Luck and tactics indeed have allowed Spamalot to pull ahead of  WetwORCs, though all surviving dungeoneers were knocked aside by the vicious tree now dominating the centre of the map. 

The Minstrel  once more leads the charge against the savage Orcs.


  1. ♪bravely bold sir Robin, rode forth from Camelot
    He was not afraid to die oh brave sir Robin
    He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways.
    Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin
    He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp
    Or to have his eyes gouged out and his elbows broken
    To have his kneecaps split and his body burned away
    And all his limbs hacked and mangled, brave Sir Robin
    His head smashed in and his heart cut out
    And his liver removed and his bowels unplugged
    And his nostrils raped and his bottom burnt off and his penis♪...

    First I shall stand up.
    Minor action to heal surge+1d6.
    Basic melee attack vs Gaarish, +8 vs AC (+9, -1 for the maledoctor thing) 1D8 +5 dmj. heroic effort on a miss. On hit, Lancelot gets +4 to damage on his next attack.

    1. "Shut up. Shut up." Sir Robin says getting more and more nervous.

  2. Spamalot has one death too many up on the board.

    1. Fixed. The score is 5-1.

      The Minstrel stands and swings, tearing a (small) piece out of the willowy orc beside him.

      MBA: 8+(11)=19 vs AC 16. Gaarish is hit for 6 damage, and is now at 15 hp and bloodied.

      Teddy-Sin respawns in location 2.

    2. don't forget to put my hp to max...

    3. and does Gaarish not get pushed? Do I have to state it? there's only one direction to push...

    4. I'll get that in the next update. It's been a busy morning at work...

  3. He negates all forced movement, unless for some reason he wants to get pushed.

    1. Map updated. Also, please email me any more questions or comments...

  4. Per email: Teddy will move off the spawn point and charge sir lancelot with ninjato rush to G-1. +10 to hit, 1d6+10+d6+1d10 from asn strike and furious assault. Then Use my AP to charge sir robin the same way. Add furious assault or asn strike if not used on Lancelot.

    Teddy-Sin becomes a whirlwind of orc rage as he leaps off the platform, bouncing off of Lancelot's before knocking Sir Robin aside.


    Ninja-To Rush to G-11, (as G-1 is impossible): 8+2 (CA from power)+(19)=26 vs AC 16. Lancelot is hit and takes (4)+10+(9 assassin's strike)=23 damage and is dying at -6hp. His willowy form holds ground from the push, saving his life for now.

    OOC: As the tree is difficult terrain (on the trunk), you have to charge to K10 against Sir Robin.

    Ninja-To Rush: 8+2+(12)=21 vs AC 15. (3)+10+(1 FA)=14 damage. Sir Robin is dying at -9, and is pushed to L4, just shy of the full gib but nonetheless triggering a...


    The disembodied applause resounds as voices start chanting "Teddy-Sin! Teddy-Sin!

    The bloodied Gaarish is up next.

    Map updated.

  5. Gaarish tries out for the band! In a primal display of raw rhythm, she hammers in the malleable minstrels' face.


    Free - Nature's Wrath (mark the minstrel UEONT)
    Move - Shift to C8
    Standard - Roots of Stone
    Burst 1. Each enemy in burst. +7 vs AC.
    Effect: The burst creates a zone of rippling earth that lasts until the end of your next turn.
    Hit: 1d10 + 8 damage (+5 more for Death from Above). The target is knocked prone when it leaves the zone.
    Earthstrength: The target also takes 3 damage when it leaves the zone.

    Action Point - Unless I've manages to kill the bard, Second Wind (Add +3 to AC for Earthstrength).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Scratch the last comment. Emailed revisions pending.

    3. Per email: Shift up 1 sq, my move is Warden's Lunge (+7 vs AC; marked and d10 +8 damage + 5 DFA). If the minstrel is bloodied and adjacent after that attack is resolved, I'll AP to repeat the attack. Otherwise I'll AP for the second wind.

      Gaarish floats up (did the matrix just change?), and hammer's Minstrel clear off the platform before landing and fortifying herself.


      Warden's Lunge: 7+(17)=24 vs AC 16. Minstrel is hit for 8+5 DFA+(4)=17 damage, and is pushed towards the precipice. He grasps to hang on, but falters (1 on the save) and the full force of the blow knocks him to the other platform. He lands in square H11, and takes (7)+(1)-(14 acro/2)=1 damage.

