.

Play-by-Post: Match 01, Round 04

Playoffs! 09 === wetwORCs 11 === QuadCore 10
Sarah Connor - Renato Ugarth Dav'd - T.Grumpkin - Og - P3-10R - Morthos C.T.Feltek - Odesso Alecto Kludge - Dungeon Master
Sarah Connor - Renato Ugarth Dav'd - T.Grumpkin - Og - P3-10R - Morthos C.T.Feltek - Odesso Alecto Kludge - Dungeon Master
Round 4 - FIGHT!