Play-by-Post: Match 08 Round 03 MORTAL KOMBAT



  1. Mario eyes Excel from across the level, and pulls out a spined blue shell. "Here we goooooooooo!"

    Elemental Bolt against Excel
    Attack: +3 vs Reflex (5 - 2 dazed)
    Damage: 1d12+1d6+7 fire damage + 12 necrotic damage (from Dark Reaping)

    1. Hmm, I'm not sure why you're applying a -2 to your attack roll; dazed doesn't usually do that. From cover, maybe?

      (9)+5 -2 cover vs. Reflex 15; MISS!!!
      Death Save: (5)
      Mario drops unconscious!

      Link starts his turn dazed and surrounded by foes!

    2. Hmm...I guess that at this point its too late to bring up that you used my elven accuracy ability when I didn't tell you too last round, so I should still have it now?

    3. QUOTE

      Mario hops onto the stage, and swats away that pesky Lakitu cam that keeps following him. He looks at the fireflower in one hand and the iceflower in the other, and with a shrug, eats both of them. Eying the Red Shirt and Red Hood in front of him, and lets loose with a barrage of fire!

      Spawn on Spiked Pit Stage, column 4
      Minor: Master's Eye (extra 1d8 damage & 5 THP if I hit with my first attack; I grant CA if I miss)
      Standard: Elemental Bolt (using Elemental Escalation)
      vs. Red Shirt: +5 vs Reflex

      (using Elven Accuracy if I miss)

      Hit: 1d12+1d10+1d8+1d6+7 fire damage
      vs Red Hood: +5 vs Reflex
      Hit: 1d12+1d10+1d6+7 fire damage
      (If I drop Red Shirt down to 0 or fewer HP, I'll use Dark Reaping)
      Shift to Column 1 (as part of Elemental Escalation)
      Move: Ninja Leap down to the Dead Pool stage
      Action Point: Elemental Bolt
      vs. Excel: +5 vs Reflex

      (using Elven Accuracy if I miss & still have it)

      Damage: 1d12+1d6+7 fire damage (+1d8+5 necrotic damage if I used Dark Reaping on the Red Shirt)

    4. Right, I wrote it after the attack on Red Shirt, not on Red Hood (and after the attack on Excel). I didn't say anything at the time, because I assumed I'd be dead before my turn came up again. This is more me lamenting that decision than it actually is me trying to get that power back.

      Although if you feel like giving me a re-roll, I have no problem with that.

    5. The previous re-roll did get you a fatality against the team currently in the lead.

  2. Wow... That was not at all what I had expected.

  3. HP: I still have 1.

    Link hacks at Nihil. He hacks with all his might.

    Standard: Bond of Retribution on Nihil: +8 vs AC, on hit: 1d12+5 damage, and the first time an enemy other than the target hits or misses me before the end of my next turn, the target takes 3 radiant damage.

    1. In a swirling dazed, Link swings his shining bright ... pick ... overhead.

      (2) or (7)+8 vs. AC 17; MISS!!!
      Save vs. Daze (6); FAIL!!!

      Catwoman starts her turn, I don't think she is dazed anymore, and I do think that the phasing/insubstantial will clear off at the end of this turn.

  4. With a flick of her wrist, Selena Kyle lashes her whip around a statue of Goro and swings down two levels to settle in cozy with the red-shirted stranger. She gives a sneaky smile and snaps her whip past the ensign as it cracks against Excel. "Not today sugar."

    Minor and minor action: go down two stages and settle next to Red-Shirt
    Standard action: Flesh Rend +7 vs. AC, 1d10+8 necrotic damage and target takes a -2 to attack rolls until the start of my next turn.

    if dropped, CONVOCATION OF SHADOWS again for insubstantial and phasing.

    1. The dice are frowning on everyone this round, it seems!

      (7)+7 vs. AC 17; MISS!!!

      The Joker, dying, has the last laugh by escaping the Fatality, removing all those nasty conditions, and Respawning with Kombat Kard (2); Sub Zero!

      Map and score updates in the morning.

    2. Map and score updated.

      Team Arkham, YOU HAVE LOST THE LEAD!!!

