Play-by-Post: Match 06 Final Round!


Macho Man starts his turn with his Flesh Rended (Rent?) by a singer who just stole his flag. He makes up for previous failings with a deadly Shillelagh attack!
Dave Matthews is UNCONSCIOUS!
Keith Richard starts his turn with a medpack!, and blows up Sgt. Slaughter and his own groupie, before twisting his dark pack with the rock'n'roll gods to push Kurt Angle in a corner.
Sgt. Slaughter is GIBBED!
Sgt. Slaughter respawns in location 1, leaps across the webs, and fires a rocket at Joey, but the blast goes wide!
Joey stands, and rather than risk the wrath of El Santo, catches his breath.
El Santo starts his turn prone and on an underwater passage entrance, and takes the opportunity to save his flag
Dave Matthew SELF-GIBS, before charging the flying Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle starts his turn with the flag, but dazed.


  1. Final Round, FIGHT!

    Also, just to remind everyone, in case there was confusion: The Goal squares are H-6 and Q-6.

  2. OOC: Wow, yes, that was definitely not where I thought we needed to get the flag! I thought we needed to get it all the way back to B9/X3.

    [@Dave Matthews]
    Don't you raise a hand to me, missy, I'll put you in a figure four leg lock!

    Walk to F7.

    Cast Rune of Mending (Destruction), healing 6 HP and gaining a +2 bonus to damage rolls until end of next turn.

    Smite Dave Matthews with the Divine Rune of Thunder (Destruction) prayer.
    Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +7 vs. AC
    Hit: 1d10+9 damage and an extra +2 force damage. The target is knocked prone and grants combat advantage until end of next turn.
    Miss: If within 4, use Heroic Effort.

    [@Dave Matthews]
    You ever get the thrill of slingin' one of your little music chums against the mat and watchin' their eyes roll back in their head like they're some kind of little freak? You don't know what you're missin', little missy! The back breaker, oh yeah!!!

  3. ... and another +2 to the attack roll due to combat advantage from Dave Matthews' running.

  4. Macho Man heals himself, before moving up to attack the South African flag stealer.
    1d20(20)+7=27 vs AC 17 [CRITICAL HIT!]
    The Dice gods favor the WWF as Macho Man deals 19 damage, and Dave Matthews goes Unconscious!

    The DM uses THROW and sends the flag into the Trench next to Joey and El Santo!

    Keith Richards starts his turn on a backpack, and gets 1d10(7) - Medpack!

  5. Keith Richards takes another swig of rocket fuel, and the darkness in his soul takes over completely. Cackling maniacally, he embraces the evil and revels in the lure of the dark side. "Sorry love, it's the way it 'as to be."

    Move: Rocket Jump to Q1
    Standard: Fire rocket at N5, targeting Slaughter and my groupie.
    Groupie: +10 (8+CA from tower) vs AC 13
    Slaughter: +10 vs AC 9 (14-5 unconscious)
    2d6+6 fire and thunder damage.

    If my groupie drops to zero (she has 6 HP), I'll use Shadow Warp vs Angle to slide him to W9.

    If my groupie is killed outright, I'll use a minor action to summon her again in P2 and give her a kiss.

  6. Shoot, I probably won't have line of sight to N5 from Q1. In that case, I'll fly to P1 and summon my groupie to Q2.

  7. There's blocking terrain between you and Kurt Angle if you're in Q1, so your Shadow Warp won't work. Care to revise?

  8. ok, so this is odd. If you draw a corner from P2 to T6, based solely on the map as-is, it technically gets blocked by the tiny piece of corner wall around Q2. This is, however, a very debatable point, so to make things easier, Brendan has agreed to go to Q3 instead.

    Keith Richards flies across the map, and lines up his rocket launcher:
    Attacking Groupie: 1d20(9)+8=17 vs AC 14 [HIT]
    Attacking Sgt. Slaughter 1d20(18)+10=28 vs AC 9 [HIT]
    Damage: 2d6(6)(6)+6=18 [Ghetto crit!]

    Sgt. Slaughter and the Red-haired groupie EXPLODE in a burst of gore!

    Keith Richards taps into the Shadow Powers of Rock'n'Roll, and shoves the flying Kurt Angle back against the wall!

    Sgt. Slaughter respawns in location 1!

  9. If Sgt. Slaughter picks up a backpack item it will be 1d10(1) - Rocket Launcher

    Also, Randy Savage took 10 damage from STORMHAWK'S VENGENCE when he dropped Dave Matthews!

