Play-by-Post: Match 06 Round 04


Macho Man starts out in at the base of the tower without Miss Elizabeth, but with an insubstantial Dave Matthews at his feet and the Blue Team Flag loose in the world!
Macho Man is BLOODIED by Dave as he passes, but manages to GRAB THE BLUE TEAM FLAG!
Keith Richards starts his turn by grabbing an attack turret, before summoning a groupie, and blowing up the Macho Man!
Randy Savage is UNCONSCIOUS!
Sgt. Slaughter starts his turn prone and flagless, but ends it prone and flagfull! THE RED TEAM HAS THE BLUE FLAG!
Joey Jordison has a round full of rotten luck, as he gets nothing from a backpack and misses his attack against Sgt. Slaughter.
El Santo starts his turn across the map, leaps the gorge, and pushes Keith to the ground!
Dave Matthews starts his turn alone and prone in the Red base, but he takes advantage of this and goes for the flag.
Kurt Angle starts his turn flying, and charges the blue drummer!
Les Claypool starts his turn in the Blue Base, and quickly deploys an attack turret!


  1. We start the round with a tied game, and the blue team flag loose, and webs crisscrossing the Red Team Base!


  2. [Dave Matthews]
    Meet the Macho Man Randy Savage, and I just happen to be the World Heavyweight Champion. Dig it!!!

    Drop my mace to the ground, perhaps never to be seen again. We had some god times. Remember when we smashed Dave Matthews' ugly mug? That was awesome.

    Rocket Jump over Dave Matthews' balding head going through the following squares and provoking an opportunity attack (don't forget -2 for prone); G4, H4, I4, J4, K5, L6.
    MAcho is comin' at ya off the top ropes, oh yeah!!!

    Macho has just moved at least 2 squares, so with a running jump (Athletics +10), he auto-succeeds on jumping over M5, to run through N4, O4, P4, Q4, R4, S5.
    If I'm misinterpreting that somehow I will eat the opportunity attack from Keith Richards and run past him.
    Soft corners, FTW!

    Cast Healing Spirit on Sgt. Slaughter. He spends a healing surge. If Macho Man had a spirit companion, there would be more. He doesn't, so there's not.


  3. Randy Savage Rocket jumps, drawing an attack from the prone Dave Matthews!

    Dave Matthews swings at the flying Macho Man with a Scourge of Exquisite Agony.

    1d20(20)+7=27 vs AC 18 [CRITICAL HIT] (Holy crap these dice are ridiculous!)
    Damage: 17 and Macho Man is slid one square back!

    Macho Man is BLOODIED at 8 HP!

    The loss of momentum slows the wrestler down, but he lands and leaps across the gourge.
    1d20(1)+10=11 vs DC10 [SUCCESS] (Seriously, I am not making up these die rolls, this is insane)


    Sgt. Slaughter is healed for 6HP!

    note: I double checked the number of squares, and Macho Man has *just* enough movement to get to the flag

    Keith Richards starts his turn, and grabs: 1d10(3) - An Attack Turret from the backpack at his feet!

  4. The necrotic smash has brought the darkness out in Keith again. "Which invited the Village People, anyways? Hey Macho, hands off my junk. I’m Sagittarius, half-man, half-horse, with a license to sh*t in the street.”

    Minor: Summon companion to N6
    Move: Shift to N5, companion to M6
    Free: Drop Shield (AC down to 16)
    Standard: Rocket Launcher centered on S4 (provoking from Angle?)
    +10 (8+2 CA) vs AC, 2d6+6 thunder dmg (give it the old Heroic try if within 4)

    If Macho Man drops to zero, use Shadow Warp as a free action to slide Angle to M3

  5. The legendary rocker quickly calls his groupie back into action, and quickly swaps spaces with her before firing the rocket launcher, but before he does so, Kurt Angle takes a swing!

    Opportunity Attack: 1d20(13)+7=20 vs AC 16 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(8)+4=12 damage. Ghetto Crit!

    Keith Richards is bloodied at 7 HP!

    Keith fires a rocket!
    1d20(5)+10=15 vs AC 18 [MISS]
    Heroic Effort: 15+4=19 vs AC 18 [HIT!]

    Damage: 2d6(3)(1)+6 = 10 Fire & Thunder damage

    Randy Savage is UNCONSCIOUS at -2 HP!

    The Blue Flag goes flying from the Macho Man's hands, and lands on top of the sniper tower!

    Sgt. Slaughter starts his turn prone, and surrounded by enemies, the flag he captured nowhere near!

  6. Move: Swiftcurrent - I shift my speed while prone, to S1.
    Standard: Crawl half my speed to Q1 and pick up the flag... again...

  7. A few things:

    - Les Claypool has 2 THP from dropping Slaughter
    - Kurt Angle slides 3 squares from Shadow Warp. Since Kurt is currently flying at an altitude of 0, he simply slides off the edge to M3, but doesn't actually fall (he'll fall at the end of his turn if he's not within an altitude 1), so Kurt is in M3 & the Animal Companion is in M6

    Sgt. Slaughter still on his back, turns into a ribbon of water and flows up rickety stairs, before crawling the last few feet to grab the flag.

    The Red Team has the Flag!

    Joey Jordison starts his turn deep in the Blue Base next to the Blue Man Group E!

    The Map Update will happen later this afternoon

  8. "Hey man, get off my drums. Security, he's getting away with our bet and he didn't even have a backstage pass." Joey runs up the stairs and attacks the free loader.

    Move: Move to T3 through U3 for pickup
    Standard: charge to R1 and attack the sarge.
    Attack: +7 vs AC (2 wpn prof/2 CA/2 prone/2 enhanced weapon/1 charge/-2 run)
    Damage: 2d4+2

  9. Joey quickly dashes around the corner, digs through a backpack, and grabs: 1d10(3) - A Nail Gun! But the drummer already has one of those!

    Charging up the stairs towards the prone Sgt., Joey attacks!
    1d20(2)+7=9 vs AC 14 [MISS!]

    Looks like the drummer must has angered the dice gods!

    On the far side of the map, ELLLLLL SAAAAANNNNNTOOOOO begins his turn!

    (If El Santo grabs a backpack, it'll be 1d10(10) - Mask of the Spy)

  10. ¡Oh mi gente a Dios! No sé lo que Keith Richards hizo, pero 'El Santo' tiene esa mirada en sus ojos! Él está buscando a dictar sentencia, a los que desacreditan la lucha libre. ¿Qué es esto? Está limpio saltando sobre el río con las piernas de fuerza legendaria! ¡Santo cielo, en un despliegue de talento para el espectáculo puro, besos groupie de Keith como el pasado velas, una pantalla angelical de perdón a los que debe servir en estos músicos acabado. El Santo tierras del otro lado con una, ¿qué es esto? UNA SEGUNDA MASCARA! El Santo lleva DOS MASCARAS de la gente! Esto es increíble! Uh oh, parece que el Santo está levantando los brazos para entregar una paliza bíblica! La multitud va absolutamente loco como El Santo levanta el brazo y hace una pausa fomentar su rugido justo!

    Minor: Stones Endurance - Gain Resist 5 all until EoNT
    Move: (Run) J8, K7, auto-jump L7 M7, N7, O6 (mask of the spy), O5 (no OA due to mask)
    Standard: Knockdown Assault vs Keith Richards
    +9 vs Fort 12
    Hit: 5 damage, and Knock Prone
    Keith Richards is marked with Combat Challenge. He takes -2 to attacks that do not include me. I also make an OA as an immediate interrupt if he shifts, or makes an attack not including me until EoNT. If I make an OA, I gain +3 to that attack.

    "Encontrar a Dios y morir como un hombre normal"

  11. The Latin American Luchador takes a brief moment to bulk up, before leaping across the gorge and pushing an old man to the ground!

    1d20(7)+9-2(run)=14 vs Fort 12 [HIT]
    Keith Richards takes 5 damage, and is knocked prone!
    Keith is at 14 HP, and still not bloodied!

    Dave Matthews starts his turn prone, but is now completely alone in the Red Base, and can walk through walls!

    (if Dave grabs a backpack it will be: 1d10(8) - Ablative Field )

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNgJBIx-hK8&ob=av2e

    With the rhythmic pounding of a snare drum blaring, Dave staggers to his feet.

    "Did someone get the number of that flying freight train? Man, I gotta remember that. There's a song in it somehow."

    He turns away from the melee of battle and running through the very walls of the enemy base he trudges on like a horde of ANTS MARCHING. He passes the bulky wrestling president and grabs hold of the flag!

    Move Action: Stand up.
    Move Action, Part Deux: Run through flag and start out base via F5,E6,D7,C8,B9,B10,B9.

  13. Dave Matthews jumps up, runs through walls and Grabs a Flag!


    Kurt Angle begins his turn floating over the moat. Will he go back to protect his own flag? Will he try and aid in the capture of the enemy flag? Will he simply do awesome dance moves mid-air? Let's find out!!

  14. Kurt Angle goes to help his beleaguered teammate with the flag, American flag-patterned wings flapping furiously.


    Move straight up 5 squares to get up high enough.
    Charge to the square above Q1. Screw your mapping!
    MBA: +8 vs AC
    On hit: 1d8+4

  15. Kurt Angle Attacks!

    1d20(8)+8 - 2 (partial cover from corner) = 14 vs AC 16 [MISS]! Doh! So close!

    Les Claypool is up to close out the round!

    (If Les grabs a backpack, he'll get 1d10(7) - medpack)

  16. Oops, misread Q1 as Q2. So...that's no partial cover, and that'll be a 16 vs AC 16 [HIT!]

    Damage: 1d8(5)+4= 9 damage

    Joey loses all but 1 THP!

  17. I'm not sure if it helps me or not but I think I have resist 5 weapon and force. Not sure what Angle's attack used.

  18. You are correct, I'd reversed Ablative Shield & Personal Shielding in my head. That was a weapon attack, so Joey still has 6THP. Also, there have been a couple of questions about Kurt Angle Flying. Pixies have an altitude limit of 1 (standing on the ground is an altitude 0), so he can hover over Sgt. Slaughter's head without falling. If he ends his turn more that 1 square up, he'll fall.

    The map will be updated momentarily with updated positions and HP totals (a few minor things that were missed in earlier updates)

  19. Claypool decides to stop screwing around.


    Move Action: run (while crawling) to R4 and send groupie to P4.

    Minor Action: Rune of Mending on Keith Richards for 6 hp.

    Standard Action: Deploy attack turret at Q4.

    "Suck on that, you bastards!"

  20. Claypool crawls forward, and after a wailing guitar solo to heal Keith Richards, sets up an attack turret!


  21. Round 5 starts here: http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/02/play-by-post-match-06-round-05.html