RECRUITMENT: Play-by-Post Match 14 - Tomb of the Iron Lich-Recruitment Closed

 Recruitment closed.

Welcome competitors, we are here to see who is the best. There will be 6 rounds of intense fighting. And remember the secret ingredient that needs to be used in every round is ... Soul Stone!

Ready for competition for the title of

Iron Lich

Okay, I obviously have no clue about the history of this map, but it looks like fun. Also C. Steven Ross will be the first competitor in this fight. He will also be bringing in two newbies.

There will be 6 rounds of fighting. The game will start no earlier than 10/16. Get ready to fight each other and more importantly my dice.

Email Kurt or write in the Comments below if you want to get in on the action!

Edit: Recruitment extended to 10/16 and game to start 10/23. 
There are 7 people currently signed up. This will give time for match 13 to end. Also I will accept more than 8 if there are people interested.

e1m3: Tomb of Iron Lich


  1. A chance to beat Ross at his own game??? WHY IS THIS MATCH NOT FULL YET?!?!

    (Who, me? ummm... I think I left something on the stove--I gotta go!)

  2. In times ancient, an infamous paladinartificer named Khaldun unearthed a cursed tome bound in the flesh of the first medusa. Driven to madness by its secrets, he used the necromantic magic contained within to call forth an army of dread warriors from the Netherworld.

    Though his assault was devastating, he was ultimately unsuccessful, and the mightiest crusaders of the realm banished Khaldun to the Netherworld, where he would rot for eternity at the bottom of the River Dis.

    Unfortunately, rather than perishing in that bleak plane, Khaldun escaped his silt grave and thrived, amassing a legion of undead followers and erecting a Tomb in which he could perfect his mechanical craft without interruption. It was not long before he shed his body and became a demilich.

    After several centuries of scheming, the undead warriors under the command of the ‘Iron Lich’ have burst free of the Netherworld, laying waste to not only the mortal kingdoms that exiled him, but also the exalted domains of the gods themselves.

    The crusaders’ quest is simple – stead the Tomb and destroy the Iron Lich.


  3. Of course this goes up right after I decide to take a break...

    1. Yeah man, but you really need one! I'm just now recovered enough to start doing a little FTDM.

    2. No argument here. I'll enjoy lurking on this one.

  4. I'll slip in my standard "deal me in if the table's not full yet" boilerplate.

    I'm excited to see the spruced up Tomb in play!
    ... The Oracle card will be... odd in a PbP match.

  5. Okay, we have 7 people so far; Ross, 2 newbies, Hunter Rose, Nai Calus, Angille, and Bryan. We need at least 1 more person.

  6. It might be a good idea to push the start date a little so we can grab some people from Match 13.

  7. We rocked RotIL on Joe's pbp, so....FUCK YES, I'LL PLAY IN THIS MATCH TOO!

  8. Replies
    1. Oops, sorry, I forgot to put that the recruitment is closed (I just sent the teams out today).

  9. DM gets the first Delay of Game Gib... I forgot to hit the send button on one of the team e-mails and so the characters need to be in 10/29 and the game will officially start 10/30.

    1. If for some reason you have someone duck out. I'd love to be an alternate. It's been far too long since my last FTDM!