GenCon 2013 FTDM Open Play

 UPDATE (5/8/13): Final details received and posted from GenCon overlords.

An opening volley and a prelude to war, Thursday August 15th at GenCon 2013 will show off a new style of event for Fourthcore Team Deathmatch. BEHOLD! The FTDM Open Play.

The event, inspired by The Tower of Gygax and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, will consist of teams of 4 dungeoneers competing in "bear pit" style elimination on the maps listed below. Matches will be shortened to a brief 45 minutes. TWO TEAMS ENTER, ONE TEAM LEAVES!

It is highly recommended that dungeoneers form their teams well ahead of time and develop a coherent strategy towards winning before coming to the event. However, lone wolf dungeoneers are more than welcomed and will be placed in a team ad hoc so as to best fill out all sides and ensure everyone has an ample opportunity at murder. The Dungeon Master is more than happy to help small groups or lone dungeoneers form teams beforehand. Email the Dungeon Masters and they will set you up!

The winning team from each Match will be rewarded with a set of custom FTDM dice and then be allowed to move on to the next Match against a new opponent until they are eliminated. Play will continue in this fashion throughout the night.

This event is entirely a first-come, first-serve affair. Players may bring their own FTDM-legal 1st Level dungeoneers, or use one of the many pregens provided. Don't miss this chance to seize your destiny and bathe yourself in glory! Come alone or with friends, but leave only with honor, glory, and pride.



Play-by-Post Match 17 | Round 01

Play-by-Post Tournament 01: Introduction

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch play-by-post Winter 2013 Tournament is mere hours from starting. Allow the Dungeon Master to introduce to you the dungeoneers in this challenge of luck, wits, and skill.



Q: What races are available to play in FTDM?

A: Fourthcore Team Deathmatch follows RPGA legality rules, with a few noted additional restrictions. Thus, almost all WotC-published races are available to play in a Fourthcore Team Deathmatch tournament, with the noted exception of any race that is only published in the Monster Manual, such as Bugbear, Bullywug, Orc, etc.

Kobold and Goblin, as an opposite example, have been published under Into The Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook and are thus legal to play in Fourthcore Team Deathmatch.

Q: Does "drop to 0 HP" mean EXACTLY 0 hit points?

A: No. Though there is some debate as to what the exact intent of the Dungeons & Dragons game authors intent was here, Fourthcore Team Deathmatch interprets any power or effect that states "drops to 0 hp" to be equivalent to stating "drops to 0 hit points or fewer".