Play--by-Post Match 10: Round 2 E7M1 Danger Room

Wonder Woman spawns again, goes Berserk!  Omega Red is slashed to pieces...and so is Deadpool, but Deadpool gets the last laugh!  He purposely falls onto Dianas body, in a VERY COMPROMISING POSITION.
What a match!...Longshot, YOUR BEING UPSTAGED BY A GIRL!
The Master Of Magnetism clears the board, starts chanting his own name...but on replay, he used an illegal move!  Penalty box for Longshot!
...a new Phoenix arrives...in the form of Martian Manhunter!  He heals, he deals....and summons a voidsoul pit to engulf Longshot!  It's Super Effective!
Omega Red spawns, a tornado at his back...whom does unleash hell upon? Answer:  NO ONE.  GIBBED FOR DELAYING!
Nightcrawler finds himself all alone by a control panel...teleporting around, and finishes off the Green Arrow...for now!
Batman just can't seem to kick that southern accent....and misses with his batarang! 
Superman, are you fast enough to catch the bamf!-ing Nightcrawler? Fast enough to hit, not strong enough to stop!
Deadpool, its ice to see you!
Cannonball appears again, practically invincible as the JUGGERBALL!  He swats at the Flying bat up high, bringing him down a peg... 
Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) is summoned back to the arena, his arrows marked with tiny scythes, as the new archangel of death!  Death to Juggerballs, it seems! 

As the Hazards continue to go off...Gas Canisters drop from the ceiling, and everyone is invited to a Saturday Night Slumber Party!  

No dancing at this party, only soft sound of gas and the shallowed breathing of everyone save Nightcrawler


  1. Wonder Spawns, this time with the wolverine x-gene...healing and berserker barrage! What a place for it!

  2. Schnikkt! a maddening rage takes over Diana. She somehow feels like she knows the two punks facing her. She looks over at Superman "I've got this one bub?"

    Spawn: with Aspect of Charging Ram Stance Activated
    Standard: Berserker Rage! E10-E11-E12-E11-E12-E11-E12-E11-E12
    Melee Basic Attacks = +8 vs AC D10 + 7 (with Axe expertise I will re-roll any damage rolls from 1-3 I will do this for all damage rolls from now on)

    If Omega Drops before the final 2 moves please change them to G12-G11
    If Deadpool is alive by my final attack please use heroic effort if necessary and power attack on hit. If he is still alive please use dual weapon attack.

    Move: to I7 (I should be able to get there no matter where I end up)

    If I have activated killing spree
    Action Point:
    Charge: Cannonball attack +9 vs AC d10+9+knocked prone using heroic effort if available and necessary using power attack and dual weapon attack on hit if available.

    1. OOC: Tell me Gingerbeard Man, what happens when an unstoppable object meets a unmovable force?

      This is a bit crazy, we'll handle it as such:
      First move: (8)+8 vs Omega's AC 16: Hit for 15, Omega at -4
      (6)+8 vs Deads AC 20...miss

      Second Move: (5)+8+2 CA vs AC 16-5=11, hit for (10)+7 17 damage..Omega Red is GIBBED!
      (16)+8 vs Deadpools AC 20..hit for (6)+7=13 damage...DP at 11

      Third Move: (9)+8=17..miss
      Fourth Move: (2)+8=10...miss
      Fifth Move: (17)+8=25..hit for (4)+7=11 damage. Deadpool at 0...Dark Phoenix goes off....10 fire and psychic damage to all w/i 5 squares....so EVERYONE! WW at 16 (most important right now). WW takes 10 thunder from stormhawk's vengeance...at 6 hp. Deadpool back to 15 hp.

      Sixth Move: (15)+8=23 vs AC 20..hit for (9)+7=16 damage. Deadpool goes down again. WW takes ANOTHER 10 damage from Stormhawks (HE IS A TERRIFYING PHEONIX, ISN'T HE?)..she goes down to -4! Deadpool at -1!


