The score is tied at 1 in a close fight to the death. Which team will find the correct balance of luck and tactics to take the the lead?

To spice things up a bit, a futuristic ray gun drops in the crowded H12. Orcs with ray guns? What is this, 40k?

The brave Minstrel returns in location 1--eager to have an effect on the battle--and there was much rejoicing (and slightly more reviling).


  1. ♪Bravely bold sir Robin♪ ♪rode forth from camelot♪ ♪his minstrel ventured out♪ ♪and promptly he got shot♪ ♪now the table's turned♪ ♪and some orcs will soon get burned♪

    If necessary, reactivate skald's aura,
    charge to C7. +9 (do I get +1 for charging? I can't remember, if so +10) vs AC and heroic effort(+4) on a miss.
    Damage: 1D8+4 +2(dirge of the damned), +2(song of savagery), +5(death from above)Push to D9 and D10 if bloodied.

    Also, whoever reduced me to 0 hp in the first round should have taken 10 thunder damage from my stormhawk's vengence.

    1. also, shouldn't the terrain have changed? I might need to rethink my actions...

    2. Actually, an item should have dropped at the end of round 1. Terrain changes happen at the end of even-numbered rounds.

      The item is...

      (4)=Ray Gun, appearing in the rather crowded H12.

      It's a minor action to pick up the gun, and it disappears when it's bearer falls prone.

  2. Right, well, since I misread my powers earlier I'll repost...
    Charge to C7, +9vs AC(+10 for charging?), heroic effort on a miss.
    Dmj 1d8+4+5(Death from above)and a +4 to damage on Kory's next attack(SoS). push to D9.
    Action point on hit: Blunder +6 vs will, 1d6+5 dmj, slide three to D10
    Teddy-sin should receive -10 hp from thunder damage for reducing me to 0 hp.

    1. heroic effort on a miss for the second attack as well if it's not expended...

  3. Retribution is a dish best served a round later. Teddy-Sin takes 10 damage from SHV for smashing the Minstrel into bits. He is now at 14 hp.

    The Minstrel charges off the platform at Urk, shoving him aside and attempting to make him lose his balance. The Half-Orc catches himself at the last second, but he still falls to the ground.

    Charge: 10+(8)=18 vs AC 16, for a minimum (1)+4+5=10 damage. Urk is nudged over to the right, and is now at 17 hp.

    Blunder: 6+(17)=23 vs Will 15. Urk takes 5+(2) damage and is bloodied, but makes his saving throw (13). Urk is prone in square D9, and Minstrel falls harmlessly to the ground in D7.

    Teddy-Sin eager to stop sharing a square with a puny human, is up.

    Map updated

  4. "me no grapple-Ork, that couzin Heddy!" teddy shouts as he dumps the human off, kickstands up into the air then stabs downward at the pathetically shiny man.

    Move action to fly into sq G13. I assume this provokes the OA from Sir Pronecelot. He will still be considered prone and squeezing, so I am less than worried about it. Flying should also remove the prone condition from myself.

    Standard action to ninja-to rush on Sir Staysatacomfortinnwhilearhturisdoingtherealworksalot.
    +10 vs AC, 1d6+1d8+10 damage. Land softly at H13.

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    2. OOC: You'll have to stand up before flying, but you can stand in H13 without provoking and make the attack, without Death from Above (though it's irrelevant anyways).

      Teddy-Sin stands up, moves over and takes a mighty swing, but glances off the still prone Lancelot's armour.


      Ninja-to Rush: 10+(5)=15 vs AC 16. Miss by 1!

      Gaarish self-gibs and respawns at location 1.

      Map updates on the way.

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    1. Indeed, and he also requested comments and questions be sent via email :p

  6. Gaarish re-enters the arena in a frothing fury. She soars above battleground momentarily before diving like a hawk upon Sir Robin's Minstrel with proportionate back-breaking impact.

    Move: Fly to A6.
    Standard: Charge to C8 and substituting Warden's Lunge for the MBA. +8 vs AC (2d10 + 8 damage [w/Furious Assault] and marked).
    Fall to D8 (Sentinel from grants +2 Fort to adjacent allies)

    1. Gaarish loses all semblance of the delicate princess she appeared to be at the start of the match. Her Orcish fury unleashes upon the Minstrel.


      Warden's Lunge: 7+1(charge)+(11)=19 vs 16. Minstrel takes (4)+(3)+8=15 damage: leaving him unbloodied at 18 hp. Minstrel auto succeeds on the save against falling, but is prone in his square. Gaarish falls to the ground and sets up a willowy defense around Urk.

      The ferocious Ugarth returns in location 1.

      Map updated.

    2. Ugarth rematerializes on the platform rubbing his shoulder painfully. "Someone get name of truck that hit Ugarth? Wait, not truck, BUNNY?!?!? OH HELLS NO!!"

      Ugarth's warty orcish green skinny burns red with the rage of all his murderous kin from generations past, with the anger of every monstrous race ever wiped from the earth by an adventuring party, and with all the annoyance of every Monty Python quote obligatorily made at a D&D game because that's just what we do...

