Play-by-Post: Match 01 - Round 01

Playoffs! 02 === wetwORCs 02 === QuadCore 01
E1M2: The Citadel
Sarah Connor - Renato - Ugarth - Dav'd - T Grumpkin - Og - P3-10R - Morthos - CT Feltek - Odesso - Alecto - Kludge
Last Updated Nov 04, 3:30pm (EST)
Round 1 - FIGHT!


E1M2: The Citadel - rendering

Milwaukee Joe has gone ahead and rendered E1M2: The Citadel in the glorious HeXen engine. Check it out below, and then sign yourself up for a tidal wave of bloodshed in the first play-by-post Fourthcore Team Deathmatch!


RECRUITING: Play-By-Post Start Date 11/01/2011


The match will start on November 1st, with the teams of dungeoneers discussing their strategies and tactics among themselves in the meantime.  Dungeoneers have until 12:00pm noon on Monday October 31st to send C. Steven Ross their completed character sheets and avatars if they have not done so already.

Dungeon Master: C. Steven Ross
Map: E1M2 - The Citadel

The first post of this brand spanking new blog is to announce public recruitment of dungeoneers ready to throw down in the blood-drenched fields of The Citadel. The play-by-post format will only feasibly handle one match at a time, so I am looking for upwards of 12 dungeoneers (3 teams) to take to the field. I'd like to shoot for a start date of Nov 1st (Tuesday). For those of you familiar with the full fledged, face-to-face Fourthcore Team Deathmatch experience, please carefully read over the rules for this incarnation of FTDM. There have been changes and tweaks on each and every map since you last saw them.

Once you're familiar with the setup, shoot me an email and I'll get you setup in a team. If you've got friends in mind whom you'd like to join in on your team, be sure to mention it and I'll hook you up.