Play-by-Post: Match 06 Round 02


Macho Man starts us off with a Rocket Launcher!
Les Claypool and Dave Matthews are BLOODIED!
Keith Richards spawns, summons a groupie, and clouds the mind of El Santo, resulting in an odd situation where El Santo jumps off the bridge!
El Santo is BLOODIED!
Sgt. Slaughter, starts his turn invisible and dives through the tunnel before killing a groupie!
Joey Jordison starts his turn on a backpack, grabs a nailgun, and drops Kurt Angle UNCONSCIOUS!
El Santo starts his turn prone at the bottom of the moat, and struggles to climb out, but does summon a man in a chicken suit!
Dave Matthews starts his turn wounded, but not out of the picture. Dave attacks Kurt and El Santo, before going insubstantial and creating phantom webs.
Kurt Angle is GIBBED! El Santo is UNCONSCIOUS!
Kurt Angle spawns in locaiton 4 and takes up a defensive position, while Les Claypool bashes El Santo in the head!
El Santo is GIBBED!


  1. lol; chicks just don't dig Primus!

  2. [El Santo]
    Have you met Haystacks Calhoun? He was a mountain of a man! I sent him home to Mommy with a rollin' DDT! How about Gorgeous George? Chief "Wahoo" McDaniel? Leaping Lanny? Wildfire Tommy Rich? They all fell victim to my credit! Purple, nurple, Jerry Belly, oh yeah!

    The lovely Miss Elizabeth walks to B4. She takes the briefest of moments to close her eyes and place a soft, gentle kiss upon the lips of her true love, the Macho Man Randy Savage.
    Walk to I6. Macho Madness is runnin' wild, oh yeah!!!

    Rune of Mending (Protection) on Kurt Angle. He spends a healing surge, and then myself and all allies within close burst 5 (Kurt Angle, El Santo, and Sgt. Slaughter) gain an untyped +1 bonus to all defenses until end of my next turn; oh yeah!!!!

    Drop my mace to the ground. Get ready to taste the pain, brotha!

    With my newly opened hand, shoot a goddamn sniper rocket launcher at square O7. Eat it for lunch, Claypool!

    Attack: Area burst 1 with 10 (creatures in burst); +8 +2 [combat advantage] vs. AC 15 [Les Claypool] and AC 17 [Dave Matthews]; Crit 19-20
    Hit: 2d6+9 fire and thinder damage
    Miss: If either attack is within 4, use Heroic Effort to score a hit. If I have to choose between the two ... Claypool gets nailed.


  3. "Macho Macho Man! I want to be a Macho Man!"

    Randy Savage heals Kurt Angle for 6 HP!

    Rocket Launcher Attack!
    Attacking Dave Matthews: 1d20(13)+8 (No CA because of Personal Shielding)=21 vs AC 22 (17 + 2 Personal Shielding + 3 Defense Turret) [MISS!]
    Heroic Effort! 21 + 4 = 25 vs AC 22 [HIT!]
    Attacking Les Claypool: 1d20(15)+10 = 25 vs AC 18 (15 + 3 defense turret) [HIT!]
    Damage: 2d6(1)(5)+9 = 15 Fire and Thunder Damage!

    Keith Richard spawns in location: 1
    If Keith grabs a backpack item, he'll get: 1d10(1): Rocket Launcher

  4. Isn't the defense bonus from the turret triggered as a Minor Action taregtting "You or one ally"?

    Hence, Macho Man can keep Heroic Effort?

  5. Ah, and I don't think the Force Field power was actually used. That'll teach me to read things on my phone instead of a real computer! Macho Man keeps Heroic Effort!

  6. Keith Richards stumbles onto the map. "What the bloody 'ell is going on? I'm gonna need somefin stronger than this swill." Casting aside his empty bottle of gin, he grabs a rocket launcher. "Ha, I told you mine was bigger, Mick! Hey Lucho, are you the first Patti Smith groupie?"


    Minor: summon Groupie in U2 (Get your own chicks, Bono!)
    Move: walk to R2, via U3 (send Groupie to W5)
    Standard: use Blunder vs El Santo
    +5 vs 14 Will (5+2 CA, -2 cover, Use Heroic Effort if within 4.)
    d6+5 damage (+1 if he happens to be undead), and I slide him 2 squares and grant Matthews a basic attack vs El Santo with a +2 bonus to attack at any point during the movement.
    Slide him to M7, (attack first)

    If I drop him to 0, I can use Shadow Warp vs someone else.