      Killing Spree gained, no charge vs Cannonball, you went under first! Great turn! WW unconscious at G12. Better be careful, thats in the middle of the Shi'ar deathtrap!

      HP updated!

      Longshots turn! Can his powers of magnetism take the Man of Steel down? 3 hp and hanging on like a BOSS!

    2. OOC: BEST....TURN....EVER! I love FTDM.

    3. Some Clerical Errors, Green Arrow was supposed to be further away, so he is the only one to escape the Pheonix's fire...map updated. Let's do this trent!

      Also, thanks Joe, that means alot!

    4. When Deadpool sees Wonder Woman charging, he pulls out his ESP missile launcher (some weapons manufactures don't know how to spell EMP). "Hey Wonder Bra, eat..." but as he's getting ready to shoot, Wonder Woman knocks him unconscious. Of course the hair trigger shoots the rocket at the ground causing a very big boom (Dark Phoenix). The explosion launches Deadpool into the ceiling light and causing a very large shock. He lands on his feet looking about as wired and jittery as if he'd just gulped 15 espressos in 5 minutes. "Hey, I wanted to see that explosion," he says as he throws the rocket launcher at Wonder Woman (Storm Hawk's vengeance).

      The deadman's trigger explodes the rest of the C4 on his back when Wonder Woman hits him again (Storm Hawk's vengeance).

      Technical note: Shouldn't Longshot be at 8 hp (down to 12 from fastball, up to 18 from heal, down to 8 from dark phoenix)?

  3. "Wow, I guess I won't be hitting on that chick anymore...NEVER UPSTAGE A PROFESSIONAL, LADY!" Longhshot raises his hands, his eye starts to glow, and he yells "Superheroes? Try SuperZEROS!"

    Standard Action: Master of Magnetism vs everyone save for Green Arrow (you lucky bastard...)
    Elven accuracy on anyone I miss...except my allies...if I can use it to "help" miss them I will...but hitting enemies is top priority!

    If i hit: Slide Superman to G12-13 (front)
    Batman to G11...
    Cannonball to B7...
    Nightcrawler to A6...
    If I hit WW and/or Deadpool, I just assume they GIBB...so nevermind that!

    then Move to H8--move action.

    then spend an AP to recharge Magnetism powers and go again!


    1. Tech:
      God, what have I done?!

      Master of Magnetism goes as follows:
      (6)+8 vs Supermans Reflex 12..hit! 16-5=11 damage..Kent is at 0!
      (6)+8 vs Batmans Reflex 17...misss! Elven accuracy (18)+8..hit for (1+2+3)=6 damage! Batman at 5 hp and slid to G11!
      (2)+8 vs Nightcrawlers Ref 14..miss
      (5)+8 vs Cannonballs Ref 12..hit! for (9+6+7)=22 damage! Cannonball is @ -4 hp and slid to B7!
      (5)+8 vs WW Ref 17-5=12 (helpless)..hit! 30 damage and GIBBED!
      (3)+8 vs Deadpools Ref 13-5=8...hit! 30 damage and GIBBED!

      Move to H8...easy

      Action Point! Master of Magnestism AGAIN!
      (5)=8 vs GA's Ref 13..hit! for 17 damage! GA @ -5 hp...KILLING SPREE ACTIVATED!
      (18)+8=26 vs Supermans 12...hit! for 22-5=17 damage! The Daily Planet headline: SUPERMAN IS DEAD!
      (3)+8=11 vs Batmans Ref 17..miss! The Bat survives!

      There is no crowd save for Sinister....and he smiles devilshly! Can you survive another round longshot? Who else is this lucky!?!?

      And yes kurt, he's at 8 hp...I really have to get my shit together! Forgot that he didn't take force damage from gambit/batman.


    An another note, when did Nightcrawler take damage?? I know I'll get hit with the Legacy Virus on my turn, but other than that I've read through the posts and aside from Long-Shot's show-boating craziness (:D) directly above me, I've not been targeted once!

