Teams will be composed of four, RPGA-legal 1st-Level player characters (dungeoneers), created using the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition standard point-buy system (Method #1 or Method #2).
  • Dungeoneers have 100 gp to buy their equipment with and may not pool resources with other dungeoneers.
  • Dungeoneers may choose any Race, including those only supported in the Monster Manual (Orc, Bugbear, Bullywug, etc.)
  • Dungeoneers may not buy potions, poisons, alchemical or other consumable items.
    NOTE: Assassins may still prepare poisons, as per Poison Use.
  • Dungeoneers may not sell any free starting equipment, such as rituals books.
  • All Themes are forbidden.
  • All Spellplagues, Wild Talents (Dark Sun) and Fortune Cards are forbidden. Backgrounds from both Scales of War and Forgotten Realms are forbidden.
  • A dungeoneer with an At-Will stance or aura starts with one of each active at the start of combat, when initiative is rolled. All dungeoneers have line of sight and line of effect to their allies when initiative is rolled.
  • Special: Artificers may choose to refresh a healing infusion and Assassins may choose to refresh Assassin's Strike whenever they are granted an ability that refreshes all encounter powers, such as Respawn.

Play-By-Post Variant
Players wishing to join a team with an available roster must email the relevant Dungeon Master running the matchIn addition, each player must provide an image to be used an an avatar of their dungeoneer for use on the common map of the match.
Once the rosters have filled up, players must provide an easily readable file (.pdf, .txt, or MS Office) of their DDi-legal character sheet within 7 days time to the Dungeon Master. Players are advised to use those 7 days as best they can to strategize and synergize their dungeoneers.
Note: The character sheet does not necessarily need to be created through DDi character builder, but must be DDi-legal with all current relevant errata. The dungeoneers' associated race, defenses, held equipment, and equipped armor will be emailed publicly to all teams once all character sheets have been received.