By Graham Leeb

Humiliation: A creature rolling a natural 1 on an attack roll is knocked prone immediately after the attack. Being knocked prone in this way cannot be negated in any way.

Steel Spiked Cage
A 25 ft. Spiked Steel cage surrounds the ring, open only at the spawn point squares. The cage blocks movement and grants cover.

Keep it A Clean Fight:  At the start of the match, the Dungeon Master marks all Match Weapons as either Legal or Illegal.  Any creature that uses any power or benefit of an Illegal Match Weapon must succeed on a saving throw or die at the end of their turn. Unless described otherwise on the card, all Match Weapons are 5 lb. objects that do not require free hands to use.

Red/Blue corner: Creatures in the Red and Blue areas outside of the ring are immune to all harmful zones and effects.

Pinned:  Creatures can be considered “Pinned” in two ways.  Grabbed creatures cannot stand up if prone.
Any creature that ends their turn prone and grabbed must succeed on a saving throw or die.
Alternatively, a creature knocked prone that is subjected to an additional prone effect must succeed on a saving throw or die.

Stay Down: Grabbed creatures using the escape action must succeed on an Athletics or Acrobatics check against the attacker’s highest non-AC defense.  Grabbed creatures cannot stand up if prone.

Killing Spree                                          Terrain Power
At-Will (1/turn)
Trigger: You reduce 2 or more enemies with at least 1 hit point to 0 hit points or fewer during the same turn. 
Effect (Free Action): Gain an action point. You may spend more than one action point per encounter, but only one action point per round.
Pin Down                                               Terrain Power
Minor Action + At-Will
Requirement: Must start your turn standing.
One adjacent prone creature.
Effect: You drop prone and the target is grabbed. Until the end of your next turn, you may stand up as a Minor Action.

Impaled                                                 Terrain Power
No Action + At-Will
Trigger: You push, pull, or slide a creature and the forced movement is stopped by the spiked cage.

Target: The creature that you pushed, pulled, or slid.

Effect (No Action): The triggering creature takes 10 damage is immobilized and grants combat advantage to all attackers until escape (DC 20).

Respawn                                                 Terrain Power
At-Will (teleportation)
Trigger: You start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter.
Effect (No Action): If you are dying, you die. You regain all hit points and healing surges, remove all failed death saves and conditions, refresh all encounter powers and power points, teleport to an unoccupied square in your team’s corner.  You lose any Smackdown cards you were holding, and may choose to draw a new Smackdown card.

Climb the Cage!                                     Terrain Power
Move Action + At-Will
Requirement:  You are adjacent to the Spiked Steel Cage.
Effect: You climb the Spiked Steel Cage.  Doing so provokes opportunity attacks, but you gain combat advantage against all targets that are not climbing. A climbing creature that is knocked prone takes 10 falling damage and is no longer considered to be climbing.

Cage Slam                                                Terrain Power
Standard Action + At-Will
Requirement: You must be climbing the Spiked Steel Cage.
Effect: You shift up to 2 squares and make a melee attack with a +5 power bonus to the damage roll. You are then no longer considered to be climbing. If the attack misses, you take 10 damage and are knocked prone.

Alternative Play: 
These options are at the Dungeon Master’s discretion, and must be agreed upon by all teams before the match begins.

Royal Rumble – Each team creates 20 characters, playing one at a time, each time a character dies, tear the sheet in half.  The team who runs out of character sheets first, loses.

Free For All – Each player is on their own team, split evenly between Red and Blue Corners.  Other Dungeoneers in the same corner are considered allies ONLY while in the Red and Blue Corners.  Otherwise, no dungeoneers are allies to each other.

Title Match – The team that wins this match may gain their choice of item card from the Smackdown Weapon Deck at the start of each Match until the end of the tournament.


  1. I can't wait to see what a Rogue or barbarian can do when they cage slam!


    Awesome. Kinda wanna do the Royal Rumble. On pretty much any map. Start with initiative manipulators, finish with unkillables.

  3. - The ladder mentions making an athletics bonus to jump as part of a cage slam, but the cage slam power just mentions that you shift 2 squares. How does jump checks/cage slam power work together? Once you jump off a cage wall, are you still considered "climbing" for the use of the power?

    - Can you still be knocked prone & pinned if you're in the red/blue corner?

    - If you use pin down, you're considered prone. Does that mean another person could use pin down on you? This is either really stupid or will lead to amazing dog piles of dungeoneers. I haven't decided which yet.

    - How do powers that allow allies to make saving throws work if your ally is pinned down?

    - The actual ring area is small enough that you may want to consider a feature that removes harmful zones/effects, else this is begging for abuse with a 5x5 zone like Arcane Whirlwind.

  4. OOH! Good questions!

    The ladder card needs to be updated, I will take care of that. The Ladder is supposed to include a jump check for bonus damage on a Cage Slam.

    Good question on the Red/Blue corners. Short answer, yes. I may need to add text discouraging or preventing people from moving into opposite color corners though, but we'll see how it goes on the first run.

    Why, yes you can have dog piles, although I considered your exact concern on the matter while coming up with the power. I may need to add text on "Pinned"'s second method to clarify "knocked prone" instead of simply "a prone creature"

    Powers that grant saves are powers that grant saves.

    In the early versions, I had a map effect that removed those, but there's a few classes that have access to those powers. With so much other stuff going on, there's still plenty of ways to rack up kills than a burst 2 that knocks prone, especially if you use the weapons :)

    All really good questions. I'm sure revisions will come with play time, as with all FTDM maps. :)