E0M2: Bladeling Rogue

by Anthony "Deuce DM" Franchini

Race/Class/Build: Bladeling Rogue (Scoundrel, Artful Dodger)
Play-by-Post Maps Played:    E2M2: Mortal Kombat, E5M2: Army of Darkness
Number of times gibbed:                    1                                  3
Number of confirmed kills:                3                                  2

Ever since the bladeling was introduced to me in 3E D&D, I have wanted to play this monster race bred for war by the god Bane, armed in razor-sharp spikes, who terrorizes the field of battle so much his enemies would rather run away from him than face him head-on.  FTDM was the obvious choice to run wild with this theme and soak the ground with the blood of my enemies.

I have had a chance to play this dungeoneer twice, once in the form of DC’s Joker, the other as the price-slashing Mega-Corporation Wal-Mart. 

Play by Post FTDM 14 - Tomb of the Iron Lich

The Badass Dungeon Crushers descend into the unknown depths of the Tomb of the Iron Lich. Little do they know that the Deadly Viper Squad is there with only one mission, to Kill Ross!

California Mountain Snake starts at… Yes, you get to choose your starting location and weather whether you will choose a card.


E0M1: Introduction


Often, a newcomer to Fourthcore Team Deathmatch becomes positively overwhelmed by the array of choices available when building a character. The D&D 4th Edition ruleset, at its base, is very complicated and has a mind-boggling number of options. When the complexities and nuances of a Deathmatch map are thrown into the mix, it can cause analysis paralysis and overload.

To help rectify that situation and encourage newcomers to the most exciting way to play Dungeon & Dragons ever made, we will be releasing a series of articles dubbed "Episode 0". These articles will each feature one character built for and tested in the trial, some might say the crucible, of a Fourthcore Team Deathmatch event. We will examine both the strengths and the weaknesses of the character build, highlighting where the build excels and where it is vulnerable. Care will be taken to discuss the effects of various maps; which maps the character will excel at, and which maps the character will have trouble with.

Veteran players wishing to share their valuable knowledge and cunning designs are kindly asked to write up an article in this fashion and send to Dungeon Master Ross for approval.



Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the final round of a neck-in-neck showdown between the ferocious Team WetwORCs and the valorous Knights of Spamalot. The Orcs have managed a nice comeback; can they pull through to win or will the Knights regain their supremacy?


RECRUITMENT: Play-by-Post Match 14 - Tomb of the Iron Lich-Recruitment Closed

 Recruitment closed.

Welcome competitors, we are here to see who is the best. There will be 6 rounds of intense fighting. And remember the secret ingredient that needs to be used in every round is ... Soul Stone!

Ready for competition for the title of

Iron Lich

Okay, I obviously have no clue about the history of this map, but it looks like fun. Also C. Steven Ross will be the first competitor in this fight. He will also be bringing in two newbies.

There will be 6 rounds of fighting. The game will start no earlier than 10/16. Get ready to fight each other and more importantly my dice.

Email Kurt or write in the Comments below if you want to get in on the action!

Edit: Recruitment extended to 10/16 and game to start 10/23. 
There are 7 people currently signed up. This will give time for match 13 to end. Also I will accept more than 8 if there are people interested.

e1m3: Tomb of Iron Lich