RECRUITMENT: Start Date 04/16/2012 (PbP Match 09)

Desperate to play some FTDM play-by-post? Email me about running a match!

After taking some time off to decompress after the upcoming, adrenaline-pumping PAX East Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Tournament, Dungeon Master Ross will be raring to go for some more carnage!

Recruitment is officially open for any dungeoneer. The match will start no earlier than Monday April 16th.

What map shall we be trying out next in the play-by-post format? You tell me! Please cast your vote on the poll on the right for your top three favorite and/or most interesting maps in the list. The winning map will be chosen for the next play-by-post excursion!

As usual, once the roster has been filled each team will have 7 days to be able to discuss strategies and tactics among themselves. This will be a quick match, lasting a mere 6 rounds, and will consist of two teams of four dungeoneers. Why only 6 rounds? Because your teammates are sick of looking at you.

As per usual, the Dungeon Master wishes to emphasize the quickness and frantic pace of the match.

Once you have realized the inevitability of your participation, kindly send the Dungeon Master an email and/or comment here and you will be set up in a team of his own devising. If you have friends in mind with whom you would like to join in on your team, be sure to mention it and accommodations will be made. New players will be given preferential placement as a means of fostering a welcoming atmopshere of eternal war and hatred towards your fellow man.

Good hunting, dungeoneers!


Spring 2012 Rules Changes

The following rules take effect on Saturday April 7th 2012 at the PAX East Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Tournament:
  • NO THEMES - the complexity level of themes has escalated to the point of being onerous to keep up with, and they are a strong deterrent to new and inexperienced dungeoneers who will have a significant disadvantage in character builds from their lack of familiarity with this niche rules element. Also, the plethora of defensive themes available runs counter to the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch philosophy of "more kills = more fun".
  • NO SPELLPLAGUES - this was never meant to be included in play and was inadvertently left out of the Characer Creation page.
  • A dungeoneer with an At-Will stance or aura starts with one of each active at the start of combat, when initiative is rolled.
    All dungeoneers have line of sight and line of effect to their allies, when initiative is rolled.
    This has been an unofficial ruling for some time now, and is now more clearly stated. These mechanical elements were originally designed under the assumption that a group of dungeoneers would start an encounter with them, so that should be reflected in Deathmatch play as well.
  • Play-By-Post: The penalty for delaying the game in play-by-post (waiting longer than 24 hours to post actions) now matches the same penalty applied to stalling and indecision in live play: GIBBED!!!
  • Clarification: Respawn terrain powers have a requirement of a dead or dying dungeoneer. This has always been the de facto mode of play, we're just now cleaning up the wording to reflect this.
  • Various map tweaks. As an ongoing effort, maps are continuously tweaked by the authors to be more clear, concise, and fun. Always check the current posting of a given map before creating a character for Deathmatch play.


PAX East Trophy Gallery! Are you worthy?

      The PAX East Council of Doom has convened in secret these past months, searching our tomes for great ways to punish and reward those brave enough to enter the PAX East 2012 FTDM tournament, on April 7th in Boston, MA.  Maps were chosen, blood was shed, and runes drawn.  I took the opportunity to learn the ways of the Illustrator, and survived a harrowing trip to deliver the plans to the awesome Lyndsay of Dragonchow Dicebags!
      Bags will be awarded to the victorious four at PAX East this year, so they may carry the skulls and souls of their fallen foes with them until the end of days.  Check them out below!

"GET PSYCHED!"  & Sign-up today!


Play-by-Post: Match 08 Round 02 MORTAL KOMBAT

Round 2


PAX East FTDM Tournament

The PAX East schedule is finally up! Check out what's going on on the convention and email Senor Ross to reserve your place in the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch tournament! Each member of the winning team receives a copy of the Fourthcore Armory (Extended Edition) as well as an exclusive Fourthcore Team Deathmatch dice bag by from the illustrious Dragonchow Dice Bags!

Also, be on the lookout for some of the FTDM regulars (Ross, Chast, and Franchini) helping out with a few official Wizards of the Coast events during the rest of the long weekend.

What are you waiting for?


"A hooligans game played by gentlemen."
by C. Steven Ross and Steven Samorodin

[VIDEO] E1M1: Slaughterhouse

It's been a long time coming, but Fourthcore Team Deathmatch finally has a series of short videos made to display the fear, excitement, and glory of the most fun way to play Dungeons & Dragons. The video serves not only to entertain, but also to educate those who are unfortunate enough not to be able to witness a live match first hand. The videos capture the first 4 rounds of the match, about half of the entire event, as well as an introduction to the rules and players, and a post-game analysis.