Play-by-Post: Match 01 - Round 01

Playoffs! 02 === wetwORCs 02 === QuadCore 01
E1M2: The Citadel
Sarah Connor - Renato - Ugarth - Dav'd - T Grumpkin - Og - P3-10R - Morthos - CT Feltek - Odesso - Alecto - Kludge
Last Updated Nov 04, 3:30pm (EST)
Round 1 - FIGHT!

Renato has delayed his turn. GIBBED!
Og has delayed his turn. GIBBED!
Morthos has delayed his turn. GIBBED!
Kludge wins initiative; CRITICAL INITIATIVE! Initiative order is reversed.
Sarah Connor loses initiative and acts first; Respawn at Location 3. She slides back behind the east catapult and casts defensive spells.
Renato Respawn at 4 and attempts daring feats of acrobatics and fruity flips in pursuit of the Armory of Last Resort. Victorious, he claims the fabled Wand of Fireballs.
Ugarth Respawn at 2. He charges south, axe held high, and CRITICAL HIT! expending every ounce of strength, Ugarth slices through his foe shoulder to waist! GIBBED! YOU HAVE LOST THE LEAD!
Dav'd Respawn at Location 3. He casts a spell of flicking lights, momentarily confusing and confounding his enemy. Despite his advantage, his attack fails to connect. Reorienting his gyros and sensors, Dav'd attacks again, unleashing burning starlight IN THE FACE! Ugarth is bloodied.
Teddy Grumpkin Respawn on 4, strides forth across the battlements and cheers on his victorious clansman! Ugarth is no longer bloodied.
Og Respawn on 1. Hastily casting his tribal magic, he tries to blend in with his surroundings, but his heavy orcish footfalls give his position away to all. Angered, his fist clenches and grasps a glowing ball of energy, ready to unleash upon his foes.
P3-10R Respawn at Location 2. It wheels to position and launches a devastating bolt from the ballista, plowing through everything in its path, including the invisible Og! Og is badly wounded by the attack and is bloodied.
Morthos Respawn at Location 2. This dungeoneer is acting fast and acting hard; going for a ballsy maneuver of attacking both enemy teams on the same turn. Og is dropped where he stands and the pretty-boy Renato is hypnotized into taking a bath in boiling blood! He better hope someone gets his skinny ass out of there quick!
CT Feltek Respawn at Location 3. Feltek unleashes his daily evocation for quite the swarm of bees, or is it dogs?, or maybe dogs that shoots bees from their mouths when they bark? In any event, the theme of Team Playoffs! is started to show through a little bit, and it will be an interesting to see how this defensive style of play really pans out in the ultra-aggressive FTDM arena.
Odesso Respawn at Location 1. In a stunning, daring maneuver, Odesso grabs the fabled Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga and DOMINATES the smirking CT Feltek. A poor turn of events for the paladin after his rather impressive first turn display. Just think, this is only the "boring" first round!
Alecto Respawn at Location 2. His starts off with a classic setup for a rain of magic missiles, and pounds the bloodied Dav'd from afar.
Kludge Respawn at Location 3 for the final dungeoneer acting in Round 1. He pops into the thick of things at the crowded southeast corner. He prepped up an impressive number of triggered damage and went for the gold, but the dice did not favor the Orcs this time.

The allure of the wealth of the gods is too much for some to handle, and their weak minds betray them. Og the Smart, dying on the castle parapets, weakly props himself up and crawls towards the glittering gold, and falls to his death. GIBBED! YOU HAVE LOST THE LEAD! Alecto fares little better, as he is now in danger of seeing our first telefrag! Yay, gibs!


A lot of twists, turns, and upsets in what is typically the most boring round in what is considered the most boring FTDM map!

It only gets better from here, gents!

My thanks to everyone's patience with the pbp system, their integrity with dealing with these over the top character builds, and their quick response times.

Comments closed here, look for the Round 2 post!


  1. Yes, due to a missed calculation, you and Hap's characters have swapped positions on the initiative order. You are up, respawning in an Teleport #3.

  2. Spawn in at Teleport 3 (Q17), move to T19 if it's occupiable, if not, T18. Minor Action: Swordmage Warding. Minor Action: Living Fortress.

  3. Renato respawns on #4.

    Note: CStevenRoss is out of the office today and passed me this to post.

    Request: Would you guys put in your character name into your post? That will help me match up player names with dungeoneer names. Thanks!

  4. To help Casey know who my pc is, I am Sarah Connor and there is no fate but what we make.

  5. Testing...

    Couldn't uyse my Google Account. Had to open a freakin' LiveJournal account... The sacrifices I must make for the horde!!!

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  7. Ah! That's better! Fear the half orc rabbit!!!

  8. Renato,
    Spawn on #4, Running jump from E16 to G11 (Squares Jumped E15,E14,E13,F12,G11 if it matters); Acrobatically tumble out and avoid damage like a true bad ass... Minor action, Fallen Needle, move 3 Squares to I11; Standard Action pick up wand of fireball and brush my shoulders off...