  10. Run and attempt a jump to get myself to J6 and then make a rocket launcher attack at L8.

  11. A few reminders for everyone:

    When making your post, please be sure to provide all necessary modifiers to any skill checks or attack rolls you'll be making. I don't always have access to the character sheets to look them up for you.

    Second, If the first part of your action requires some skill check or something that may determine whether or not you're able to do the second part of your action, make sure you specify exactly what happens if you do/do not succeed on that check.

    Finally, when making an attack, be sure to verify that you have line of sight to where you're attacking, particularly when there's an altitude difference, else the DM is free to simply make you attack an empty space.

    Basically, this: "Run and attempt a jump to get myself to J6 and then make a rocket launcher attack at L8." is the absolute worst type of post you could have in a FTDM game, and doing it makes me, and any future DM you may have, look for an excuse to gib you.

    Also, I've verified with Ian, that Kurt Angle was at an altitude 1 over the rickety stairs when he was pushed, that puts him at altitude 2 over the fort floor in square W9. Just wanted to make sure there's no confusion. Technically, this means that Les Claypool shouldn't have been able to attack him, but since Kurt's altitude wasn't specified I let Les attack anyway. I'll be specifying the height of all flying creatures in future map updates.

    Now, the attack:

    Sgt. Slaughter attempts to leap across the webbing that the Blue Team laid down: 1d20(17)+12=29 vs. DC 20 [SUCCESS]

    Sgt. Slaughter runs around to the front of the base, and sends a rocket towards Joey in the pit below (I'm changing the final destination square to K6 so that there's line of sight, and assuming that Sgt. Slaughter is firing towards the bottom of the pit)

    Attack: 1d20(6)+8 -2(running) = 12 vs AC 16 [MISS!]

    Joey starts his turn prone, and marked by El Santo!

  12. Joey looks around and sees the enemy flag. He thinks to himself that he might be able to grab it but then looks over to see El Santo next to him. He stands up and looks around. "Security!"


    Move: Stand up
    Standard: Second Wind
    Minor/Free??: Pray to Avandra and close my eyes lols

  13. Joey hops to his feet, and trusts in his team's lead to save him.

    Joey heals, bringing him to 12 HP!

    El Santo starts the turn on his back with a freshly healed drummer next to him, and standing on the tunnel entrance!

    Map update will happen momentarily

  14. Nothing fancy this time, sorry folks!

    Move: Stand Up
    Standard->Move: move L10 to return the flag, and back to M10. (I don't draw OA's due to mask of the spy)

  15. El Santo stands and returns the flag to his base.

    Dave Matthew self gibs and spawns in location 2!

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86UnhZl2LSs&feature=related

    Dave appears in a foggy burst of smoke in the back of his base. "Well that's weak stuff man. You're pretty righteous though." He tumbles over towards the flying patriot. "Go ahead and dream, go ahead believe that you're the chosen one. THIS IS THE LAST STOP!" With a burst of energy he cracks the whip strings of his guitar flail upward and the strings explode with shadow high above his head, shocking and surprising the mightiest of all pixie-kind.

    Move Action: Run to W8 (passing through backpack).
    Standard Action: Spirit Flay on Kurt Angle (REACH 2 WEAPON!) +6 vs Reflex (includes -2 for run) (use heroic effort if within range): 1d10 + 7 necrotic and psychic damage on hit and target is dazed until the end of my next turn. Effect: I gain partial concealment until the end of my next turn.
    If I bloody the pixie man,
    No Action: RUTHLESS DEMONSTRATION Enemies that can see me take a -2 to attack rolls against my until I am hit by an attack or end of encounter.

    1. and you made it all possible by killing me. OOOOOOH YAAAAAAH!

    2. Also I have CA since he's carrying flag, so another +2. :D

  17. Dave Matthews grabs 1d10(3) - Attack Turret

    Dave attempts to Flay Kurt's Spirit:
    1d20(15)+9=24 vs Ref 14 [HIT]

    Kurt takes 1d10(6)+7=13 damage

    Kurt Angle is down to 20 HP, and is dazed!

    Kurt Angle starts the turn with the flag in possession, but dazed!

    Map update will occur momentarily

  18. Kurt will run to P6, because he can, why not.

  19. Les Claypool stands up, dusts himself off, and bows to the roaring crowd.

    "Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure."

    With that, the bass phenom transforms to reveal his true form, a gargantuan Japanese robot.



    Move Action: Stand up

    Free Action: Win



    *cues Final Fantasy Victory Music*


  21. I've been humming the FF victory music so often (for little reason) that my 3-yr-old is now doing it when successful at something.