by C. Steven Ross and Graham H. Leeb

Test Your Might:  Dungeoneers add their Strength modifier to Initiative.

Kombat Stages: At the start of the match, the Dungeon Master selects two stages per team to be used for the match and arranges them from highest to lowest. Creatures have line of sight and line of effect only to the stage that they are currently on.
This is a modular system, allowing for easy additional stages to be added to this map.

Brutality: Dungeoneers score a critical hit on a roll of a natural 19 or 20.

Humiliation: On a roll of a natural 1, you are knocked prone and slide to an unoccupied square on the next lower stage.

Fatality: Dungeoneer brought to hit points equal to their negative bloodied value count as an additional death (2 deaths total).

Respawn Terrain Power
Choose your destiny.
At-Will + teleportation
Trigger: You start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter.
Effect (No Action): If you are dying, you die. You regain all hit points and healing surges, remove failed death saves and conditions, refresh all encounter powers and power points, and teleport to an unoccupied square of your choice.
Additionally, you lose any Kombat Kards you have and gain a new, random Kombat Kard.

Uppercut Terrain Power
Trigger: You score a critical hit.
Effect (No Action): The target is knocked prone and you slide the target to any unoccupied square on the stage immediately above or below you. You must slide to the nearest unoccupied square to the target.
Special: You do not need line of sight or line of effect for this power.
Special: You must use this power if you meet the triggering conditions.

Ninja Leap Terrain Power
Minor Action
Effect: You move to an unoccupied square on the same numbered Column on a stage immediately above or below you.
Special: You do not need line of sight or line of effect for this power.

Flawless Victory Terrain Power
Trigger: You reduce an enemy from maximum hit points to 0 hit points or fewer in the same turn.
Effect (Free Action): Gain 10 temporary hit points.

Killing Spree Terrain Power
At-Will (1/turn)
Trigger: You reduce 2 or more enemies with at least 1 hit point to 0 hit points or fewer during the same turn.
Effect (No Action): Gain an action point. You may spend more than one action point per encounter, but only one action point per round.

Bridge Stage
If this stage is used, it is always the highest stage.

Great Fall: Creatures subject to the Uppercut terrain power can be slid to the lowest stage. A creature slid to the lowest stage in this way takes an additional 1d10 falling damage.

Warrior Shrine Stage

Ancestral Spirits - If you trigger the Flawless Victory terrain power on this level, you may recharge an Encounter or Daily power at the end of your turn instead of gaining temporary hit points.

Spiked Pit Stage

Impaled Terrain Power
Trigger: You slide an enemy to a square on the Spiked Pit stage.
Effect (Free Action): The enemy takes 5 damage and is restrained until escape (escape DC 21).

Dead Pool Stage

Acid Pool: Creatures starting their turn prone on the Dead Pool stage take 5 acid damage and 5 necrotic damage.


  1. Great Concept, but how does one get a kombat card, or for that matter, multiple?

    And I assume this is a two-team map?

  2. It's written into the Respawn terrain power. Typically you can only have one Kombat Kard at a time, but very clever/lucky dungeoneers with Shang Tsung's Kard will be able to accumulate the souls and Kombat Kards of their slain enemies.

    The map supports an infinite number of teams, in theory. There are 2 stages per team.

    Also of note, the map is meant to be very modular, allowing for new stages and Kombat Kards to be easily entered into the mix. Before you ask, YES!, we do accept submissions for just a new stage and/or Kombat Kards if a whole map seems unappealing or too daunting. Send an email to both myself and Muttonchops.

  3. How does uppercut work with attacks that do a set damage? Magic missile for instance? Since it's an effect, I suspect uppercut doesn't apply, and this will make it so all other autodamage doesn't apply either, but it should be mentioned, or zones are super awesome right now. How about attacks that are attack rolls requiring a hit but only deal your stat damage, instead of a die roll + stat damage?

  4. When we respawn, where do we respawn? Do we choose a stage, is it randomized, and where in the stage do we end up?

  5. Why is the Four Armed Beatdown at-will, when it is arguably the strongest card attack, and almost all the others are encounter attacks?

  6. @Nelphine: Good katch on the Uppercut. I just changed it to trigger on attacks that hit AND deal max damage.

    For Respawn, you kome back on any unoccupied square, and are not limited by stage.

    For Goro's Kombat Kard, it is At-Will and clearly better than all the other Kombat Kards because Goro is awesome, and the kanon winner of the last Mortal Kombat.

    The komplete randomness of the Kards allows us to have varying levels of power with the Kards' abilities, kreating better and worse Kards that add an element of khaos to the game.

  7. besides, this is FTDM; a dungeoneer's life-span won't last long enough for any one card to be a dominating factor!

  8. Dec 12 2011 Update:

    - Ninja Jump changed to a Minor Action

    - Warrior Shrine stage benefits Daily powers instead of Encounter powers, but is harder to get the recharge

    - Reptile's Kombat Kard power no longer causes blindness. Blindness makes attacks miss too much, which leads to fewer gibs.

    - Goro's Kombat Kard power dropped down to Encounter instead of At-Will.

    - Misc. wording clarifications

  9. is reptile's power really until it dies, and not save ends? =))

    also, AWESOME IDEA DUDE! now i got the MK theme looped at my komputer

  10. Yes, quite. Originally, I had the power as ongoing 5 acid damage (no save).

    No save. Ever.

  11. also, maybe you could clarify the wording on flawless victory to "when to reduce a creature from max hp to 0 in one turn"

    also, needs stryker. =)) ill try to think of a kard for him.

  12. @casey: that. is. brutal.

    loving this more and more man!