Play-by-Post: Match 09 Round 05 PINBALL WIZARD

Bob McKenzie, The Master, Celine Dion, The Doctor, Last Centurion, Jack Harkness, William Shatner, Alex Trebek

The Eh Team is keeping up their lead, but this race is neck and neck! A tight match by teams with just amazing skills at setting up and executing devastating combinations. Can we see a repeat quadruple kill this round like we did at the start of Round 04?


  1. Bob Respawns with a push (2)+(6)!

    Let's see if he can pull off the incredible bloodshed seen at the start of the previous round!

  2. plunge to H7 - combo shot Bob to J10, Celine to I6 (combo 2 with Trebek)
    Combo 2 - Celine to F6 Trebek to I4 (10 damage for everyone)
    Standard and Minor actions - magic missile at Jack(2 of them if one isn't enough) If he is dead, remaining missile(s) will target the Centurion.
    Move action - Void soul assumption.

    1. It has been brought to my attention that Celine sliding to F6 isn't legal, so I'll slide her to F9.

  3. Once again, Bob McKenzie wipes the board clean with a rain of magic missiles! Get psyched, a team has just entered DOUBLE DIGITS DEATHS!!!

    The Master appears out of the carnage to wreak havoc on this target-rich environment!


    Celine Dion is up and at'em!

  5. Banshee looks around disappointedly. "Where did all my fans go? I love them all so much!"

    The horrible creature sings to herself in an attempt to lift her spirits and then returns sulking to her dressing room.

    drain to F10, triggering bumper.

    bumper push to G7.

    Standard Action: howling wall vs. myself
    +6 vs. fort
    Hit: slide myself to H4

    Move Action: magic missle the darkness

    Minor Action: void assumption

    1. Celine dances gracefully across the pinball map ....

      (17)+6 vs. Fortitude 11 -5; HIT!

      The Doctor is with a push (2)+(3)!

  6. Fluff:
    The Doctor presents his psychic paper to Mr. Shatner and says “Mr. Shatner, we need another Priceline Negotiator commercial. We need you to move over there and do another one of you karate chops… No not in the face. Mr. Trebek will you help Mr. Shatner out?”

    Plunger to E7

    Drain: D8->D9->bumper. Bumper to B7

    Standard: Charm of misplace wraith vs. Mr. Shatner (if I got the name wrong, then it’s whatever the name my encounter power happens to have). +6 vs. Will (15), Heroic effort if necessary. On a hit he’s dazed and slide 6 E2->E3->D4->D5->C6->B7 which is into the Doctor for a combo (1)
    1. Mr. Shatner D7->the blocking terrain that is E6. The Doctor to the bumper (2)
    2. The Doctor C7->D7 which is into Mr. Shatner for a combo (3)
    3. Mr. Shatner E7->F7. The Doctor B6->bumper (4)
    4. The Doctor C5->D4.
    Effect: Mr. Shatner does a karate chop against himself with a +2 damage.

    Move: Move the Temporal Storm so the center is in H4

    Minor: Sustain the Temporal Storm and shift Mr. Trebek to H6.

  7. The Doctor, always a consummate manipulator of frictionless billiards, bounces around the area by forcing Shatner to charge into him, matador-style!

    (5)+6 +4 {heroic effort} vs. Will 15; HIT!
    (8)+0 vs. AC 15; MISS!

    The Centurion is up, ready to follow in the Doctor's path and cause some bloodshed!

    1. With a Push (6)+(6)!


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Shouldn't I be in D4 not B4? I'm blaming jet lag or a lack of caffeine for not thinking straight if I missed something. Also, the red zone, besides being for loading and unloading of passengers only, should be centered at G3. The blue zone, for shuttles and buses only, should be centered at H4.

  8. The Lone Centurion, Rory, tight-lipped as never before, arrives back on the scene. He plunges north, bounces off the habitrail wire right into the midst of the enemy.

    "This is English courage," he states in a horrible impression of Costner trying to do a horrible impression of an Englishman, then swings his axe in a vicious circle pushing back his enemies! A second swing! A third! Mayhem!