    1. Deadpools Phoenix Rising power...you were w/i 5. Thats 10 fire and psychic damage.

    2. OK, your DM is a fuck-up. No 2nd master of magnetism on this turn...sustaining starts in Rd3! As per email, Longshot uses his remaining actions to drop oath of enmity on batman, then use angelic alacrity....Shifts 2 to E11,and attacks!
      (5) &(16)+7 vs AC 17... Hit! For (7+8)+6=21 damage! batman is at -16! Batman is GIBBED! Killing spree re-activated, but obviously cannot be used here.

      Instead of Superman going down, batman takes his place. Score remains the same! Green Arrow is up, superman at 0 hp,

      J'onn, it's your turn finally! Sorry for the mistake guys.

  5. J'onn Green spawns at location 3...the phoenix card is back in play!

  6. The Shapeshifting pheonix spawns on the board, and locks eyes with the only standing enemy in the battlefield, before looking down at his sword in frustration.

    Darting across the Arena, J'onn sends a song of healing into Superman, before moving back to the console and flipping switches randomly.

    Move to I11
    Minor: Heal Superman, HS+1d6
    Move to M8
    Action Point: Terrain Effect, centered on E11 (because why not?)

    1. The second I posted this, I am immediately regretting it.


    2. Superman is healed for 8+(3)=11 hp, currently prone.

      AP: Terrain effect!
      (4)= Voidsoul Pit!
      As the ground opens up under Longshots feet, did he even notice? Saving throw to avoid the pit (1)! Longshot is GIBBED!

      Down goes the Superstar!

      Omega Red spawns at location 1...the power of STORM under his control..he gains "queen of the wind" and the lightning strike ability...go to it!

    3. *ahem* I totally knew that was going to happen. I don't know why you fools doubted me.


    4. Sure you did Gob, sure you did. где омега красный?

  7. Omega Red has delayed the game! Unable to control his lightning powers, Omega BLOWS UP! YOU ARE GIBBED! The eXiles have lost the lead! Tie game!

    And, as a reminder to you all, a random hazard goes off!

    (3+1)=4, (9+1)=13 in J4....(11)= piston platform! Only Green Arrow is effected..taking (6+1+2+6)=15 damage. Green Arrow is at -3 hp!

    Nightcrawler, you are visible again...take it away! Map updates coming soon.

  8. OOC: According to the Vanishing Blade power I am Invisible until the end of my next turn, meaning I am still invisibile this turn!

    Nightcrawler surveys the field looking at which foes should fall next while still hidden from the melee. Seeing an enlarged and perhaps gaudy man dressed all in reds and blues, Nightcrawler smiles, "Mein Gott mein Herr, you vill fall like ze rest!"

    Move: Fey Step to G11
    As per feat: Free MBA vs Superman (+5 vs AC, +7 vs AC with CA due to invisibility, 1d8+2 damage)
    As per Vanishing Blade, UOTE after a successful melee attack I can teleport 3 squares as a Free Action - Teleport to K9

    Standard: CHARGE! from K9 vs Green Arrow with Arcane Lance (+5 vs Reflex, +7 vs Reflex with CA due to invisibility, 1d8 Thunder damage and the target is Slowed until the end of my next turn)

    1. What, no double hazard dropping from kurt? Damn!

      MBA vs Superman:
      (14)+7=21 vs AC 17..hit! for (1)+2-5=0 damage (that tickled!)

      Teleport to J9...K9 is 4 squares away..you can still charge from J9-->J6. If that doesnt work for you, let me know!

      Arcane Lance vs the pistoned prone Green Arrow:
      (13)+7=20 vs Ref 13-5(unconscious)=hit! Green Arrow is GIBBED! Justice League has lost the lead!