    1. Note: Macho Man doesn't have enough movement to have walked to I6, so his is considered as having RUN. His attacks take a -2 (doesn't change anything), and he grants CA til the start of his next turn.

      Keith Richards and the Red-head reappear on the field, and attempts to cloud the mind of El Santo

      Blunder vs ElSanto
      1d20(20)+5=25 vs Will 14 [CRITICAL HIT!]
      11 -5 (stones endurance)= 6 damage, and Dave Matthews attacks!
      Flesh Rend: 1d20(18)+7 +2 (CA) +2 (Blunder Bonus) = 29 vs AC 18 [HIT]
      Damage: 1d10(4)+7 -5 (stones endurance)=6 damage

      Here's where things get weird, Flesh Rend slides a target 1 square, so El Santo will be "slid" off the bridge, get a saving throw, at which point he'll be slid again by the remaining effects of Blunder, and get an additional saving throw. Stupid non-normal melee basic attacks...
      Saving Throw to avoid going over the side from Flesh Rend: 1d20(10)+5 = 15 [SUCCCESS!]
      Saving Throw to avoid going over the side from Blunder: 1d20(3)+5=8 [FAILURE!]
      El Santo takes 1d10(8)-5 (Stone's Endurance) = 3 falling damage (not trained in Acrobatics, so no check to avoid the fall)

      El Santo is bloodied and prone in M7 at 11 HP!

      Not a good round for the masked wrestler, but his stoney hide kept him alive!

      Sgt. Slaughter starts his turn invisible by the secret tunnel!

    2. El Santo also takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of my next turn from having his Flesh Rent.


    Can I jump them? Athletics +10 vs. DC 10

  8. DC 10? Care to explain where you're getting that number? Those Towers are 20' high, which you'll never be able to jump (we went over all this with Sgt. Slaughter last round). Normally I'd let you retcon and use the Rocketjump, but that means that you would have dropped your weapon way on the bottom of the tower. So to make things simple, we're just going to say you ran.

  9. DC 10 because I'm moving more than 2 squares and am making a jump check (as part of the move) to hop over difficult terrain.

    Sorry, I'm miffed by the moon logic of having smooth looking ramps that are supposed to be difficult terrain.

  10. But yeah, I'm ok with running if that's what you think is best.

  11. They're rickety stairs, not smooth ramps! If you want smooth ramps, you should mosey on over to I3!

    DC 10 would be correct if it was on flat ground. The 20' incline is what prevents it.

  12. Keith Richards is still under my Aegis, so I teleport to S2 and take a Melee Basic on him at +8 v AC for 1d8 dmg.

    If that hits, I teleport to V3 as per my Vanishing Blade.

    Let me know how that resolves before I take my actual turn.

  13. Keith Richards doesn't trigger the Aegis, because "Marked" is a glossary condition, and is removed as per the respawn rules.

  14. Being in the glossary has nothing (OR SHOULD HAVE NOTHING, JAMES) to do with being cleared on Respawn. As per the FAQ (http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/search/label/FAQ), Respawn clears conditions dubbed "end of turn" and "save ends".

    I believe Aegis lasts until end of encounter or used again?

    1. At that rate, vulnerable and resist would get cleared off on Respawn, since they are in the glossary as well, as well as a number of effects that get tied to end of encounter durations. Being in the glossary is a pretty big and welcoming club.

  15. Ok, since it's explicitly mentioned in the FAQ (and I believe E5M1 was last revised while there was still some debate about how respawn should work), the Aegis will still trigger.

    Also, there were a few questions sent to me about if line of sight/effect is needed, and according to the Aegis of Assult power, it is not.

    Melee basic: 1d20(8)+8 = 16 vs AC 17 [MISS]!

    Sgt. Slaughter starts his turn in S2!

  16. Don't I have CA since I was invisible when making the attack?

    And if I need line of sight/effect for the Vanishing Blade port, just drop me on W6.


    16+2=18 vs AC 17 [HIT]!

    Keith Richards takes 1d8(6)+5 = 11 damage!

    Sgt. Slaughter teleports to V3!


    I was wrong. Again.

