Episode 1: Knee Deep in the Dead
by C. Steven Ross

Episode 2: The Shores of Hell
by Graham H. Leeb
E2M2: Mortal Kombat
E2M3: Steel Cage Smackdown

Episode 3: Thy Flesh Consumed
by Sersa Victory

Episode 4: Scourge of Armagon
by Robert Waluchow

Episode 5: No Rest for the Living
by Jasmine Barlow
Episode 6: Dissolution of Eternity
by Jonathan Green
E6M1: Internecion in the Feywild

Episode 7: Arcade of Slaughter
by Anthony Franchini

Episode 8: Poetry in Commotion
by Brendan Flattery

Episode 9: The Perilous Journey
by Brian Benoit

Episode 10: The Frozen Wasteland
by Steven Ness

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