      The blood rage of Grummsh himself courses through his veins as Ugarth's skin toughens, his muscles bulge with strength and his iron will assures him of the victory still to come and he speaks a single phrase...

      "Don't you know who I am?!?!"

      With that, Ugarth falls like a meteoric collision on the top of the fiendish dire rabbit.


      move action: move to G4

      standard action: SAVAGE JUGGERNAUT RAGE, +7 vs AC, Hit: 2d12 (brutal 2) + 10 damage. Miss: Half damage. Effect: Ugarth enters the rage of the SAVAGE JUGGERNAUT. Until the rage ends, Ugarth gains a power bonus to attack rolls equal to the number of nonminion creatures he has reduced to 0 hp since he entered the rage.

      IF my attack should reduce the Bun Bun to 0 hitpoints or less...

      free action: Roar of Triumph, close burst 5, all enemies in burst (aka Robin's minstrel, unless bun bun should still be alive and dying in which case him too), Effect: target takes a -2 penalty to all defenses until the end of my next turn.

  7. With a mighty leap, Ugarth, the Savage Juggernaut, bitch (note the comma), lands beside the possibly even more savage Bunny Rabbit.


    Savage Juggernaut: 7+(5)=12 vs AC 18. Miss!

    The Rabbit may now respond. I'll update the map tomorrow morning.

    1. Ugh.. just like old times for WetwORCs! *headdesk*

    2. Indeed, sorry.

      (1, rerolled 6)+(8)+10/2=12 damage. The Rabbit is unbloodied at 13 hp.

  8. The fearsome rabbit a little confused by his most recent meal reappearing but never one to turn down seconds leaps at Ugarth's throat... again.

    Move: Shift to G5
    Minor: switch to aspect of soaring eagle stance
    Standard: Melee basic attack on Ugarth +9 vs AC (10-1)d8 +14 (5 +5 dfa +4 dan bonus)push to I4
    on hit off hand attack +9 vs AC (10-1) d6 +10 (5 +5 dfa) push to H1

    I may action point depending on how this goes.

    1. The acrobatic Rabbit leaps at Ugarth's face, savaging it with all his furry little might. His off hand is aptly named though, and misses the reeling Orc.

      MBA: 9+(11)=20 vs AC 15. Ugarth is hit for (5)+14=19 damage. He is bloodied at 5 hp, and pushed into the ground (i.e., nowhere).

      Off Hand Attack: 9+(2, drink the hooch)=11 vs AC 15 and a miss!


  9. yeah try again melee basic and off hand on hit.

    1. sorry off hand only works once per round just melee basic attack pushing him off the platform on a hit.

    2. OOC: Ok, just to be clear. We're talking about Dual Weapon attack, not Offhand Strike which is something else entirely (not that it's relevant).

      MBA: 9+(9)=18 vs AC 15. Ugarth is hit for 10+(6)=16 damage. Ugarth is dying at -11, and pushed 5 clear off the platform for a solid gib.

      Sir Lancelot may now take his turn.

      Map and scores updated.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcxKIJTb3Hg

  11. Lanclot gets up from prone and dusts off his hammer. "So the little teddy wants to play eh?"(add maple syrup here) and quarry's the sinful teddy and tries to shuffle him from this mortal coil.

    Warden's Lunge +4(+6 BAB, -2 for the whispers that bother his mind) 2d6+6+1d6 damage(reroll 1s for hammer and 1d6 for Hunter's Quarry.). As a free action, Lancelot will mark Teddy-Sin.

    Standard: Warden's Lunge
    Move: Stand up
    Minor: Quarry
    Free: Mark Teddy-Sin

    1. The brave knight stands and lets fly his might hammer shaped lance at the verbose Teddy. The seductive voice of the evil Morgan LeFey plague his mind though, turning his weapon aside.


      Warden's Lunge: 4+(9)=13 vs AC 14 (LeSigh). Teddy is marked, but unharmed by the attack.

      Sir Robin returns within 3 squares of L10, ready to prove himself this round.

  12. Fluff:
    Brave, brave, brave Sir Robin reappears after running a… um, strategically retreating from the forest of the Knights who Say Ni. He looks around and says, “So you’ve taken care of the monsters. Good, then we should leave before the Knights who Say Ni get here… Wait the monsters are still here!”

    A mist appears and voices start saying, “Ni, ni, ni.” Sir Robin cowers in fea… bravery.

    Reappear in L6

    Move: Stand

    Standard: Arcane Whirlwind ranged burst 2 centered at E10 (if this does not give me LoE to both Gaarish and Urg, I center at D10) +6 vs. Ref, 2d6+5 damage and slide 2 (1 standard, 1 due to feat). Urg is slid to D10 (I slid Gaarish to D10 as well, but in all likelihood she will decide not to move)
    Effect: Creates a zone that lasts until EoNT. As a minor, I can slide one creature in the zone 2 squares. As a move, I can move the zone 6 squares. Sustain minor, zone persists and slides a creature in zone 2 squares.