    Plunger: to I-4, activating Drop Target
    Drain: to G-6 (stopped by Stand Your Ground)
    Minor: Healing Word on himself (no healing, but a +2 to attack UENT)
    Minor: Tyrant's Rage - push Shatner to G-8, push Trebek to I-7
    Standard: Savage Reach against Shatner
      • Attack: +12 vs AC 15 (+8, +2 HW, +2 CA from dazed)
      • Hit: 1d10 (reroll first 1) +5 damage, slide Shatner to F-10, stopped in G-9 by bumper.
    Bumper 1: Push Shatner to I-9.

    If I hit Shatner:
    Standard: Savage Reach against Trebek
      • Attack: +10 vs AC 15 (+8, +2 HW)
      • Hit: 1d10 (reroll first 1) +5 damage, slide Trebek to G-6, stopped in H-7 by Centurion. Trigger Combo Shot 1.
    Combo Shot 1: Centurion to E-7. Trebek to I-9, stopped in H-8 by Shatner, triggering Combo Shot 2.
    Combo Shot 2: Shatner to I-11. Trebek to F-10, stopped in G-9 by bumper.
    Bumper 2: Push Trebek to I-11, stopped by Shatner in H-10, triggering Combo Shot 3.
    Combo Shot 3: Shatner to J-12. Trebek to F-12.

    If I miss Shatner:
    Standard: Savage Reach against Shatner
      • Attack: +12 vs AC 15 (+8, +2 HW, +2 CA from dazed)
      • Hit: 1d10 (reroll first 1) +5 damage, slide Shatner to G-6, stopped in F-7 by Centurion, triggering Combo Shot 4.
    Combo Shot 4: Shatner to H-9. Centurion to I-7, stopped in H-6 by Trebek, triggering Combo Shot 5.
    Combo Shot 5: Centurion to G-7, stopped by Stand Your Ground. Trebek to H-9, stopped by Shatner in H-8, triggering Combo Shot 6.
    Combo Shot 6: Shatner to I-11. Trebek to G-7, stopped by Centurion in H-8, triggering Combo Shot 7.
    Combo Shot 7: Centurion to E-7. Trebek to F-10, stopped by bumper in G-9.
    Bumper 3: Trebek to I-11, stopped by Shatner in H-10, triggering Combo Shot 8.
    Combo Shot 8: Shatner to J-12. Trebek to F-12.

    If I ever crit, the MBA goes to whoever has less HP.

  9. Shatner and Trebek get a taste of hyperdimensional lead with the Drop Target zapping them both down to 13 HP.

    Savage Reach: (13)+8+2+2 vs. AC 15; HIT!
    for (9)+5 damage! Shatner is dropped like the second season of TJ Hooker.

    The game is mine, Trebek!"

    Centurion: Please post your pull 5 at your convenience!

    1. Aw, geez. That wasn't in the plan.

      Humiliation: Pull to F-10, stopped in G-9 by the bumper.
      Bumper: Push to I-7, stopped in H-8 by Trebek, triggering Combo Shot.
      Combo Shot: Centurion to F-7, Trebek to J-5, stopped in I-6 by the wall.

  10. Heading into the home stretch with Jack Harkness and a push (1)+(4)!

    1. Cuttin' it pretty close on time here ...

  11. Ian already left for work, so real comment coming up right soon. The gist is, Jack to Drop Target, MBA vs Trebek. I'll explain how after these short messages!

    1. Per copious emails:

      Jack sidles up to the mysteriously standing unconscious Shatner and taps him on the chest. "Hello? Huh, no intelligent life here."

      He swaggers up to Rory and Alex Trebek. Stepping lightly back and forth between the two to gain speed, Jack rockets north, then fires his square-gun at Trebek!

