Play-By-Post Match 18 | Round 05


  1. How can Asar-Segt fire an Eldritch Blast at Red Skull? There's a power core in the way blocking line of sight and effect.

    1. I checked the map description. The power core isn't blocking terrain.

    2. Yeah, I had made an assumption based on the description that you couldn't walk over it, which implied that it was a pillar of energy or whatever. We'll get a definition from the DM or designer. It didn't end up mattering on this particular turn, but it does matter in the future.

    3. Clarified by the designer, it is indeed blocking terrain.
      Just so I get credit for killing my own guy. :D

    4. K. We'll include that in the post-round feedback as something to be added, since FTDM is Rules-As-Written, not Rules as Inteded.

      FTDM: Making designers explicitly spell out things that should be intuitive since 2011!

    5. The sky won't burn vampires. The death-dealing terrain kills pixies too. The ceiling is X high. The pit is Y deep. You can't teleport though that (but you could assume the void instead...)

      Lovin' it! This is such a crucible of rules text!

  2. Stepping through a dimensional doorway, the Crimson Dynamo finds himself slipping and sliding through a pile of stinking offal - causing him to fall headfirst through another doorway, crashing into a console of some sort. While trying to right himself, the console activates and the Dynamo wonders what action he's caused. Seeing no visible sign or results, the Dynamo steadies himself again, flipping the switches back to active and then off again making sure that all looks correct.

    Spawn at H4. Telefrag on Kathy Griffin.
    Move through the teleporter to the Command Chair.
    Activate the nerve gas next to the Power Core. +6 vs Fort
    Xanadu - 22, hit - 20 damage taking him to 4.
    Anwar Sadat - 21, hit - 20 damage taking him to 9.
    Red Skull - 17, hit - 20 damage taking him to either -5 or -21, depending on ruling above.
    Action Point!
    Activate the nerve gas next to the Power Core. +6 vs Fort
    Xanadu - 20, hit - 20 damage taking him to -16 and gibbed!
    Anwar Sadat - 23, hit - 20 damage taking him to -11. 2 HP from being gibbed!
    Red Skull - 22, hit - 20 damage taking to either -25 or -41, depending on ruling above. Gibbed either way!

    1. The two attacks on Xann trigger Stormhawk's Vengeance (RAW is 0 hp or fewer), dealing 20 thunder damage to Dynamo. He's now at 6hp and bloodied.

    2. After careful review, ruling sustained! Crimson Dynamo has indeed gained a !!! KILLING SPREE !!!

  3. OOC: Making some assumptions here; I'll revise if I'm incorrect.

    No time for fluff at the moment.


    Spawn in location 1.

    Standard: Charm of Misplaced Wrath against Baron.(15)+6=21 vs will
    Hit: Slide/teleport him to H4 and he's dazed.
    Effect: he makes a basic attack against Dynamo. Assuming his only attack is Magic Missile, Dynamo takes 7(?) damage, knocking him to -1.

    Minor: Sustain Whirlwind and put Lyth in the Chair.
    Move: to I5.

    1. Quick change. The Baron lacks a Magic Missile, and his RBA barely missed Dynamo (8)+3 vs AC 12

      I'll slide Lyth to C4 instead of the chair.

  4. Hey guys, sorry for the absence today, been at an emergency all day meeting at goddamn DC. Plus side: I was in a neighborhood called "Foggy Bottom".

    During Round 1 I had hard corners listed around the shield generator, implying blocking terrain.

    Also, no we dont need to spell out 100% of every action imaginable. The DM makes a ruling and you "play to the ref".

    More when I get back to the office.

  5. Map updated!

    Pimp Ernell swaggers back onto the space ship!

  6. Asar-Segt is neither prone, nor dying. Just below 0 HP.

    1. Whoops! My bad! Will come through on the next map update.

      Let me know (publicly or through email) if you want me to unleash those darkspirals you've got at any particular time. I'm ruling in your favor that they stay with you through Respawn.

  7. Waking up from his painfully long nap, the Pimp groggily looks around him and notices Xann standing nearby. Realizing that Xann doesn't owe him any money, the Pimp merely shoots him a warning glance and then staggers up to Lady Gaga. "You one funny dressed ho, ain't none of that gonna be happenin' in my ride!". He gives Gaga a whack to remind her who's 'hood this is, and then notices a funny looking piece lying at the Dynamo's feet. "Shit brotha', if you ain't usin' that gat, I'm going to have a crack at it". Pimp picks up the portal gun, and attempts to bust a cap on everyone nearby, but is confused when nothing comes shooting out. "What kind of messed up Mac is this?" he mutters, shaking it violently.
    Spawning in H5
    Free: Mark Xann
    Standard: Form of the Fearsome ram attack on Gaga
    Shifting to C5
    rolling (17)+8 vs Fort = Hit
    Free: activating Furious Assault
    (1+2+1+2+4+2)+5 = 17 Gaga is at 7
    Minor: pick up portal gun
    Minor: put portals on C4 and I5

    1. Blue light pulses beneath Lyth as she stands foot to foot with Xann, located at the exit to the portal...and starts her turn!

