Play by Post FTDM 12 - Army of Darkness - SUDDEN DEATH

The deadites close in chanting “Kill!, Kill!, Kill!, Kill!” Blood has been shed but dawn is fast approaching. It is still anyone’s game. The first gib will determine victory.

The new initiative is:
Igor: 22
Wil Wheaton: 19
Home Depot: 16
Walmart: 15
Lowe’s: 10
Comic Book Guy: 7
K-Mart: 6
Scott Pilgrim: 2

Corporate Raiders Win!


FTDM 12 - Army of Darkness - FINAL ROUND

Well this is it, dawn is coming and the deadites have nearly overtaken the field. Can the Dorks catch up in the final round, or are the Corporations going to keep them all down?

Comic Book Guy sends many corporations on their asses and into deadites.
Lowe's lights up the dorks and then digs in.
Scott attacks Lowe's and really hurts him.
Wil gibs two raiders and sets a third one up to be gibbed; tying the game.
K-Mart respawns at location 2 clears some deadites and attacks Igor.
Walmart respawns at location 2 and slashes some prices and people.
Igor jumps up, grabs the boomstick, and shoots up the K-Mart.
Home Depot respawns at location 1.


FTDM12 - Army of Darkness - Round 5

The Deadites have now taken over all 4 spawn points and the dungeoneers huddle in terror in the center (not from the Deadites, but from the DM's EVIL dice). The Army of Dorkness still trails, but is looking to get back into the game.

Comic Book Guy starts flanked between Lowe's and Walmart, he attacks and shifts.
Lowe's now has a chance to go, and he grabs a Kevlar apron.
Scott now goes and axes the Walmart.
Wil respawns in location 2, takes down the Home Depot and knocks down the K-Mart.
K-Mart's turn he stands, heals Home Depot then proceeds to have a big missing people fest.
Walmart reopens at location 4 and cuts Comic Book Guy's health insurance leaving him dying.
Igor's turn now, he jumps on the Oldsmobile and chucks a knife at the Walmart.
Home Depot now ends the round.


FTDM 12 - Army of Darkness - Round 4

The Deadites are taking over the field. Something may need to be done or else they will control the entire board.

Comic Book Guy self-gibs and respawns at location 4. He ignores the Deadites to attack the corporations which leads to  chaos and the closing of a K-Mart
Lowe's now takes his turn, blasting the geeks with lights.
Scott Pilgrim self-gibs and respawns location 4 and wrecks the Home Depot.
Wil Wheaton respawns in location 4 and whiffs his attack on Lowe's.
K-Mart respawns in the middle of a field of Deadites at location 3 and then proceeds to bore the DM by burning Deadites (when the DM doesn't have enough caffeine, he needs exciting turns to keep him awake).
Walmart tries for a sneaky move, but the dice make it ineffective.
Igor appears in location 4 without his groovy weapons, he nearly takes out the Walmart.
Home Depot reopens in a heavily Deadite speaking population... remember "Argh rahw rahw braaaaains." means "Welcome to Home Depot."