      Plunger: to H-7, missing Shatner.
      Drain: to I-9, stopped in H-8 by Shatner, triggering Combo Shot 1.
      Combo Shot 1: Shatner to J-11. Jack to F-7, stopped in G-7 by Centurion, triggering Combo Shot 2.
      Combo Shot 2: Centurion to D-5, stopped in F-7 by wall. Jack to I-6, stopped in H-6 by Trebek, triggering Combo Shot 3.
      Combo Shot 3: Trebek to J-6, stopped by the wall in I-6. Jack to F-7, stopped in G-6 by Centurion, triggering Combo Shot 4.
      Combo Shot 4: Centurion to E-7, stopped by Stand Your Ground. Jack to I-4, triggering Drop Target.


      Standard: MBA against Trebek.
        • Attack: +7 vs AC 15
        • Hit: 2d4+5 damage, no teleport this time

    2. Sho' nuff!

      The Drop Target wrecks the opposition, killing off Shatner and badly bloodying Trebek. Very close to knocking out the Moustached Mastermind, but the Elven blades fall flat!

      (5)+7 vs. AC 15; MISS!

      Shatner respawns with, exciting! a push (6)+(6)! Boxcars!

  12. Boldly going where no man has gone before Shatner bounds off the plunger.

    Respawn: Plunge to I1
    Drain: F4 triggering Extra Ball - respawn Alex Trebek
    Standard: Howling Wind F4 to B4
    Hit on Shatner: Slide E4-E3-D4 stopping in E3 and triggering Combo Shot
    Hit on the Doctor (just leave him where he is)
    Combo Shot: Push Shatner to F1 triggering drop target
    Push the Doctor to D6
    Minor: Wizard's Fury Magic Missile the Doctor

    1. Howling Wall vs. Shatner: (2)+6 vs. Fortitude 11 -5; HIT!
      Roll a 2, drink the hooch!

      All three Who's are bloodied by the vicious Drop Target attack, and then the Doctor is dropped unconscious by a magic missile! Classis D&D right there for ya.

      Trebek gets Respawn'ed by the Extra Ball for a push (5)+(1)!

    2. Wait, the who team should have been at full hp, so shouldn't the Doctor be at 7, Centurion be at 17, and Jack at 19?

    3. Correct! No one is dying.

      <-- embarressed

  13. "Let's move right into Quintuple Jeopardy. I don't think we've ever had this many rounds in one game."

    "For 10 bazillion points, I'll toss you a confidence booster. This battle in the War of 1812, considered the greatest American land victory of the war, actually happened after the peace treaty was signed."

    "And question is: What is the Battle of New Orleans.


    Drain: to I9
    Standard: Howling Wall vs Trebek and Jack
    +6 vs Fort, use Heroic Effort if I need to hit Jack

    If I hit both targets

    Slide Trebek to H6
    Slide Jack to H6, stopping in I6, triggering Combo Shot.

    Combo Shot: Push Trebek to F5, no legal move for Jack

    Minor: Sustain the Whirlwind and slide Trebek to the Drop Target.
    Minor: Slide Shatner off then on the other Drop Target

    If I miss Jack

    Howling Wall Trebek to I6.

    Minor: Whilrwind slide Shatner on then off the Drop Target
    Minor: Whirlwind slide Jack to G6.

  14. Howling Wall vs. Trebek: (16)+6 vs. Fortitude 12 -5; HIT!
    Howling Wall vs. Jack: (14)+6 vs. Fortitude 12; HIT!

    Good thing Kurt caught my prvious HP flub, he's going to need it with an unstoppable 20 damage rolling his way!

    The Doctor is GIBBED!!!
    The Centurion is dropped at -2 HP!
    Jack is dropped is dropped at -1 HP!

    SLAM TILT!!!
    Slide everyone on the map up to 2 squares.

  15. Slide Jack to I8.
    Slide Centurion to G9.
    Slide Trebek to I6.

    Also, activate Shadow Warp (triggers on dropping someone to zero) to slide Centurion another 3, onto the plunger.

  16. I'll assume the Centurion resists your slide as much as he can, slowing himself down by 2 squares due to 2 different effects.


    The battle continues in our FINAL ROUND: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2012/05/play-by-post-match-09-round-06.html