FTDM Match 16, Round 7.

Previous Rounds: 01 , 02&03, 040506

New Year's resolution:  Killing 35 PCs in this matchup! 
25 Deaths and counting! 1-3-13, 12:39pm 


  1. Odin respawns at locaiton 4 with plenty of time to save Balder but not his other kin.

  2. [OOC]
    Score up to date following Thor's gibbing via Cyberdemon and Odin's respawn. Come on Team Ragnorak, I know you have some crits in you!

  3. The allfather appears in the arena again, and looks to the sky. "The dice turn against us, and time changes as we do battle? Have we any hope?"

    Still, Odin strides forward and commands Balder to fire at the Demon's Head, before healing the noble Norse

    Move 6 squares straight up
    Standard: Direct the Strike - Balder makes a ranged basic attack against Ra's
    Minor: Inspiring Word on Balder - Healing Surge +1d6

    1. [Carnage]
      Odin moves to O9.

      Balder heals for (4)+8=12 hp. Balder now at 15 hp. Still bloodied.

      DtS: (14)+8=22 vs AC 16...hit! Ra's takes (1)+4+5=10 damage. More than enough to hit and neutralize the wizard...Ra's drops to -6 hp.
      hey, wasn't that just a Lair assualt?

      Aslan rejoins the fight at location...4! I have a funny feeling this will look VERY similar to last turn....

  4. “I am the one trick lion!”

    Move: use Open the Gates of Battle (movement 9, avoid first OA) to move to P9.
    Standard: Open the Gates of Battle on Odin +6 vs. Ref. 3d10+5 damage Odin I use Flurry of Blows on Balder for 3 points of damage, pull him to O8, and slow him.
    Minor: Sustain cyclone

    1. I'm gonna jump in here while Deuce naps and roll some dice!

      OtGB: (12)+6 vs. Reflex 14; hit!
      for (2)+(2)+(4)+5 = 13 damage!
      Balder takes 3 damage and is drawn out from under the archways.


      The clock is ticking, 5 days left, and I know it looks grim for the Norse. Let's show Liam Neeson the fury of Valhalla and make him fight for victory with tooth and nail. Make him earn every last kill and let no man dare say the vikings went out without a damned good fight!!!

  5. [OOC]
    Thanks Ross for jumping in! And yes, five days left!

  6. 1 hr left for Balder.....turn ends at 747pm!

  7. Balder lines up for a better shot at the Jedi...

    Tech: shift to N8
    minor: mark Qui Gon
    Standard: Twin Strike against Qui Gon +8 vs AC, 1d10+0 dmg each, + 1d6 Hunters Quarry, +1d8+2 Dark Reaping.

    1. [OOC]
      The slow Balder lines up his shot....:

      (16&15)+8=24 and 23 vs AC 22...what a lucky Hunter..both hits!
      Damage: (10)+(10)+(6)=26 +(4)+2=32 damage!
      ...Well looky here, a ghetto crit for the twin strike!!!!!!! DEATHMATCH!!! HOT DICE COMING THROUGH!!!

      Qui-Gon drops to -26 hp...GIBBED!

      Loki respawns at location 1. Will he come to his families aid?

  8. Laughing at the mortals swatting at the Æsir, he takes a step forward, and falls back into the magically square.

    Finding himself in another part of the room as he planned, he mocks the foolish mortals before him, before rushing in in his unusual manner, and lashing out with his sharp, elongated, tongue.

    Crunch: Move to F12

    If moved to 3 or 4, move towards Aslan
    Minor: Curse Aslan
    Standard: Charge Aslan with Eldritch Strike, +9 vs AC (17), 2d8+2d6+5 damage, +5 damage if the attack bloodies.
    1d6+5 damage to any enemy that starts their turn next to Loki.

    If moved to 2, move to F2.
    Minor: Curse Ra
    Standard: Charge Ra with Eldritch Strike, +9 vs AC (11), 2d8+2d6+5 damage.

  9. [OOC]
    The DM is confused...your move action doesn't make sense...by the sounds of it, your portal jumping....let's see where you land as you go on/off the platform: (4)!

    Aslan is cursed, Aslan is charged! (7)+9=16 vs AC 19...miss, but Heroic effort makes it a 20 vs 19...hit!
    Damage: (5+3)+d6(3+3)+5+5 from bloodying = 24 hp. Aslan drops to -1 hp.

    Oskar returns to the field, near eastern melee!

  10. "You believe us to be mere mortals? As time passes, our stories grow. They pass from mere fancy to legend. Liam Neeson lives forever, long live Neeson!"


    Re-appear in L12, activating the pentagram.

    Minor: pick up rocket launcher.