  5. "A Party?! Good thing I was invited, you kiddies need a clown to show you some real fun!". "Nihil, your our first contestant! Step right up, and maybe win a prize!". And Nihil turns to face the clown, there is a burst of confetti and a solid 10lb Ice box (complete with bow) drops from the sky aimed directly over its head...

    Respawn next to Nihil on the acid pit stage.
    Minor action: razor storm vs Nihil +7 vs reflex 14, 1d6+5 damage on a hit. If hit, add in takedown strike for an extra 5 damage and Nihil is prone.
    Move action: shift one square to the right
    Standard action: Ice Prison vs Nihil. +6 (+8 if prone) vs reflex, 1d8+5 cold damage,and the target takes 10 ongoin cold damage and is restrained (DC21).

  6. Please ignore my grammar errors...

    And, I assume I can't add sneak attack with a ranged attack granted by the kombat Kards? If I can, then game on, add it to the ice prison assuming Nihil is dropped prone and I hit with the second attack!

    1. Razor Storm: (11)+7 vs. Reflex 14; HIT!!!
      for (1)+5+5= 11 damage! and knocked prone (Nihil is at 14 HP).
      Ice Prison: (5)+6 -2 (ranged vs. prone) vs. Reflex 14; MISS!!!

      Nihil then starts his turn, ready for vengeance!

      FYI, I'm off-site the rest of the day, so I won't be able to do much with FTMD until tomorrow morning.

  7. "FTMD"? Fourthcore Team... Meth Dash?

    I've totally got a new idea for a map!

  8. The slime that coats the floor sears Nihil, but the smell is not that of normal flesh dissolving, but of something else entirely. He struggles to his feet. "Pitiful. If this is the best this world has to offer, then you will be enslaved all the more easily."

    Cold energies flow from Nihil to Excel, who seems bolstered by it, if not entirely comfortable with the sensation of being "healed" by the strange, alien creature. "Please, continue to try and extinguish the flame that long ago guttered out. I am not afraid of the unending dark. Returning to it only makes me stronger."

    Nihil turns to the Elf. "Let us see how oblivion treats you."

    I take 5 necrotic and 5 acid damage from starting my turn prone on the Acid Pit stage, leaving me with 4 hp.

    * Move Action: stand.
    * Minor Action: Inspiring Word on Excel (he heals Healing Surge(6)+1d6 hp).
    * Standard Action: Opening Shove targeting Link (+9 vs. Reflex (+7, +2 from flank), Hit: Push 0 and Excel will attack Link.

    * Free Action: Excel vs. Link. (+10 vs. AC (+8, +2 from flank), Hit: 2d8+6 damage)
    - If Link drops to 0 or less, Excel will take his Kombat Kard and take 10 damage from Stormhawk's Vengeance.
    - If Excel damages Link, I take 3 damage, leaving me at 1 hp.

    I might have an action point action, depending on how all that plays out.

    1. Witchknight reminds me that Link might not have Stormhawk's Vengeance.

    2. Lots of single-digit HP dungeoneers on the board, huzzah!

      Excel heals ()+6 HP!
      Opening Shove: (10)+9 vs. Fortitude 12; HIT!!!
      Basic Attack: (8)+10 vs. AC 16; HIT!!!
      for (5)+(2)+6= 13 damage! Link is at -12 HP, SO CLOSE TO GIBS! Nihil is also at the threshold of consciousness.

      FINISH HIM!!!

      Link is dropped unconscious and he does not have Stormhawk's Vengeance.

      We await for your decision on the Action Point!

    3. Ha! I never rolled the number. It's been a rough day.

      Excel heals (2)+6 HP to be at 25 HP total.

  9. "Hmmm. What shall I do with this one?" As Link's consciousness fades, he realizes that the face of the creature next to him is lifeless and dead, if it even is a face at all.

    Action Point: Gain a standard action.
    Standard Action: Second Wind

    Note: My triggers for Firedeath remain the same as I mentioned in the email.

  10. Nihil readies himself for the coming onslaught as Red Hood Respawns, grabbing Kombat Kard (8); Sonya. He does not provoke Opportunity Attacks from moving and can use Leg Grab.


    For those of you who are new, unless stated otherwise, the Dungeon Master assumes that dying characters choose to Respawn at the start of their turn. Especially on this map, which places such a high risk on "riding out the death saves".

