Play-by-Post: Match 08 Round 01 MORTAL KOMBAT

Round 1 - FIGHT!!!

Blood, Sweat, and Tears - E5M1: 2Fort

Match 6, Dungeon Mastered by master of the Feywild himself, Jon Green, was a resounding... game! Ok, so like any untested map, it had its shiny moments and its failures. Which is exactly what we're here to dissect.


Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Dice

The folks at Awesome Dice have just put together a dice and dice bag package that is specifically geared for the bloodthirsty Fourthcore crowd. If you're in the market for some new plastic, you can't go wrong with ruby dice and a blood-splattered bag!


RECRUITMENT: Play-by-Post Match 08 (Start Date February 27th)

Dungeon Master: C. Steven Ross

UPDATE: We are pushing the start date to February 27th, meaning that dungeoneers have until February 20th to register for this match. We may have this as a small, 3-player-team match.

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch madness is sweeping the internets, with Match 07 filled to the brim with new blood. But that doesn't mean our veteran dungeoneers need to sit in boredom, Match 08 is on the way!

In preparation for the upcoming FTDM tournaments at GameStorm and PAX East, we're to be playing a fun, quick, and very well-received map, E2M2: Mortal Kombat!

Recruitment is officially open for any dungeoneer. The match will start no earlier than Monday February 27th.

The teams will have 7 days to be able to discuss strategies and tactics among themselves once the roster has been filled. This will be a quick match, lasting a mere 6 rounds, and will consist of two teams of four dungeoneers. Why only 6 rounds? Because your teammates are sick of looking at you.

As per usual, the Dungeon Master wishes to emphasize the quickness and frantic pace of the match.

Once you have realized the inevitability of your participation, kindly send the Dungeon Master an email and/or comment here and you will be set up in a team of his own devising. If you have friends in mind with whom you would like to join in on your team, be sure to mention it and accommodations will be made. New players will be given preferential placement as a means of fostering a welcoming atmopshere of eternal war and hatred towards your fellow man.

Good hunting, dungeoneers!


Blood Sweat and Tears - Court of the Storm Lord

Holy Shit-Snacks; what an experience!

Playing through Court of the Storm Lord in my live “flay-test”, the dungeoneers’ understanding of the map really only occurred through the lens of my own interpretation; I explained how things worked and the dungeoneers took that at face-value without spending much of their own time with the rules. Thus it was largely a test of the rules as I understood them, not as they were actually written.

Enter the Play-by-post!


by Sersa Victory & C. Steven Ross