    Minor: If Urg has not fallen, the Knights who Say Ni send Urg to get a shrubbery in square D10 (Whirlwind slide 2).

    Free: Cower in terror.

    OOC: shouldn’t Robin be at 17 hp?

  13. Yeah, unless I jump in to say otherwise, Gaarish will negate forced movement by default.

    1. Well, if you ever feel like being thrown around like a rag doll, just let me know.

  14. OOC: Yes, I've made the change to your hp. E10 has LoE to both.

    vs Gaarish: 6+(9)=15 vs Ref 10. Gaarish is hit for 5+(5)+(2)=12 damage, and is still unbloodied at 21 hp.

    vs Urk: 6+(12)=18 vs Ref 12. Urk is hit for the same amount of damage, and is knocked unconscious then slid off the ledge with no save. He falls hard in square L10, taking (6)+(3)+(9)+(7)=25 damage for the gib.

    Spamalot now leads by 3 deaths.

    Map updated.

    1. Oh, and Urk respawns at location 1.

  15. Urk reappears in a rage. His frantic babbling of power words shakes the rabbit and the minstrel's very soil, and he descends off the platform screaming "DIE BUNNY!!!"

    [Tech]Don't know if you recalled Half Orc Resilience,.. +5 THP when first bloodied. Not sure if that would have made a difference.

    Minor: Maledictor's Doom (Close Blast 5)... Minstrel and Rabbit
    Each take -1 penalty to attacks and saves, and if hit with a fear attack get pushed 1.

    Free: Shroud on minstrel

    Move: Move/Fly to G4

    Standard: Visions of Blood (Close Blast 3) on rabbit
    +4 vs Will, 1d6 +4 +5(DFA) damage and target takes -1 penalty to all defenses until EoNT.
    Also, on hit, gets pushed 1 (Maledictor's Doom) right on to the other guy below. I assume the -1 save penalty from MD applies to being pushed in to air.
    If rabbit remains conscious after initial attack, add Furious Assault ... +1d8 damage.

  16. Also, Lancelot should have taken 9 psychic damage due to Whispers of Defeat and the missed attack.

    1. And Visions of Blood, if hit, lasts until the START of my next turn...

  17. Re: Resilience, after the attack Urk would have been at 3 hp, meaning he would have had a saving throw to catch himself. He rolled....an (8), and fell to his death at -22 hp. I double-checked, and Ugarth's THP would have triggered in round 1, but wouldn't have been enough to save him. Teddy-Sin has yet to be bloodied.

    Lancelot did take 9 hp, and is now at 17hp and unbloodied.


    The engraged Urk appears and proceeds to curse half of Spamalot, before instilling utter terror into The Rabbit of Caerbannog. (show him a mirror?)


    Visions of Blood: 4+(16)=20 vs Will 12 is a hit for a minimum of 4+(1)= 5 damage (DFA is melee only), rendering the Rabbit at 8hp and bloodied. He then fails his save (4-1=3), and lands atop the human mattress, Brave Sir Robin dealing them both (8)+(4)=12 damage. However, the Rabbit absolutely nails his acrobatics check with a roll of 9+(18)=27, and takes no damage from the fall. He is also able to land on his feet as he took no damage, but he's still squeezing (and takes another 4 from furious assault).

    This brings me to another weird corner case though, as Sir Robin is also trained in acrobatics. Because of the prone/squeezing penalty, I'm going to rule that he can also make a check to reduce the damage. He rolls (5)+5=10, reducing the damage by 5. Both are now bloodied and squeezing, but only Robin is prone.

    Scores unchanged. I'll post the new round in the morning.

    1. Alright, after some discussion, Sir Robin does not get a check to reduce the damage, but instead gets a saving throw to move out of the way.

      He rolls...8, fails his save, takes the full damage and is prone, bloodied and squeezing in square L6.

      As well, Urk falls into Ugarth, who does make his saving throw (13). I've placed him to the right of where he was.

      Finally, a massive, angry tree appears in the middle of the map and starts blowing it's fury upon all dungeoneers.

      The Rabbit and Sir Robin are pushed 3 squares, but the rest need to make saving throws to avoid falling.

      Teddy-Sin...7. He falls to his death.
      Lancelot...6. He lands atop Teddy-Sin waaay down below somewhere.
      Gaarish...18. He falls prone in his square.
      Minstrel...12. He's prone next to Gaarish.
      Ugarth...12. He's prone in his square.
      Urk...18. Also prone in his square.

      From now on, I will say that you can push or slide someone through another creatures square, but they cannot end their turn in an occupied square. This is meant to counter the fact that you can force move a dungeoneer upwards.

      Round three is live. The score is 2 Spamalot, 5 WetwORCs.


    2. Actually, Lancelot and Gaarish did not move, and are upright where they were before. The Minstrel is prone in square D9. I'll update the map and score shortly.

  18. Sorry to step in, but I just had to sing this:

    "He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp,
    Or to have his eyes gouged out, and his elbows broken;
    To have his kneecaps split, and his body burned away;
    And his limbs all hacked and mangled, brave Sir Robin!"