  11. The Red Hood chuckles as he respawns on the same level as Young Link, "You think you can permanently take me down? I've been trained by the Batman himself!" Moving forward with the intensity of a crazed hunter, the Red Hood calls out to Young Link, "Hey! Listen!" and lunges forward with his blade.

    The Red Hood spawns on the same level as Young Link at position 8.
    Move: Ambush Trick to move next to Young Link and as he doesn't have any allies next to him, he grants CA to Red Hood.
    Standard: MBA vs Young Link (+10 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage, +2d8 sneak attack damage)
    No Action: If the attack misses on a reasonable roll (no 1s or 2s for example,) then use Heroic Effort.

    1. Saving Backstab for later, eh?

      Ninja kick, wachaa!!!
      (6)+10 +4 heroic effort vs. AC 20; HIT!!!
      for (3)+7 + (4)+(2) = 16 damage!

      Young Link is at 17 HP, Excel starts her turn with a whole mess of Kombat Kards.

  12. "Excel will go where she pleases!" (Sorry couldn't resist the Mundo reference.)

    Standard Action: Excel activates Stalk and Strike. Using the property of the Johnny Cage card I slide one into Red Shirts Square. I then use the shift 2 on Stalk and Strike to shift through Catwoman and end up flanking her with Red Shirt.
    Attack +10 vs AC 3d8+6 damage on a hit. If I miss by 4 or less I will use Heroic Effort, If I drop her to 0 or fewer I will take the Scorpion card.

    Minor action: Ninja leap to the spiked pit stage
    End turn

    1. (2)+10 vs. AC 19; MISS!!!
      Roll a two, drink the hooch!

      Catwoman can then make an opportunity attack against Excel as she jumps to the next Stage.
      (9)+7 vs. AC 19 +2 vs OA's; MISS!!!

      Young Link starts his turn, surrounded by the icy armor of agathys, on the top Stage.

  13. Link glances around, wondering why the strange figure in front of him was trying to get his attention and saying to listen, when there clearly was no one else around. Was he being confused for the other figure in the stunning green tunic?

    Either way, he had been attacked, and he wouldn't let that pass. Focusing on the masked man, Link holds the Master Sword out behind him as it starts to glow, before unleashing a brutal spin attack.

    Minor: Warlock's Curse on Red Hood (until EoE or he drops, same old story)

    Free: Holy Smite - Red Hood takes 4 radiant damage

    Standard: Eldritch Strike: +8 vs AC 17
    Damage 1d8 (brutal 2) + 1d6 + 6 and dazed until end of my next turn (no sliding)

    1. And +1d8 on crit, not that we've seen one of those lately...

    2. NOt a crit, but damn close!

      (18)+8 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      for 4+(8)+(5)+6= 23 damage!
      Red Hood is dying at -1 HP and dazed for good measure!

      Young Link Wins!

      Red Shirt finishes out the round face-to-mask with Catwoman!

  14. Ensign Rizzo's log, 3619.2: Following the discovery of a large amout of tritanium ore on Argus X, we've been ordered to go down and investigate. I'm hoping this mission will give me the chance to prove myself to the captain. Anything I can do to climb up the ladder...

    Standard Action: Basic attack vs Catwoman
    +9 vs AC, d12+7 damage
    Use Heroic effort if attack roll is within 4.

    If she drops, move beside Excel on top of Link (if okay? If not, beside Link.)
    If she doesn't, stay put.

    1. Set phasers to BLASTINATE!!!

      (6)+9 +4 heroic effort vs. AC 19; HIT!!!
      for (2)+7= 9 damage! Catwoman is dropped at -5 HP!

      FINISH HER!!!


    The Immortals are taking the lead, but only by a hair's width, one Fatality away from losing it all. Can Excel's hand full of Kards ever be taken away? All the teams are rolling in with some impressive character builds, but very few with any multiple target effects. It's anyone's game as we head into the second half!

    A big thanks to everyone for their excellent posting and in such a timely manner. Despite having one less dungeoneer to go through and a two week head start, Round 08 is catching up with Round 07 and may overtake them before match end!

    Join us in Round 04 at: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2012/03/round-4-fight.html