FTDM 12 - Army of Darkness - Round 2

As the corporations rain down hurt on the nerds, an army of Deadites approaches the fight. From the edges of perception you hear things like “I will eat your soul!”, and “Dead before dawn! Dead before dawn!”. There are a few other voices saying things like “Look a near mint copy of the Necronomicon! I need!”, “I’m building a coffin, what wood stand-up best to worn? Oh, I didn’t mean that, you’re sick!”, and “Only $3.99! I’m so getting ‘Revenge of the Nerds’!”. (Deadites like explanation points.)

After a long argument with Death, Comic Book Guy is given a second chance and is dropped off at (drum roll please)… Location 2 (bad dice, be more random). He then scatters the stores to the 2 winds.
Lowe's is up to making more profits and pushing geeks into the Deadites.
Scott Pilgrim reappears at location 4 and takes an axe to the Home Depot and a light to the Deadites. Despite having the Deadites off of him, Wil Wheaton succumbs to his wounds and reappears in location 3 and makes may attacks almost bankrupting Home Depot and K-Mart.
K-Mart attack's Scott and brings Home Depot back from the brink.
Walmart now carries Necronomicons and uses it to attack Scott Pilgrim.
Igor has his soul eaten, and then reappears at location 3. Igor grabs the Boomstick(TM) and goes postal on Walmart and Home Depot. Walmart barely hangs on and Home Depot goes down.
Home Depot respawns at location 2.


RECRUITMENT: Play-by-Post Start Date 09/10/12 (Match 13)


 It's on like Donkey Kong!

Is your life lacking homerun bats, starmen, ray guns or big-ass hammers? Do you have an insatiable need to fly around and smash your opponents off a cliff? Have you ever been tossed around by a whirlwind or giant tree, and can't help wanting more? If you answered yes to any of the above, you should seriously consider signing up for the next play-by-post match, to start no earlier than September 10th, 2012.

After much twitter discussion, Team WetwORCs has signed up for another shot at glory. Opposing them are a handful of crazy canucks and former members of The Eh Team and/or Team Moose Hockey Maple Syrup Eh?. The crazy canucks are in need of one player to complete their team.

If you think you have what it takes and don't mind the company of a few beer-drinking northerners, post below to reserve your space. First come, first-served.

GenCon 2012 Post-Game Interview

To wrap-up our GenCon 2012 Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Tournament coverage, we have gone through and interviewed some of the guys from the winning Team Moose Hockey Maple Syrup Eh? to get their thoughts on winning, challenge, and victory.


FTDM 12 - Army of Darkness - Round 1

The peasants have all left the region fearing the three great evils converging here for battle; the undead, corporate greed, and the army of dorkness. Most are hoping that the undead win.
 Comic Book Guy is the first to make it through the dark portal, appearing at location 4 and grabs the necronomicon
Lowe's appears at location 2 and gives Comic Book Guy a minor bruise.
Scott Pilgrim appears at location 2 and gives Lowe's the axe.
Wil Wheaton beams in at location 2. A swing and a miss at Lowe's
K-Mart appears at location 3 heals Lowe's and pushes Scott Pilgrim in danger.
Walmart appears in location 2 telefragging Scott Pilgrim and then slashing the comic book competition dropping Comic Book Guy and bloodying Wil Wheaton.
Igor appears at location 2 and fights back against Walmart. But with all his min/maxing skill he cannot avoid the fickle finger of fate and pulls a Deadite from the ground.
Home Depot pops up at location 1 swing what appears to be a great hit on Igor, but the little geek dodges at the last second.

New post here: round 2


GenCon2012 Wrap-Up

Another glorious year for
Fourthcore Team Deathmatch

at GenCon!

The last banner you see before you die.


Play-by-Post 12: Army of Darkness - Recuitment


Attention S-mart shoppers, our store layout has changed. Isle 3 is now housewares. Isle 4 is now garden supplies. Isle 5 is a portal to a dark twisted dimension of evil. Isle 6 is now home electronics.

All S-mart employees are encouraged to sign up to battle the darkness and each other in a battle from dusk to dawn in order to close the portal. Only excessive amounts of blood will close the portal. Employees who win (and survive) will get a bonus and an extra week of paid vacation.

Newer employees will be give preference for the recruitment. When recruitment closes there will be a 7 day period to prepare with you team. The teams will proceed to the portal no earlier than 8/28.

As always, remember the 'S' in S-mart means savings.

Recruitment to end 8/18. Match to start 8/28. 6 round of mayhem to follow.

E5M2: Army of Darkness


FTDM Banner at GenCon Tournament

As if the excitement of the forthcoming Fourthcore Team Deathmatch GenCon 2012 Tournament of Champions wasn't high enough, wasn't already raised to a fever pitch;

The 3ft. x 8ft. full color banner (provided by BannersOnTheCheap.com) has arrived!

Come ye mortals! gaze upon our magnificent sigil and despair!
(Cats provided for scale.)

We're still taking sign-ups for those who wish to rise about the common rabble and secure their place in victory. Email the Dungeon Masters Jon and Rob to reserve your place!



by Brendan Flattery
with acknowledgments to Rob Waluchow 
and C. Steven Ross.



Death Wyverns' Crucible is an homage to the Fourthcore swan song adventure, Fane of the Heresiarch, by Sersa Victory.  This Deathmatch Map steals liberally from a pulse-pounding, adrenaline-filled ambush. If you find yourself enjoying this map even one iota, it behooves you to visit yourself upon its inspiration.

Design by C. Steven Ross
Cartography by Robert Waluchow
Inspiration by Sersa Victory


FTDM Banner

Recently, Fourthcore Team Deathmatch was contacted with a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" kind of proposal. BannersOnTheCheap.com offered a very generous free banner printing in exchange for some simple link and word of mouth promotion, with examples of their previous work here and here.

These guys were true to their word, very friendly, very helpful, and are providing an inspiring sight to see when the 8 ft. banner makes its grand debut at this year's GenCon Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Tournament. If you're in the market for this sort of thing, please give them some consideration.