      The entirety of Spamalot is bloodied or unconscious as WetwORCs has a small taste of victory.

      Ugarth may now take his turn.

      Map updated

  6. Ugarth rises from the ground, his lips furled back revealing his mighty orcish tusks. "Now is a good day to CRUSH YOU ALL"

    He hears the squeak of an instrument and turns towards the minstrel. "UGARTH IS TIRED OF THAT SONG!!!!!" He launches himself through the air on powerful orcish legs towards the ill fairing musician.


    move action: stand from prone

    standard action: charge (yay half-orc +2 to speed while charging) to H10, +8 vs. AC, 2d12 (brutal 2) + 5 damage using furious assault for good measure.

    If this attack hits, then

    free action: Roar of Triumph close burst 5, all enemies in burst (everyone but Sir Robin) take a -2 penalty to all defenses until the end of my next turn.

    ACTION POINT: charge to K9 and same attack against Bun Bun of Sorrow. +9 (due to bonus from Savage Juggernaut Rage) vs. AC, 1d12 (brutal 2) +5 damage.

    OOC: Sorry that took me a while, I was traveling all day yesterday.


    1. Ugarth zips around the map, laying waste to the poor Minstrel (he just wants to sing!), before flying at the Rabbit and tripping over his own massive axe.


      Charge 1: 8+2 CA (Minstrel should be prone)+(12)=22 vs AC 16. Minstrel is hit for (8)+(5)+5=18 damage, rendering him unconscious at -10 before sending him flying off the ledge to his death.

      Roar of Triumph: is untyped and affects The Rabbit and Sir Lancelot.

      Charge 2: 8+1(SJ) +2 (CA)+(1)=FAILURE!. Ugarth falls prone out of the sky and the prone Rabbit cannot shift. Both are prone and squeezing in square L9.

      The Rabbit may now take his turn. The unoccupied square adjacent to him is difficult terrain, so he is unable to stand up with Ugarth on top of him.

      Map updated.

    2. So was the Roar of Triumph a verse of "Kill the Wabbit"?

    3. You'll get him next time.

  7. OOC: Ugarth needs a new avatar... - http://tinyurl.com/9eop9e6

    1. I'll post that tomorrow, if you really want me to :p

      Also Elmer Fudd as a Half-Orc=priceless.

  8. Alright, another round another corner case...

    The Rabbit was not prone when Ugarth fell on him (and he should also be at 8hp), so he was granted a saving throw (16) to shift away. The only legal square would be above Teddy-Sin, granting Teddy-Sin a save (18). Teddy shifts to L11, and The Rabbit is upright in square L10. Rabbit sandwich anyone?

    Game on.

  9. The Rabbit flanked by enemies suddenly has a weird thought that maybe dressing up as a woman and charming these big fellas might be an appropriate strategy... then he shakes it off and flies at Ugarth's throat.

    Move: Shift to K9
    Standard: Melee Basic attack on Ugarth +9 (10-1) d8+10 (5 + 5 dfa) no legal push
    on hit
    Dual Weapon attack +9 (10-1) d6+10 (5 + 5 dfa) no legal push

    1. The Rabbit just can't help flying around and trying to gnaw the Orcs' faces off. Trying being the operative word here...


      MBA: 10-1+2 (CA)+(2)=13 vs AC 15 (drink that hooch). The Rabbit lands harmlessly upright in the prone Ugarth's square.

      Lancelot self-gibs, and reappears in location 1.

      Map and score updated.

    2. Correction: as per the intent of the prone/squeezing ruling at the start of the match, The Rabbit is also prone.

  10. Launcelot swings over the platform and attempts to crush "The Urk" with his very large hammer. "You kill us we kill you" he bellows.

    Move: via E1 down to H3 without provoking
    Minor: Hunters Quarry Urk
    Standard: Precise Assault (+8 vs. Ac), 4d6 + 6 + 1d6(hunter's quarry). Reroll all 1s(brutal 1 weapon).
    Free Action: Mark Urk

  11. Lancelot jumps down to the platform, swinging just before his landing in H5 (per email). He mistimes it, and his hammer clears Urk's.


    Precise Assault: 8+(5) vs AC 16. Miss!

    Sir Robin self-gibs and respawns at location 2.

    Map updated.

  12. Fluff:
    Sir Robin looks surprised that he’s still alive. And then see’s the Beast of Caerbannog. “Oh no, not another rabbit!” Robin yells. Ugarth looks over his shoulder and strikes out at the nearest thing… which happens to be Teddy-Sin.