      Batman respawns hovering over location 4...this time with a DIFFERENT southern accent, Suga! He gains the powers of Rogue: Resist 5 all; a fly speed of 6 (hover) and the Power absorption ability...and yes, before you ask, if you steal their x-gene card, it recharges automatically!

  9. Come on, pretty boy… make a bat feel welcome.


    Move: Ambush Trick
    Fly to 5 squares above G8 and gain CA against enemies within 5 not adjacent to their allies (EOT)

    Minor: Predatory Eye
    +1d6 damage on next attack vs enemy granting CA

    Standard: RBA vs Nightcrawler
    +10 vs AC 19
    Free: Backstab
    for a +3 to attack role and +1d6 damage
    =+13 vs AC 19
    Hit: 5d6+7 (sneak attack, backstab, predatory eye)

    1. Oh, Rogue-man, I am so sorry!

      Also, as it wasn't mentioned beforehand, the ceiliing is 25 ft high. You sit 4 squares above the floor, technically in reach of anyone holding the Colossus gene. Luckily, he's on your side!

      RBA(batarang) vs nightcrawler:
      (2)+13=15 vs AC 19!....MISS....roll a two, drink the hooch! My dice seem to have something against southern accents...if only you were a human bat, and not a bugbat!

      Kal-El, your turn is now! Is the man of steel truly invincible? He hasn't fallen yet!
      Starting in the Shi'ar death trap, superman takes 8-5=3 damage...he is at 8 hp to start his turn!

  10. "Hmm, a little pest still clinging on, I see?"


    Charge attack VS Nightcrawler: +7 VS AC, 1d12+2 dmg; brutal 2. I f miss then use Heroic Effort

    1. Tech:
      (8)+7=15..misss...but heroic effort +4=19...hit! for (3)+2=5 damage...nightcrawler at 9 hp.

      you'd think the man of steel could hit harder than that...

      With that, the return of DEADPOOL at location 1...and someone filled his pockets with icecubes! He gains heart of ice and the ice walk ability.

  11. Fluff:
    “Hey DeuceDM, it’s ice to see you too.” Deadpool says to the voices in his head as he pulls himself together… with only a head, torso and left still connected… but hey that’s what regeneration is for. “Hey Exiles, stay frosty, ‘cause this time my card says I’m Frosty the Killer Snowman.”

    Deadpool skates a little too close to Superman and the voices in his head are forced to mark him down to only a 3.8, 4.3 and 3.5 (even though he landed the triple lutz). “Batboy, Superfreak, Marvin the Martian, hey you all made the nice list… Santa sent me to give you presents of hot lead and cold steal.” Deadpool says as he shoves a very cold katana into the man of steal.

    Move: Ice Bridge to J7. If Superman hit’s me, he takes 1d6+5 from Hellish Rebuke.

    Standard: Valorous Smite vs. Superman. +9 (because he should be bloody) vs. AC (17). On a hit 2d8+10 (extra 5 is cold) damage, immobilized (save ends) and all enemies within 3 are under my divine sanctum until the end of my next turn (I believe this will catch Batman).

    Minor: Divine Challenge on Superman (unless he’s gibbed).

    Free: Do another pirouette on this awesome sheet of ice.

    1. Tech:
      OA from Superman:
      (12)+6=18 vs AC 20..miss!

      Valourous Smite vs Superman:
      (19)+9=28 vs AC 17...hit! for (3+2)+10=15-5=10 damage...Superman is @ -2! He was built to tank everything but Kryptonite!

      Germany (9.4), USA (9.5), Russia (9.4), France (8.8)

    2. "Damn you French judge." Deadpool says at the non-existent panel before he unloads a gun at the wall.

  12. Also, Superman has been divine challenged, and so is J'onn. Batman is squares up, so he is safe from that...

    Cannonball self-gibs (unless he DOESN'T want too)...the eXiles have lost the lead!...tie game!

    ...spawns at location 4...wearing the IRON BANDS OF CYTTORAK! He is the JUGGERBALL!