    While the Aegis of Assult doesn't specify that Line of Sight/Line of Effect are needed, since it's a teleportation power, you would need to have LoS to the square.

    Sgt. Slaughter starts his turn exactly where he is on the map (M10), and Keith Richards has taken no damage!

    So...yes, that big old song and dance was for nothing.

    Sarge, I beg you to take your turn as quickly as possible, before I manage to destroy this entire game.

  19. Okay, well...
    Free: Take the tunnel
    Minor: Quarry the thing in front of me
    Standard: Twin Strike on the thing in front of me, +8vAC 1d8+1d6. If I hit on the first I port to W7. If I miss on the first and hit on the second, same deal. If I miss them both, eff you, free action to jump back into the water and ignore the rest.
    Move: Swiftcurrent to W3
    I can has flag?

  20. Taking the tunnel requires 2 move actions.

  21. Correction: You're trained in Endurance, so only 1 move action.

  22. Replies
    1. Underwater Passage (terrain power)
      Move Action • At-Will • Personal
      Requirement: You must be standing on a passage square for both the action and the effect.
      Effect: Before the end of your next turn, you may use a move action to teleport to the corresponding passage square. If the square is occupied, you take 5 damage, and you slide the creature 1 square or destroy the turret before teleporting.
      Endurance: If you are trained in Endurance, the initial power is a free action. The teleport effect still requires a move action.

      So normally it requires a move action to activate the ability and then a 2nd move action to actually teleport. I totally missed this too.

  23. ...Because that's how the tunnel works?

    Move Action • At-Will • Personal
    Requirement: You must be standing on a passage square for both the action and the effect.
    Effect: Before the end of your next turn, you may use a move action to teleport to the corresponding passage square. If the square is occupied, you take 5 damage, and you slide the creature 1 square or destroy the turret before teleporting.
    Endurance: If you are trained in Endurance, the initial power is a free action. The teleport effect still requires a move action.

    So to use the power, you have to spend a move action (which you can avoid because you're trained in endurance). So now, you're in the "Effect" portion of the power, which requires you to spend a move action to "teleport" to the destination square.

  24. Sorry about the confusion. I just ninja'd in the "The teleport effect still requires a move action." bit, but it's only a clarification, not a change.

    After this match, I might swap which action (for Endurers) is free and which is move, since I actually really like the tactic of jumping in and out of the hatch, but I'm only making clarifications and not changes until the match is complete.

  25. I would encourage you to take a look at the wording to make that more obvious because it really isn't in it's current state and in live play people are going to be reading far faster.

    Move: Through tunnel
    Minor: Quarry the thing in front of me.
    Standard: Twin Strike (same as above on a hit and all).

  26. Sgt. Slaughter jumps through the tunnel, before attacking the groupies in front of him!

    Twin Strike:
    1d20(20)+8=28 vs AC 14 [CRITICAL HIT]
    14 damage and the groupie dies!
    Sgt. Slaughter teleports to W7.

    Groupie-less, Joey Jordison starts his turn on a backpack and gains: 1d10(2) - Nail Gun!

  27. *Correction - Sarge can only teleport 3 squares, so he's in W8

  28. I have 'Extended Teleportation' as a feat, so I end up at W7.

  29. Whoa whoa whoa!

    Let's take a second here to take a deep breathe and calm down. I'm mostly talking about myself, actually, although the advise is applicable to all. I've got a little too excited by the high intensity Dungeons & Dragons kill-fest that is FTDM and whipped out some comments in a quick, and quite frankly, rude manner.

    I apologize to Jon, running this match, and David, author of the map. Both are doing/have done a phenomenal job.

    @Ross: Any rules-questioning should really be done PRIVATELY via email. Comments are NOT the forum for that sort of thing, as tone and meaning can often get lost and misinterpreted badly. Rules arguments that go out in public delay the game and are grounds for a solid gibbing.

    @Matt: Let's all try and post in as clear and concise manner as possible. If you're invisible, throw that combat advantage into your attack the first post. Things get hard to track, we all know!, but everyone do their best to make the DM's life as easy as possible. It's not easy juggling all these crazy rules at once!

    That said, everyone who plays FTDM is a stand-up and respectable dude. There has not been a one of us who hasn't tried their best to make this D&D-variant the best and most fun it can be. Cut each other some slack, make your posts clear, take your arguments in private.

    GAME ON!