    “RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY” Robyn yells.

    Move: Fly to G10

    Standard: Charm of Misplaced Wrath on Ugarth +6 vs. Will (the CA for squeezing and -2 for ranged vs. prone cancel out).
    If I hit Ugarth is dazed and slides to L10. Effect he attacks Teddy-Sin with a MBA, if it hit he does an extra two damage. Then spend an action point to attack Teddy-Sin and Ugarth with Howling Wall. Wall from L10 to L15. +6 vs. Fort on a hit slide them over the edge (slide 3; 2 standard, 1 for feat) and they are slowed until end of my next turn.
    If the Charm misses, Ugarth attacks himself.

    Minor: Sustain the Whirlwind and slide myself neatly to H12.

    1. Robin levitates around, enchanting all with his Dance of Courage +2 to the echoing tune of his oft-dead minstrel.


      Charm: 6+(19)=25 vs Will 13. Ugarth fights will everything he has to resist crawling over to attack his friend, but... he fails miserably. The bloodlust takes over!

      MBA vs Teddy-Sin: 8-2+(20)=Critical Hit! The dazed Ugarth deals 5+2+(6)=13 damage, pushing Teddy 2 squares. The bloodied Teddy, not expecting the betrayal, is knocked off the ledge by the force of the blow (7 on the save).

      Howling Wall: 6+(6)= 12 vs Fort 17 is a miss.

      Robin lands softly as a timid lamb, and cedes the floor to Urk.

      I'll update the map in the morning.

    2. as Ugarth is a barbarian, he would like to take advantage of his class feature that allows him to make a melee basic attack once per round after scoring a critical hit.

      Ugarth ATTACKS THE BUNNY!!!! +9 vs. AC (now a +2 to all attack rolls since Teddy is technically a creature and adds to my attack roll bonus until end of encounter). 1d12 (brutal 2) + 5 damage.


    3. correction. +6 vs. AC since I didn't drop Teddy though technically the 2 rolled in my damage should be rerolled (I can't believe I'm arguing for more damage for my teammate) and a -2 since I'm prone.

    4. It was my intention when designing the map that knocking a creature into a pit should count as a "kill" for purposes of Killing Spree, so I'll give you the bonus.

      The +2 to damage was a static bonus from Charm of Misplaced Wrath, though I had your damage dice wrong. Teddy took 6 more damage from the hit, and was reduced to 5 hp before falling and taking 100 more damage.

      MBA vs Rabbit: 7+2(SJ)+2(CA)-2(prone)+(6)=15 vs AC 15! The attack does 5+(4) damage, leaving the Rabbit at -1 hp and dying, and pushing him to L4.

      FYI, Killing Spree triggers on dropping to enemies only.

      Map updated.

  13. Urk casually floats above Lancelot as he tries to assault him with shadows and frightening hallucinations, and then recklessly plops down to the ground right in Lancelot's face.

    Move: Shift to G5

    Free: Shroud on Lancelot.

    Standard: Visions of Blood on Lancelot (blast 3)
    +4 vs Will, 1d6 +4 psychic damage on a hit and he takes a -1 penalty to all defenses until EONT.
    Will activate the shroud for an additional 1d6 damage on a hit.

    I believe I've already used MD and FA. :(

    Free: Fall in to Robin's square.

    1. Urk shifts up and attempts to cloud the mind of Lancelot.


      VoB: 4+(7)=11 vs Will 11. Lancelot is hit for 4+(3)+(4)=11 psychic damage, leaving him unbloodied at 17 hit points. Urk then attempts to fall on him, but Lancelot shifts out of the way and they trade places.

      The conditions on Rabbit are now clear.

      As the round draws to a close, the tree conjures up a final gust before vanishing from wherever it came.

      Ugarth: rolls a (6) and plummets to his death!
      Urk: Crits his saving throw!, but is prone in H5.
      Robin: rolls a (4) and joins Ugarth below.

      Gaarish and Lancelot hold their ground, and the Rabbit goes to L7.

      As the Dream Tree disappears, the Hammer drops into in Gaarish's square.

      Scores are at 5 to 7. I'll try to get the next round up tonight, but it might be in the morning. Also, Dan is in transit so we may have a fill-in for him.

  14. Round 4 posted here: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2012/09/play-by-post-match-13-round-4-super.html?showComment=1348750727287#c2000470922756584755