Play--by-Post Match 10: Round 3 E7M1 Danger Room

With most of her enemies and allies unconscious, what does the now-cajun seasoned Wonder Woman do?  Destroy Deadpool, of course!
Longshot reappears, the luck of the gene-pool favoring him AGAIN.  What mayhem will he create this time?  He's the greatest show on TV, PG-13...where no one ever dies!  130 points of damage spread out and he still cannot bring his team even!
J'onn, you wake up with a pounding headache!  But only one foe on the board! Wow, Martian shoulders just aren't what they used to be...
Omega Red...redeems himself, with a killing spree!  Game not tied yet, though!  
Nightcrawler seems to have discovered the Iron Bands of Cyttorak, A Bamf-ing Juggernaut is a dangerous thing!  
No doubt Batman wants revenge on Nightcrawler, sporting a stare that kills! 
Straight from the frozen fortress of Solitude...comes Jor-the Iceman-El!   
Deadpools plans to send Wonder Woman to the great beyond are foiled, he is trapped under ice!
Rejoining the action, the Cannonball Colossus spawns at location 2, bowling Superman into Batman, and knocking him into oblivion!
Green Arrow, take us to the dndnext round!

Play-by-Post: Match 09 Round 06 PINBALL WIZARD


Dungeon Oracle Interview

The Overlord at Dungeon Oracle sat down with one of the FTDM Dungeon Masters to discuss, among other things, the place for competition in Dungeons & Dragons. Naturally, Fourthcore Team Deathmatch was mentioned.

Worth a listen if you've got the time!


Play-by-Post: Match 09 Round 05 PINBALL WIZARD

Bob McKenzie, The Master, Celine Dion, The Doctor, Last Centurion, Jack Harkness, William Shatner, Alex Trebek


Play--by-Post Match 10: Round 2 E7M1 Danger Room

Wonder Woman spawns again, goes Berserk!  Omega Red is slashed to pieces...and so is Deadpool, but Deadpool gets the last laugh!  He purposely falls onto Dianas body, in a VERY COMPROMISING POSITION.
What a match!...Longshot, YOUR BEING UPSTAGED BY A GIRL!
The Master Of Magnetism clears the board, starts chanting his own name...but on replay, he used an illegal move!  Penalty box for Longshot!
...a new Phoenix arrives...in the form of Martian Manhunter!  He heals, he deals....and summons a voidsoul pit to engulf Longshot!  It's Super Effective!
Omega Red spawns, a tornado at his back...whom does unleash hell upon? Answer:  NO ONE.  GIBBED FOR DELAYING!
Nightcrawler finds himself all alone by a control panel...teleporting around, and finishes off the Green Arrow...for now!
Batman just can't seem to kick that southern accent....and misses with his batarang! 
Superman, are you fast enough to catch the bamf!-ing Nightcrawler? Fast enough to hit, not strong enough to stop!
Deadpool, its ice to see you!
Cannonball appears again, practically invincible as the JUGGERBALL!  He swats at the Flying bat up high, bringing him down a peg... 
Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) is summoned back to the arena, his arrows marked with tiny scythes, as the new archangel of death!  Death to Juggerballs, it seems! 

As the Hazards continue to go off...Gas Canisters drop from the ceiling, and everyone is invited to a Saturday Night Slumber Party!  

No dancing at this party, only soft sound of gas and the shallowed breathing of everyone save Nightcrawler



Play--by-Post Match 10: Round 1 E7M1 Danger Room

The Justice League wins initiative!  

Wonder Woman appears at spawn point #1, wearing the Iron Arms bands of Cyttorak!  Diana has become the amazonian JUGGERNAUT!  
Longshot spawns at location #2, doesn't need any luck, and drops the Amazonian Juggernaut on the first date!
The Martian Manhunter spawns at location 2 next, rushing to Diana's aid...bringing her back from the brink of doom!
The Maniac Omega Red appears, clad in carbonadium; bringing nothing but pain to the Justice Leaguers...
Nightcrawler appears, the powers of Nathaniel Summers coursing through his veins...the uncontrolled power unleashing the legacy virus unto himself!
Batman appears under cloak of darkness at location 2, can he stop the tyrannical Omega Red
Superman, the man of steel, the RED SON, flies in to save the day!  
But just to complicate matters...Deadpool appears...the only man that can punch you in the back of the face!
Cannonball goes BOOM!  
To end the Round, Green Arrow fires away at Deadpool, who responds in kind...with a grenade of infernal wrath!  

The terrible master of this room reveals himself, and a Shi'ar Deathtrap appears, threatening Deadpool!  He always has to be the center of attention, doesn't he?

THUS ENDS THE FIRST ROUND OF MATCH 10!  eXiles 0, Justice League 2! 


Play-by-Post: Match 09 Round 04 PINBALL WIZARD

Bob McKenzie, The Master, Celine Dion, The Doctor, Last Centurion, Jack Harkness, William Shatner, Alex Trebek