GenCon 2013 Fourthcore Events Summary

Thursday August 16th

9:00 am (JW Marriott 305) - J1: Augury of the Hoarfrost Witch, RPG1346911
1:00pm (JW Marriot 305) - Fane of the Heresiarch, RPG1346759
2:00pm (JW Marriott 302) - Vault of the Wyrm Prince, RPG1345503
6:00pm to 2:00am (JW Marriott 202) - FTDM Open PlayRPG1341985
7:00pm (JW Marriott 302) - Vault of the Wyrm Prince, RPG1345504

Friday August 17th

8:00am (Marriot Ballroom 7) - MegaMan Deathmatch, RPG 1340319
9:00am (JW Marriott 306) - J2: Ascension of the Blighted Inquisitor, RPG1346921
10:00am (JW Marriott 302) - Vault of the Wyrm Prince, RPG1345506
1:00pm (JW Marriott 306) - Tower of the AscendantsRPG1341986
5:00pm (JW Marriott 209) - Fane of the Heresiarch, RPG1346767

Saturday August 18th

10:00am and/or 1:00pm (JW Marriott 201/202) - FTDM Tournament Entry RoundsRPG1340291 and RPG1340292
4:00pm (JW Marriott 202) - FTDM Tournament Championship MatchRPG1340293
6:00pm (The Fourthcore Bunker, ask FTDM Staff for location) - FTDM Post-Tournament Party

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