  30. "No one attacks my fans except Clown." Joey breaks into a drum solo and summons the angel of Metal to smite his enemies.



    Minor: Heal Les Claypool for Surge + 1d6 + 4 (Wis)
    Minor (Move): Spend surge to summon my pet beside me.
    Standard: Angelic Harrier against Kurt Angle.
    Attack: Range 10 +6 vs Reflex (2CA/4WIS)if within 4 will use heroic effort.
    Damage: 1d10+4 and slide backwards towards L5 (Slide 3)
    Effect: On hit make secondary attack +6 vs Fort (+2 CA/+4 Wis) and target falls prone

  31. And I agree. Everyone's doing a great job and I'm having alot of fun for my first time. +1 to Casey

  32. Man, I am bustin' up laughing. I've had days like that, totally.

    I am anxiously and excitedly awaiting Liandri Towers, and I'm sure Schwarm's got something grand and entertaining planned. But... I'm fairly certain the map designer doesn't have any Ds, Vs, or Is in his name. *grin*

  33. With a face-melting drum solo, Jey heals Les Claypool for 7+1d6(3)+4=14 HP

    Les Claypool is no longer bloodied at 27 HP!

    A wild groupie appears!

    Angelic Harrier against Kurt: 1d20(18)+6=24 vs Ref 16 (14 + 2 shielding) [HIT]

    Kurt Angle takes 1d10(8)+4=12 damage and is slid to L5

    Saving Throw to avoid going off the ledge: 1d20(13) SUCCESS! Kurt Angle falls prone and unconscious at N5! (Not going to bother with the secondary attack, since he's already prone)

    At the bottom of the pit EELLLLLLLLLLL SSSSSAAAAAAANNNNNTTTTOOOOOOO starts his turn prone and bloodied!

  34. Question before I give my turn:
    Does the defense turret aura have line of effect to the bottom of the moldy canal where I am 20 ft below? Am I slowed and granting CA from where I am? I would think not, but want to make sure given the LoS/LoE comments above.

  35. Good question!

    After double checking the rules for an aura, an aura is stopped by blocking terrain. Basically, I'm interpreting this to mean Line of Effect, so creatures in the bottom of the moat, or at the far side of the center tower (Q4, for example), are unaffected by the turret.


  36. Hey everyone, quick rules reminder / clarification on jump DCs, because this has come up several times.

    For a horizontal jump, you make an athletics check and divide the result by 10 to get the number of squares you cover (divide by 5 instead of 10 if you have a running start.)

    For a Vertical jump, you make an athletics check and divide the result by 10 to get the number of feet you cover.

    So, if you make a DC 20 Athetics check (running), you'd jump over 4 squares horizontally. But if you are jumping vertically, you jump 2 feet.

    So the DC to jump to the top of a tower, or out of the moat is 200. (Note that you can make a climb check to get out of the moat)

  37. Flight and climb speeds also work great. Note that both weapon-like items provide one of these.

    Also, I think there's some formula for vertical height cleared when jumping horizontally (that outperforms normal vertical jumps), but I don't have my Rules Compendium with me.

  38. You divide by ten then add two feet, so a roll of 10-19 on a horizontal jump would clear 3 feet.

  39. El Santo es fuera de combate! Uno, Dos, Tres ... espera, parece que está recibiendo una copia de seguridad! El vigor Angélico lo levanta a sus pies, sprints y saltos hacia el muro de escalada copia de seguridad! No puedo creer que esta gente, el Santo se trepó por un muro de veinte pies y que ahora cobra en su posición para apoyar el sargento Masacre! Él llama a la primera fila para tocar en su aliado, el pollito! ¿Qué es esto? Están etiqueta de trabajo en equipo el anillo! slids poco de pollo en al lado de El Santo, y tomar una posición defensiva! ¡Increíble!

    Move: Climb the wall, ending up in N9
    Roll twice, +14 to athletics.

    Standard->Move: Move to P9, destroying the turret, and then unhindered, use the rest of my movement squares to get to U9, grabbing the backpack.

    Minor: Summon Spirit of Athas in V8

  40. El Saaaanto attempts to climb the wall!

    Move Action: Climb!
    1d20(8)+14=22 Failure!
    1d20(6)+14=20 Failure!

    Trying again!
    Move Action: Climb!
    1d20(12)+14 = 26 [SUCCESS!]

