PAX East 2012 Ladder Bracket

T-minus 8 days!


  1. That looks pretty slick! How big will it be?

  2. will it be ??? It already is! It's 30"x42" (2-1/2 feet by 3-1/2 feet)

  3. Awesome; it's a damn shame I'm missing this.

  4. This is going to be the Stuff of LEGEND!

    I notice that you do not have the regions labeled...I assume that they are not going to be referred to as North, South, whatever; but, rather with some suitably fourthcore naming system--I would like to propose Classic D&D Villains--Lloth, Orcus, Demigorgon, & Asmodeus? "The Cinderella story from Orcus against the Favorite from Lloth"!

    Is twitter the best way to get updates, or is there a planned live feed?

    1. Do you mean the white boxes? Those are for the names of the teams. I'll keep your suggestions in mind for when participants inevitably are dumbfounded by what to call themselves!

      Twitter is probably the best place to get updates, and we'll be doing our best to get pictures and video of the event for later publication. Definitely not going to have any kind of live feed, as the internet connectivity at the con will be sketchy at best.