  13. OOC: "JUGGERBALL" Sooo.... wrong..... (Turns head and coughs).

  14. Appearing in a flash of ruby energy, something seems wrong. Cannonball was never this size. Cannonball was never this strong. Cannonball was never this INVULNERABLE!!!!

    "You must not know who I am..." His voice booms with the thunder of rage.

    Bounding across the battlefield, this blasting Juggernaut swats upward at the puny fly hovering above him trying to swat the obnoxious floating bat to the ground. "Don't you know how I am, puny fly?! You must not know who I am. Come here so I can tell you!"


    move action: Move so left top corner of this Cannonball/Juggernaut is on square E8 (avoiding hazards it is doable)

    standard action: Thorn Strike on Batman (melee 2 and with my height I think I can reach him), +7 vs. AC, 1d10+12 damage and target is pulled to square F8 and adjacent to me (that would be directly above me).

    free action: mark both Superman and Batman (i'd prefer to not mark Superman, but I'm not sure if I can choose to exclude him from my mark given the wording on the Nature's Wrath class feature)

    1. Tech:
      Juggerball bounds towards the bat, hops and uses thorn whip:
      Juggernaut doesn't have reach, but the power does! With a short vertical leap as he whips at Batman (Athletics (4)+9=13/5=2 extra squares he could reach....Juggerball ends his movement in F8, having to subtract that one jumping square from his total movement.

      Thorn Strike:
      (17)+7=24 vs AC 17..hit! for (8)+12=20 damage and pulled down a 1 square (now sitting 4 above the ground instead of 5). Not grabbed, hovering in space! Batman @ 6 hp and bloodied!

  15. Green Arrow, sporting the wings of the angel of death, as Wade Worthington III appears in location 2...you aren't in the voidsoul pit, JUST on the edge...be careful!

    Map update later tonight.

  16. "This look is a bit more like it now." Oliver attempts to survey the field, but other than Batman flying up in the sky, a large, hulking creature blocks his field of view.

    "Hey Br..Batman! Gimme a hand with the ugly one here, will ya?" His yelling draws the attention of the giant in front of him, who swings out at him with a fist. But GA is ready, and with a quick movement has Juggerball's hand trapped inside of a bow! Using the giant's momentum against itself, he swings it around and into the pit. As it flips around, it launches GA into the air, who uses his wings to flip himself around safely to the other side of the void.

    Minor: Inspiring Word on Batman - HS +1d6

    Move: Techno-organic Wings to D13, drawing an OA from Juggerball

    Standard: Lamb to the Slaughter on Juggerball
    +9 (+4 Heroic Effort if needed) vs Will 14
    Pull him 5 squares right into the void
    If he saves against going into the void, Batman can choose to charge him.

    1. Tech:
      Inspiring word on Bats 6+(5)=11 hp...Batman @ 17 hp!

      Lamb to the slaughter vs Juggerball:
      (7)+9=16 vs Will 14..hit!...Juggerball is pulled towards the voidsoul pit
      ...save to avoid falling: (5)! The Juggerball is sucked in and is GIBBED! The eXiles have lost the lead!

      No charge, DM's turn!

  17. DM's Turn:

    Hazard location:
    (2)+1=3; (6)=1=7...location G3
    Hazard roll: (10)! knockout gas! Everyone on the board must make a save or be knocked unconscious until the start of their turn!
    In order of init:
    J'onn: (1)!= unconscious and prone! (You would contract LV, but I left saves out of the rules...will be fixed next time!)
    Nightcrawler: (17)! safe!
    Batman: (6)! Unconscious...falls from the sky, your 3sq up, so 1d10=(8)-5=3 damage and prone! Batman @ 14 hp!
    Deadpool: (2)! Unconscious and prone!
    Green Arrow: (4)! Unconscious and prone!

    Its a Saturday Night Slumber Party...and everyone but Nightcrawler was invited!