    El Santo gets to the top of the wall to N9, and is still prone!

    I'm assuming you'll be saving your spirit of Athas, let me know if this is not the case.

    Dave Matthews starts his turn on the edge of the pit!

  41. yes, i'll drop my spirit of Athas on O8 if it's still available.

  42. sure, np.


    (I'll include it in the next map update. Since the Spirit is a conjuration, it doesn't affect anyone's movements, so it shouldn't change anything at the moment except for your defenses.)

  43. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRXZkdEj7YI&ob=av2e

    Dave sees the staggering mexican luchador crawling from the pit of water and turns back to the fallen patriotic looking wrestler.

    "who knocked all these fine fellas down? what's going on around here? oh wait, I remember." He turns to face camera, "I DID IT! guilty as charged."

    He then pulls a bomb made of love out of his pocket hoping to daze his two enemies. Dave growls aggressively then starts scooting across the map in a haphazard fashion trying to grab the resources he needs to keep going and stay ahead.

    Standard Action: Spirit Flay on Kurt and El Santo (yes my flail is reach 2), +9 vs Reflex both, 1d10+7(+1 if target is undead) necrotic and psychic damage on hit and target is dazed until end of my next turn. Effect: I gain partial concealment until the end of my next turn.

    No Actions: If I drop El Santo to 0hp or below, use Convocation of Shadows to gain insubstantial and phasing until end of my next turn as well as Ruthless Demonstration and enemies that can see me take a -2 to attack rolls against me until I am hit with an attack or until end of encounter (currently Macho Man, unless the unconscious count as being able to see me).

    Move Action: If phasing, run to G4, by way of backpack in J6 through central structure. If not phasing, run to I4 by way of backpack in J6.

    Action Point: Web of Shadows centered on square E3, no one in space so no attack, but effect: Creates zone that lasts until end of encounter. Any creature that willingly enters the zone is immobilized until the end of their next turn.

  44. Dave Matthews drops a love bomb!

    Attack vs. Kurt Angle:
    1d20(15)+7+2CA = 24 vs AC 17 (22 - 5 Unconscious) [HIT]
    Attack vs. El Santo:
    1d20(15)+7+2CA = 24 vs AC 18 [HIT]
    Dave Matthews is made of 15s tonight!
    Damage: 1d10(8)+7=15 damage! (another 15!)

    Kurt Angle is GIBBED!
    El Santo is Unconscious at -4!

    Dave Matthews becomes insubstantial and phasing and grabs a backpack item as he runs through the building. 1d10(7) - Medpack! - Dave Matthews gains 10 THP!

    The Guitarist creates a web o' shadows!

    Kurt Angle starts his turn in location 4!

  45. And if Kurt Angle grabs a backpack, he'll receive a 1d10(2): Nail Gun!

  46. @Dave Matthews: !!! This is not how I was hoping this round would go.

    1. :) "The dreaming tree has died...."


  47. Map is updated to include Elllllll Saaannnttttooo's Spirit of Athas. That would have given him a +1 to defenses, which won't change anything.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Hmm....while normally this would be legal, as soon as you enter into the turret aura, you become slowed, so you aren't going to have enough movement to reach M6

  50. Herp. We both missed that then when I asked earlier. XD;

    Well that's problematic. Give me a bit.

  51. Double move to J6 to just generically be in the way.

  52. Kurt Angle moves for the block!

    Les Claypool, this is your cue!!!

    (map update will be late tonight)

  53. Les Claypool moves to N8 (moving through O6)

    I'll continue my turn when I learn what backpack item I received.

  54. you get 1d10(9) - Cloak of Competencey!

  55. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN-DNcqYUcY

    "Damn, these are some angry-ass tweakers. Must be pissed about their tiny little roid-riddled peckers!"

    Les leans over the unconscious Santos. "Hey there, little feller; shake hands with beef!"

    Claypool then smashes his bass over El Santo's head.

    Howling strike
    +9 vs. AC (+7, +2 CA)

  56. Hmm...I think this was supposed to be a Coup de grace, but since it wasn't called as one explicitly:
    1d20(12)+9=21 vs AC 13 (18-5 Unconscious)
    1d10(2)+1d6(3)+4=9 damage!

    El Santo is just barely brought to negative bloodied.


    Thus ends another exciting round!

  57. Round 3 begins here: