PAX East Trophy Gallery! Are you worthy?

      The PAX East Council of Doom has convened in secret these past months, searching our tomes for great ways to punish and reward those brave enough to enter the PAX East 2012 FTDM tournament, on April 7th in Boston, MA.  Maps were chosen, blood was shed, and runes drawn.  I took the opportunity to learn the ways of the Illustrator, and survived a harrowing trip to deliver the plans to the awesome Lyndsay of Dragonchow Dicebags!
      Bags will be awarded to the victorious four at PAX East this year, so they may carry the skulls and souls of their fallen foes with them until the end of days.  Check them out below!

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  1. If you want it, you must win it!

    Alternately, you can try to claim a prize at GenCon!