    Standard: Launch a rocket at N9, targeting all three Norseman. +8 vs. AC, 6d6 fire and thunder damage, half on miss.

    If killing spree: AP to move 2 squares north and Healing word on Ra's, Surge +1d6 and +2 to attacks until EoNT.

    1. [Carnage]

      Landing on the pentagram causes a rush of flame for all within sight of archway (4)! So Odin, Aslan, Balder, and Loki take 20 fire damage. OUCH.
      Odin drops to -7 hp.
      Asland drops to -21 hp and is GIBBED.
      Balder drops to -6 hp and is dazed.
      Loki drops to 12 hp.

      As everyone takes fire damage from the effect, no killing spree. Too bad the Norse didn't have more hit points!

      Rocket Launcher acquired. Since it wasn't reloaded, you have to spend another minor action to load it after picking it up. Luckily you have the time, Bossoskar!

      Rocket Launched against the mass of enemies:
      Vs Odin: (2)+8=10 vs AC 17-5...miss! half damage! HOOCH!
      Vs Balder: (2)+8+2 from dazed=12 vs AC 18...miss! half damage! DOUBLE HOOCH!
      Vs Loki: (2)+8=10 vs AC 13...miss! half damage TRIPLE HOOCH!

      I've never rolled three 2's in a row before...MY GODS.
      Damage: (6+6+6+4+3+1)=26 fire and thunder damage...half to all: 13 fire and thunder damage.
      Odin drops to -20 and is GIBBED.
      Balder drops to -21 and is GIBBED.
      Loki drops to -1 hp.

      By my account, there was 119 points of fire and thunder damage dealt this round...FUCKING SWEET KEVIN!

  11. Qui-Gon respawns at location 4.

  12. OOC: Quick post from work, don't want the fun slowing down on my account

    Move to O9

    Coup de Grace on Loki
    +7 vs AC
    13 damage and teleport to N9

    1. [Carnage]
      The jedi attempts to put down his foe!

      MBA: (3)+7=10 vs AC 13-5 for helpess...hit! Loki takes 13 damage and is at -14 hp. The coup de grace doesn't deal damage over his bloodied value (16) so its not an instant gib! Still, Loki is at -14 hp.

      Qui-Gon teleports to N9 (really, only porting 1 sq?!) as Thor appears at location 4 right behind him. Do I smell another charge?

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  14. The Jedi trickster posts one destination, and appears in another. Tsk tsk. "Worry not, my brother – your fool's crown is still firmly adhered."

    Move: walk to P-10
    Minor: Healing Word on Loki
       Effect: Loki heals 8+1d6 HP from 0, and gains +2 attack until the end of Thor's next turn.
    Standard: Charge to N-9, using Howling Strike on Qui-Gon
       Attack: +6 +3 (juggernaut) +1 (charge) = +10 vs AC 22 (ick)
       Hit: 2d6 brutal +1d6+6 damage
       On a crit: MBA, just to be sure: +9 vs AC 22; 2d6 brutal +6 damage

  15. [OOC]
    Of note: Steven emailed in that he meant to 'port to M9, not N9. As per follow-up email, Thor walks to P10, then charges to N9 attacking with Howling strike instead busting out avalanche strike.

    Qui-Gon takes 10 fire damage from 'porting into the fiery courtyard. QG @ 21 hp.

    Loki heals for 8+(3)=11 hp. He is awake and prone.

    Charge with Howling strike: (20)+10=30 vs AC 22...hit! CRIT!!!

    Qui-Gon drops to -3 hp. I assume Thor finishes the job, Rampage activated:
    (1)+9=10 vs AC 17...miss!
    Well, you take the bad with the good Odinson!!!!

    The Cyberdemon attacks Thor: (7)+8=15 vs AC 15...miss! Lucky Lucky!

  16. [OOC]
    Thor now at Savage Juggernaut Level 4.

    Ra's Al Ghul respawns, incoming at location 2.

    Score currently 14 v 11. We've reached the 25 kill mark! Map etc updated in a few.

  17. I'm sorry, Master Qui-Gon, but progress demands sacrifice.


    Double move to E12

    Use minor action to sustain Arcane Whirlwind, sliding Qui-Gon to N8.

    1. [OOC]
      Oh, what a tactic! Qui-Gon slid to N8. Cyberdemon coming!


    In order of int:
    vs Loki: (3)+8=11 vs AC...miss..stalled as a crit then fell off to a three...SO CLOSE!
    vs Qui-Gon: (2)+8=10 vs AC 17...miss
    vs Thor: (12)+8=20 vs AC 16...hit! Thor takes 20 F/T damage, drops to 8 hp. Loki and Qui-Gon take 10 respectively. Loki at 1 hp, Qui-Gon down to -13 hp.

    Round 8 starts here: