Play-by-Post: Match 06 Round 03


Macho Man starts out in the tower, rocket launcher still in hand, and fires at Les and the turret, BLOODYING Les and destroying the turret.
Keith Richards summons spider webs!
Sgt. Slaughter starts his turn deep in the Blue Base, attacks a groupie, and teleports to the flag!
Joey quickly moves himself and his groupie into position, attacking the arrogant wrestler who thought he could steal the flag.
Sgt. Slaughter is BLOODIED!
El Santo respawns in Location 3, leaps over the webs, and summons a chicken man to attack Les Claypool!
Les Claypool is UNCONSCIOUS!
Dave Matthews starts his turn phasing and insubstantial. He kills Miss Elizabeth, but is knocked on his butt as he tries to run past the Macho Man.
Kurt Angle starts his turn on the bridge, grabs a backpack, and flies across before a wide attack against Keith!
Les Claypool SELF-GIBS and spawns in location 1! He grabs an attack turret and knocks Sgt. Slaughter UNCONSCIOUS, but suffers a HUMILIATION in the process!


  1. Round 3 begins with both teams closing in on the flags! Who will be victorious?

    When I get to you I'm gonna put your head in a half nelson, twist it around saying each letter of the alphabet on every turn, and then when I reached the first letter of my true love's name, it would be the lovely Miss Elizabeth, I'm gonna yank your head clean off and roll it down the pike like a bowling ball!!!

    Shoot a Rocket Launcher at square O9.
    Attack: +10 vs. AC 15 (Les Claypool) and vs. AC 8 (turret); Crit 19-20
    Hit: 2d6+9 fire and thunder damage.
    I'm saving Heroic Effort for a potential opportunity attack into Dave Matthew's pie-hole.

    Pickup my mace off the ground.

    Run to F5. Miss Elizabeth rushes to my side and moves to E5. Her unwavering show of love, dedication, and support grants me a +2 bonus to defenses.

  3. OH YEAH!!!!

    Macho man lines up a shot, and fires at Les Claypool and the turret!
    Attack vs Les: 1d20(12)+10=22 vs AC 15 [HIT]
    Attack vs the Turret: 1d20(3)+10=13 vs AC 8 [HIT]

    2d6(4)(3)+9=16 damage!

    (note: it was pointed out to me that the healing that Les Claypool received in Round 2 from Joey was not reflected in the map, so Les should be at 27 HP, not 13)
    Les Claypool is bloodied at 11 HP!
    The Turret is destroyed!

    While Macho Man and Miss E take up positions to intercept Dave Matthews, Keith Richards starts his turn in a small cubby in the Blue team Base!

    (If Keith grabs an item, it will be 1d10(9) - Cloak of Competency!)

  4. After misplacing his lunch in the corner, Keith pauses to do a quick interview with some American bloke. "Unahmudawoadahnafabodah....know what I mean?"


    Stumbling around corner looking for the pipe he thought he dropped somewhere, he grabs a nice looking cloak thinking it might be inside. A never-before-felt clarity dawns on him, and the world suddenly makes sense. "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side. Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! I've got a brain!"


    Move: walk to O6, grab cloak.
    Standard: cast Web of Shadows, centered on E9.
    No target.
    Effect: creates a zone that lasts until end of encounter. Any creature that willingly enters the zone is immobilized until the end of its next turn.
    Minor action: Contemplate the nature of the universe.

  5. Keith Richards summons another group of shadowy spider webs!

    Sgt. Slaughter begins his turn deep in the Red Base!

  6. Move: walk to W6
    Standard: Twin Strike +8vAC14 of the groupie in front of me. 1d8dmg on a hit. If I hit with the first I teleport to V3 and pick up the flag. If I miss with the first attack, I burn the second to do the same thing. If I hit on the first, I take the second v the other groupie but I don't teleport.

  7. Sarge attacks a groupie!

    1d20(14)+8 vs AC 14 [Hit]
    damage: 1d8(8) The groupie is destroyed and Sgt. Slaughter teleports!

    Note: to grab the flag you must enter the flag's square, which puts you in W2 and unable to make the secondary attack.


    Joey begins his turn atop the tower!

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  9. After seeing his fans getting taken out Joey gets down off his drums and runs after the guy sneaking back stage.


    Groupie double moves to W9 for the block

    Double Move to W3.

    Action Point:
    Earths Endurance +6 vs AC. (-2 Run/+2 Energizer) will use heroic effort if needed.

    Damage: 2d4+6

    Effect: I gain +2 AC EoNT

  10. Joey and his groupie quickly run into place, and attack that tricky sergeant who stole their flag!

    1d20(6)+6=12 vs AC 14 [MISS]
    Heroic Effort: 12 + 4=16 vs AC 14 [HIT]
    Damage: 2d4(4)(4)+6=14 damage. [GHETTO CRIT]

    Sgt. Slaughter is bloodied at 10 HP!

    Sgt. Slaughter uses Fox's Cunning as an immediate Reaction:
    Attack vs. Joey: 1d20(11)+8=19 vs AC 16 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(7)+5=12 damage

    Joey is down to 14 HP, and Sgt. Slaughter gets to teleport 4 squares as a free action!

    Elllllllll Saaaaaannnntooooo respawns in location 3!

    (if Sgt. Slaughter teleports to a backpack, or El Santo runs through one, the backpack item is: 1d10(2): Nail Gun)

  11. With limited Line of Sight, I think it's pretty safe to assume Sgt. Slaughter will be teleporting out of the trench run and to square W6.

  12. I assumed W6 or V6, it's up to the Sgt.

    A few more rules questions to clarify:
    Corners - There's been some debate on it, but I'm not sure if any decision was ever made, so I'm making one now: All corners are soft corners.
    Animal Companions - While Animal Companions normally have their HP = the owners bloodied values, when summoned with a minor they only get HP = the owners Healing Surge Value
    Jumping over the Web of Shadows - The Jump check to move ever 3 squares from a standing position is DC 30, which also means that you clear 5 feet vertically. So it is possible to make an athletics check after spawning and completely avoid the zone.

  13. Map is updated with Sgt. Slaughter in W6!

  14. El Santo aparece en el ring una vez más. Él ve la gran cantidad de restos y de los instrumentos rotos Mattews y Claypool lanzó hacia abajo y salta sobre la cuerda superior despejar el área por completo! ¡Oh mi gente bondad, El Santo está haciendo su camino en su posición para poner el tortazo abajo en Claypool! ¿Qué es esto? que está llegando hacia el ring para tirar a su compañero de equipo, el pollo poco!

    Move: Standing Jump to G8 (2 squares, DC 20) +14 Athletics (roll twice)
    If I make it, move to I9
    Minor: Spirit of Athas on N9
    Standard: Dismiss spirit for the attack vs Les Claypool
    +5 vs Reflex 13
    Hit: 1d10+5 damage, and Claypool takes -2 to attack rolls and all defenses until EoNT

    El Santo señala con el dedo a su enemigo, cargador hacia atrás la cabeza riéndose:
    "Esta noche, es el pollo que te van a comer Claypool!"

    (If I miss the jump check then never mind all this, and DERP mode engaged)

  15. oh yeah, DERP mode also means Total Defense...

  16. El Santo starts of his turn with a mighty leap:

    1d20(3)+14=17 [FAILURE]
    1d20(19)+14=34 [GREAT SUCCESS!]


    Attack: 1d20(13)+5=18 vs Reflex 13 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(9)+5=14 damage!


    Les Claypool is unconscious at -3 HP!

    Dave Matthew's turn begins, with the crazy South African fading in and out of reality, as he phases and insubstantializes!

  17. EL multitud aclama a la obra!! SANTO SANTO SANTO SANTO! La emoción en este partido de esta noche es la gente insondables!



  18. El Santo takes 10 thunder damage from SHV

  19. Double checking the wording on Spirit of Athas, the attack is considered as being made by El Santo, and he suffers the effects of Stormhawk's Vengeance!

    El Santo takes 10 thunder (THUNDER, THUNDER) damage, and is reduced to 16 HP!

  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsUuYkMHV4w&ob=av3n

    Dave Matthews pauses and ignores the rampaging macho man standing so close to him he can smell the slim jims on his breath. He flips his guitar up and starts a slow, awkward intro to his next song. He gives the lovely Miss Elizabeth a little wink while playing his siren song and suddenly she feels the sharp THWACK of guitar strings snaking around and grappling her from the neck.

    Dave chuckles and runs THROUGH THE WALLS, ducking under the Macho Man’s impending strike, coming through the ramp, and running straight through the walls into the enemy team’s base and grabbing hold of the enemy team. One hand on the flag pole and the other holding a cigarette, he takes a draw and says “Better EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY! FOR TOMORROW YOU’LL DIE!!!!” Then laughs with that charming panache and ducks behind the corner.

    Standard Action: Flesh Rend on Miss Elisabeth, +8 vs. AC (use heroic effort if needed), 1d10+7 damage (which should drop her)

    No Action: Convocation of Shadows, continue insubstantial and phasing until end of my next turn.

    Move Action: Run (F5, E6, D7, C8, C9, B10, C9). I provoke from Macho and do grant combat advantage with this move, but I have +2 to defenses from Personal Shielding, I have partial concealment too, and Macho Man takes a -2 to attack rolls against me from my Ruthless Demonstration.

  21. Dave raises his guitar, and smashes it around Miss Elizabeth's head!

    1d20(20)+8=28 vs AC 13 [CRITICAL HIT!]
    17 damage, and Miss Elizabeth crumples like a leaf!

    As Dave dashes past Randy Savage, the Macho Man takes a swing
    1d20(15)+7 +2 CA -2 concealment -2 Ruthless Demonstration = 20 vs AC 19! (17 + 2 Personal Shielding)
    Damage: 1d10(2)+4=6/2 (insubstantial) = 3 damage!

    Dave Matthews is still holding onto his temporary hitpoints, but Macho Man's Shillelagh effect on his mace kicks in! Dave Matthews takes another point of damage and is knocked prone, ending his movement before he can grab the flag!

  22. [Dave Matthews]
    I'll slam your head so far down between your shoulder blades, you'll have to open that vest to face your own anguish as I hold a mirror up to your midsection! OH YEAH!!!

  23. Keith Richards. Man, that guy really IS undead. Well if anyone can put a stop to that, it's Kurt Angle, olympic gold medalist. Kurt hulks up and roars as he runs at the abomination.


    Move: K6-J6-K5-L4-M3-N3, trying to pick up a more useful backpack item.
    Charge to O5
    Attack: +8 vs AC
    On hit: 1d8+4, using Dread Smite to deal 5 cold and necrotic damage regardless, and ongoing 5 cold/necrotic damage on a hit. If I miss and am within 5, Adept's Insight to add 1d4+1.

  24. Kurt Angle shuffles through another backpack, and pulls out 1d10(10) - Mask of the Spy!
    (I was exceptionally confused by Kurt's movement until I remembered he could fly)

    Kurt attacks Keith!
    1d20(2)+8=10 vs AC 17 [MISS!]
    Not within 5, so no Adept's Insight
    Keith Richards takes 5 necroticold damage!

    Keith Richards is down to 19 HP!

    Les Claypool SELF-GIBBES! and respawns in location 1!

    If Les grabs a backpack, he'll get item: 1d10(3) - Attack Turret!

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPjgYX3Ka9s

    Claypool appears on stage for his first encore. Eyeing the cheeky Bastard with his flag, he struts forth and slaps out a wicked display of bass-playing gymnastics.

    "Tragedy's a coming, son!"


    Move Action:
    Move to V7 (picking up attack turret on the way)

    Standard Action:
    Savage juggernaught vs. Srgt. Slaughter
    +9 (+7, +2 CA) vs. AC
    Hit: 2d10+4 damage.
    Miss: Half damage.
    Effect: I enter the rage of the savage juggernaught. Until the rage ends, I gain a power bonus to attack rolls equal to the number of non-minion creatures I have dropped to 0 hp since I entered the rage.

  26. Les Claypool grabs the attack turret, and moves into position to attack the Sergeant!

    1d20(1)+9=10 vs AC 14 [HUMILIATION!]
    Les Claypool falls prone!
    Miss Damage: 2d10(10)(7)+4=21 / 2 = 10 damage. Sgt. Slaughter drops UNCONSCIOUS!

    The Blue Flag is thrown by the DM! The DM chooses what he thinks is an interesting spot in square S5!

  27. Round 4 starts here: http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/02/play-by-post-match-06-round-04.html