Halls of Victory

GenCon 2012 - Team Moose Hockey Maple Syrup Eh?
Marc Talbot, Derek Myers, Riley Marks, Dan White

Baltimore FTDM June 2012

Larry Hollis, Lisa Stone, Doug

Baltimore FTDM Jan 2012 - Team Voltron
Matt Surber, Jon Paul Mclaughlin, Sean O'Connor, Karl Zahn

Baltimore FTDM 2011 - Team Awesome

Matt Surber, Jon Paul Mclaughlin, Sean O'Connor

GenCon 2011 - Team Cellar Dwellers

Julie Slabaugh, Neil Slabaugh, Ken Kerkhof, Jason Harshman

Live Event Tools/Downloads
The following is a haphazard collection of documents we've used to help promote and run the live events.

* Baltimore FTDM 2011 Tournament Flyer
* GenCon FTDM 2011 Tournament Poster-size Ladder Display
* Dungeoneers Stat Tents
* Quick Reference Ladder Bracket for Variable Numbers of Teams

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