  8. Lyth longs for the sweet embrace of death, and the ecstasy of rebirth. In the mean time, she consoles herself with the severed head of one of her pets...


    Lyth gains 5 THP for becoming bloodied (half-orc resilience).

    Move: Use the Gravity Gun on Xann, pulling him one square onto telepad 2, which teleports him to E3, and he is knocked prone.

    Standard: Pressing Strike. Shift 2 squares to C6, and attack the crimson kitty. (17)+7=24 vs. AC 12, Hit! for (after brutal re-rolls) (5)+(4)+5 damage, dropping mr. kitty cat down to -8.

    minor: wish I had something to do with my minor action right now.

    1. Map updated!

      Red Skull Respawns in, now with only precious SIXTY MINUTES REMAINING until he is DELAY-GIBBED!!!

  9. Team RED ALERT elects to use their once per round emailed turn now:

    "Pierce couldn't get to his computer and asked me to email in his turn.

    Spawn in portal 1.
    Fey step to D6. Free MBA against Lady Gaga.
    if Gaga killed, charge Mumm-Ra.
    if Gaga not kkilled, use Luring Strike on Gaga."

    Eladrin Swordmage Advance: (9)+6 vs. AC 18; miss!
    Luring Strike: (12)+7 vs. AC 18; hit!
    for (8)+0 damage. No shifting or sliding is specified, so the Dungeon Master assumes that it is not elected to be used???

    Lyth is still at 7 HP, but temporary HP is whittled down to 3.

    Kathra Respawns!

    1. I was confused how 5 THP -(8) damage meant 3 THP left, but I checked roll20. the Luring Strike damage roll was a (2), not (8).

    2. Whoops! Typo on my part {also proves why it's a good idea to spell out the resultant HP totals}. I meant (2) and thought/wrote (d8).

  10. "I am now seeing RED!!!' Kathra ejects from the blue portal, surprising the exploiter and the red faced maniac. Taking a swipe at both, the terrain erupts beneath them and they know that moving is a bad thing. She snickers and tags both of them "Your move!!"

    tech: Spawn C4
    Move: Shift to D5
    Minor: Second wind(no HP but +6 to AC until Start of next turn)
    +2 to all other defenses.
    Free Action: Mark Skull and Pimp
    Standard: Roots of Stone. Close burst 1, Targets enemies, +6 vs. AC 2d6 +6 pts of damage. The burst creates a zone of rippling earth that lasts until the end of Kathra's next turn.

    vs. Pimp
    (11)+6 = 17
    vs 14 AC Hit!

    vs. Skull
    (8)+6 = 14
    vs. 19AC Miss!!


    (1+5)+6 = 12
    reroll 1's (Brutal 1 Weapon)
    rolling 1d6
    (6) = 6
    for a total 17 pts damage on Pimp

    If pimp leaves the zone, he falls prone and takes 4 more points of damage.

    If Skull leaves the zone he just takes 4 damage.


    1. Everyone's being pinned down a cluster at the fore end of the ship. Can Baron Manfred von Richthofen makea successful strafing run?!

  11. Was ist das? Ich bin auf einem Raumgleiter? Ich möchte diese unartigen Kind zu befehlen!
    (What the? I'm on a space ship? I gotta try and fly this bad boy!)
    The Baron, wishing he had brought his old cavalry helm, was dazed from one of these Zima/Smirnoff Ice drinking megalomaniacs that attacked him.

    Catching the winds of his Arcane Whirlwind he began to hum Reading Rainbow as it slid him over to the nearest telepad.
    Teleporting to the Command Chair. Instantly The Baron could see why the chair was so popular. It was one of the most comfortable chairs he's ever sat in.

    Wunderbare Nummer eins, zu töten!
    (Number one, engage!)

    Tech: Sustain Arcane Whirlwind sliding to telepad on H5, activating telepad and teleporting to Command Chair at B5....vitamins.

  12. Asar-Segt takes a moment to reignite his godly presence before taking a moment to curse the Red Skull, and moving through a teleporter

    Starting my turn conscious next to the Power Core, gain 10 THP
    Standard - Second Wind - currently at 6HP + 10 THP
    No longer Dazed
    Minor - Curse Red Skull
    Move - through the teleporter at G6 (gain concealment) teleport to H4

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