Play-By-Post Match 18 | Round 04


  1. I don't know what to do... I didn't have to type "I respawn at...."

    The Crimson Dynamo smiles and sees potential victims all around! What madness can be wrought?

    Move action - activate teleporter control targeting Anwar Sadat, with a result of (3)! Telefragging Lady Gaga.
    Move action (from Standard) - Shift into teleport square and be whisked into the Commander's chair.
    Minor action - celebrate the hurt that has been brung.

    1. It is kathra that is telefragged, not me.

    2. Quite correct! It seems that was just an error of naming, the dungeoneers' tokens were correctly moved about. If team Red Alert would only be a little more pious towards the Fourthcore Pantheon....


    Blood lust gives way to tyranny lust as Xann focuses his efforts on shifting around the battlefield.


    Spawn at location 1.
    Minor: Sustain whirlwind, slide Dynamo to D6.
    Minor: Slide Lyth into captain's chair.
    Move: shift into transporter, teleport to E9.

    OOC: Can you clear the dazed condition?

    1. Done!

      Map updated, The Scarlet Pimp lives to see a round where he is not Respawning!

  3. !!! DELAY-GIBBED !!!

    Pimp Ernell is paralyzed with indecision and explodes in a cloud of gore.

    Lyth is up, starting her turn and the second half of the match in the captain's chair.

  4. Can't access roll20 at the moment, so I'll leave the rolls to the DM. No time for fancy words, let's get to it.


    Standard: in the corridor, targeting Dynamo only.

    Minor: pick up Gravity Gun.

    Move: activate Gravity Gun on Asar-Segt, pulling him 1 square to Teleporter 1, Teleporting him to F9, where he is now prone from the Gravity Gun.

    1. To clarify, that would be nerve gas in the corridor.

    2. Oops. I wrote in "Nerve Gas Released", but I put it in arrows <>, which apparently get auto-edited out.

  5. [TECH]
    (3)+6 vs. Fortitude 13; miss!
    Crimson Dynamo only takes 5 poison and 5 necrotic damage; down to 16 HP.

    Red Skull dies and Respawns!

  6. [OOC]
    No time for German shenanigans this round either. I will leave you with this, to help satiate your cravings and desires; "TOD!"

    *Respawn pad 1
    *Move: Fey Step to F8, free MBA vs Prone Asar (+6, +2 CA = +8 vs AC) 14 vs AC 15, MISS
    *Standard: Blazing Pursuit vs Asar (+7, +2 CA = +9 vs AC) 24 vs AC 15 HIT for 1d8+4 Fire Damage (7 damage, Asar at 19 HP) and if Asar is within 5 squares of me at the end of his turn, I can teleport for free to a square adjacent to him.
    *Free 3 sq. teleport from melee attack to D7
    *Minor: Mark Asar with my Aegis

  7. Fiery shackles bind Asar-Segt to his hated rival, the burning Red Skull!
    Also worth noting that Asar-Segt has concealment, but that does not change the net results of the attacks.

    Kathra Respawns!

  8. Slamming her feet into the ground, Kathra picks up the launcher, throws it over her shoulder and fires. She cackles with glee at the carnage she is about to unleash. She then speedily approaches the group and says: Bow before my might! You are all mine!!!

    Pray to me so you may live...for a time.

    Marc T.:Ok I am now going to attempt to do the whole thing on roll20. bear with me.

    Respawn H6
    Minor: pickup rocket launcher
    Minor: Lock n' Load
    Standard: Target E6 with the rocket launcher attacking servobrain, bigmouth and von rickers.
    rolling 1d20+8 (9)+8 = 17
    rolling 1d20+8 (3)+8 = 11
    rolling 1d20+8 (1)+8 = 9

    humiliation - /roll 1d20
    rolling 1d20 (11) = 11

    I don't get sucked out

    rolling 6d6 for damage
    (1+5+6+6+3+4) = 25 points for Dynamo, 12 for Skull and Baron

    Action Point: charge red skull and use my warden's lunge
    rolling 1d20+6 (1)+6 = 7
    another hull breach. Dynamo, skull and baron must make saving throw.

    rolling 1d20 (11) = 11
    make my saving throw.

    as a free action I mark all three characters. (dynamo, skull and baron.)

  9. "Aaacch! Gott in Himmel! These barbarians do not understand that the Kaiser's will must be done!"

    The Red Baron kicks his propeller into a torrent of wind, sliding him across the battlefield into a vortex and then next to a strange box with many dials and buttons.

    "Vat vill happen when I press these?"

    Minor - sustain the Arcane Whirlwind, sliding the Baron to G6 and into the teleport circle, teleporting to I5 next to the teleport controls.
    Move - teleport Kathy Griffin to (5).
    Move - teleport Lady Gaga to (6).
    End turn.

    1. Hold up there sparky. Need to resolve that last humiliation, first. Dynamo, skull and baron all 3 need to make a saving throw since they were adjacent to Kathra when he rolled the 1.

    2. That was done on Roll20.

      Dynamo auto-failed due to unconsciousness, and the other two succeeded.

    3. We don't get email updates from roll20, and it's not always possible to check it. All die rolls need to be posted here, as well.

    4. As an observer, I'll say this is of utmost importance. I had no clue of the fates of those poor red demons.

  10. Rising to his feet, empowered by the energy of the Plasma Core, the god Asar-Segt looks down on the mortal who dared challenged him. "I told you your doom would come, Red Skull. Behold, it is at hand!"

    A bolt of sickly-green energy blasts forth from the six-fingered diety, and knocks the German unconscious.

    Gain 10 THP
    Move: Stand
    Minor: Curse Red Skull
    Standard: Eldritch Blast. 1d20(16)+6=21 vs Ref 15 - HIT
    Damage: 1d10(5) + 1d6(6)curse + 5 = 16 damage. Red Skull drops to -1 HP.
    Darkspiral Aura increases to 2.

  11. Whew all sorted out! In a hurry....


    Round 05 is here!