DOOM v0.7 Sneak Peek - Attacking

As I develop and refine the rules to DOOM RPG, and more importantly as I write those in a coherent fashion that can be easily understood, I will be previewing those rules here. At this stage in development, many core aspects of the game are solidified and have gone through initial testing. These game mechanics I can confidently say will survive into any expansive, semi-official rules releases in the near future. I hold back on others that are more experimental so as not to muddy the data streams with potentially false information. As you might expect from a ultra-tactical game such as DOOM, the Attack action is now grounded and in a state ready to be shown.


When a creature makes an attack, the active player rolls 1d20, plus a number of additional d20’s equal to the value of the attack modifier (-2, +3, etc.) If the modifier is positive, the active player may use any result rolled. A player can always choose to use a result from among the attack dice rolled that is of a lower value to activate a desired effect from the Attack Effect Chart. If the attack modifier is negative, however, the lowest value rolled must be used.

On a result of 10 or higher, the attack hits and deals its damage as indicated by the weapon being used. On every roll, whether a hit or a miss, apply the indicated effect from the Attack Effect Chart.

Example: Andy drops to the ground, Prone, and takes aim with his Assault Rifle to shoot a Flame Imp. He rolls a d20 for the attack, plus an additional d20 for the Assault Rifle’s Focused trait (+1), since he is Prone, and is able to use either die roll. He rolls a 13 and 11, both hits! He could hit with a 13, but he is lying on the ground Prone and is worried about a nearby Hell Knight stomping his head in. He wisely chooses to use the die roll of 11, allowing him to Stand Up and hits with his regular damage.

Multiple Targets, Multiple Attack

When an attack targets multiple targets, such as using a weapon with the Line or Auto-fire traits, use the following general guideline: once for the attack, once for the damage.

When attacking multiple targets, the active player must attack the target with the worst penalty to attack and apply that result against all targets. Similarly, damage is rolled only once and applied to all targets on a hit.

Held Weapon Only

A Marine can can only attack with his or her currently Held weapon, as indicated by the placement of the Items on his or her character sheet. A Marine can, however, activate any non-weapon Items in their inventory while keeping a weapon in the Held Item location.

Exception: An Unarmed attack may be performed no matter what the current Held Weapon is.

Demons have no such restrictions.


Gender Inclusive

Doom-Girl. by Kelsey Scamper

by armaina.deviantart.com

Female space marine by Retinal Eclipse

Aliens (1986)

DOOM (1993)


DooM RPG (v0.7) Character Sheet

This will be the character sheets going to DEFY DANGER EAST on October 3rd. Everything you could ever need all on one side of an 8-1/2"x11" sheet of paper. The mechanics of the game are getting honed every day and are close to a full scale release.


Live Action Report - DOOM RPG v0.666 playtest

After quite a bit of time designing DOOM RPG in the closed echo chamber, I have finally put this early phase through a much needed field test. The results were nothing short of groundbreaking with every single player standing around the table, too amped up to sit still. for record, we used a converted version of Colossus of the Shattered Moon as our test adventure.

First and foremost, our playtest proved the viability of the concept. DOOM RPG right here right now is a fun, action-packed, nightmare of explosions. It's a game That I would play repeatedly and enjoy it every time. It's something that I created and can be proud of.

Detailing all of the minutia seems rather pointless. Telling you of the old rules that got tossed, new rules that were introduced, and the revelations that came through actual play is meaningless as you, the reader, have no standard with which to compare. What I do want to write about today are a few glimpses into game mechanics that have proven to be indispensable to the aesthetic of DOOM RPG.

Firing Arc

Character facing, what DOOM RPG refers to as Firing Arc, is at the heart of its fast-paced, tactical combat system. This element forms the kernel with which we empower the players with the means to defeat their enemies. Combat in this game is not a drawn out slog. It is not a fair fight, it is not a test of character sheet building, nor is it at all predictable. The tide of battle crawls across a razor edge, with the Marines achieving devastating victory over their enemies, yet never for one moment feeling safe. They do this by the superior tactical skills of the players turning their Marines' Firing Arcs to the exact right direction at the exact right time. Gameplay feels like a panic, constantly running, dancing behind cover and out of sight of your enemies, reappearing to make a critical shot and plant a bullet in some fucked up demon's forehead.

Knee Deep In The Dead

The carnage of battle grows around the Marines as they blast their way through the unending hordes of Hell. Walls are painted red with blood and floors slick with gore. After each creature dies, it leaves behind a corpse, creating a square of Difficult Terrain. As the bodies pile up, the Marines find it harder and harder to get into position or to get themselves out of the enemies' sights. As the fight wears on, it gets more challenging by increasing the difficulty for the Marines to stay alive. Speed and mobility mean life. Slowing down spells certain death.

The final battle with the Cyber Demon Lich Lord.

Steven's Orange Marine gets ready to smash the Cyber Demon with a shot from his BFG9000 at point blank range.

A pack of slavering demons are herded through a narrow chokepoint turned killing field.

Par for each adventure is an indication of expected number of dead Marines. We were a bit disappointed with only 6 and decided that the Cyber Demon needs to increase its lethality by quite a bit.

Everything splayed out in a chaotic mess.