    As the battle progresses will there be updated maps with guys locations marked? It would help expedite turns to avoid having to re-read and plot out where everyone & every magic item is.

  9. Jump check DC 10 to clear stairs difficult terrain. Athletics (6)+8 = 14; Success! NO Acrobatics needed.

    Joe Stroup (Ugarth) is up at Respawn Location #2.

    1). Please post your static modifiers so I don't have to look them up.
    2). To clarify, players have 48 hours after I post the die roll results (if needed) to declare their turns.
    3). Try and communicate any interrupts/reactions you have in place as best you can.

  10. I went over this a couple times, and although what Hap's describing is a little ... not legal ... there's a few easy ways for him to get to that location and make a treasure pull, so I'm allowing it and not going through a bunch of hassle and fuss to get to the same end result.

  11. As a comment on the current roster: Sarah Roster used Swordmage Warding, and so should be AC 22. Also, all of Sarah's allies who are adjacent to Sarah also have cover from Living Fortress, although admittedly there are none there right now, in case you wanted to list that in the current roster as well.

  12. You are correct, I am at ac 22, and everyone has a -2 to hit me and any allies who move adjacent to me.

  13. Ugarth raises his mighty axe over his head and roars loudly. He begins moving rapidly towards the south, picking up more speed as he goes and as he approaches Sarah Connor, he makes a wide sweeping arc with his axe as he slams into her.

    Minor Action: Berserker's Charge, +2 to speed and to attack when charging
    Move Action: move to R9
    Standard Action: Charge Sarah Connor, +10 vs. AC, on hit 3d12+13 (all my triggered stuff going off).

  14. @Sarah Connor: I'M SO SORRY!

    @Ugarth: Excellent example of how to post your tech!

  15. I'm assuming that means he actually hit me?

  16. DAV'D Spawns at 3 and surveys the Citadel for Primary Objective SARAH CONNOR. Discovering splattered digenetic material & gruesome remains, DAV'D scans the parapet and identifies UGARTH as a viable secondary target. Moving mechanically towards the gore soaked & panting monstrosity, DAV'D's Atomic Axe sweeps in a deadly arc, leaving in its wake swirling radiant energy that keeps foes at bay.


    1. MINOR
    Brilliant Darkfire +9 vs REF
    Effect on Hit--Enemy Grants Combat Advantage &
    vulnerable 5 Radiant

    2. MOVE
    Q:17 -> R:18

    Avenging Echo
    +9 vs AC [+7 if darkfire missed]
    1d12+10 [1d12+5 if Darkfire missed]
    Effect on Hit--Until the end of my next turn,
    any enemy that ends its turn adjacent to me
    or that hits or misses you takes
    5 radiant damage.

  17. Die Rolls:

    (15)+9=24 vs. Reflex 13; Hit! Ugarth is now granting CA and vulnerable 5 radiant. Until end of next turn?

    (6)+9= vs. AC 17; Miss!

  18. Do I get to know what the die roll was against me?

  19. Teddy Grumpkin respawn on 4.

  20. And to clarify on the castle walls: they stop movement (and forced movement), and can grant cover, but do not block line of sight or line of effect.

    My apologies, the terrain isn't worded quite how I wanted. There are no safe hold ups.



    Unaccustomed to the strange pull of this planets gravitational field, DAV'D struggles to connect with his Atomic Axe. However, internal systems not from this dimension adjust his servos quickly to the new environment. His weapon strikes again! The other worldly quickness of the blow creates a prismatic pulsing field of searing photons around UGARTH. The energy sears & burns any foe that is unfortunate enough to be hit within the field!

    1. Standard
    +9 vs AC
    2d12+10 Radiant Damage
    Effect: The attack creates a zone of radiant energy in a burst 2 centered on the target. The zone lasts until the end of the encounter. When the target moves, the zone moves with it, remaining centered on it. Whenever you hit a creature that is within the zone, that attack deals 1d6 extra radiant damage.

  23. Die Rolls: (10)+9=19 vs. Ugarth's AC 17; Hit!

    Ugarth is seared by the radiant starlight for (2)+(12)+10 = 24 total damage, as well as an end of encounter effect.

    Bloodied, but not dropped.

  24. Ugarth said 'all my trigged stuff going off' - I can guess a few of the abilities, and there's probably a feat or two in there; but can we get a list of every ability that was triggered so we know how often it's going to happen. If it's something we wouldn't know (like weapon focus), obviously I don't need that; but if it's a power (like the half-orc racial), I think that should be mentioned.

  25. Ugarth braces against the burning light that sears him.

    Free action, gain 5 temporary hit points when you are first bloodied in the encounter.

  26. Furious Assault, Power Strike and Takedown Strike were my triggered powers. All encounter powers.

    For clarification, will the Radiant effect Ugarth just got hit with follow him after his first death (since it does last until end of encounter), or will it stay with his corpse?

    I just want to know how to plan.

  27. @Nelphine:
    I'm guessing Takedown Strike (mercenary theme), Furious Assault (half-orc), and Power Strike (slayer).

    ... that's just a guess though. Only Ugarth's Orcish mother knows for sure.

    Got totally ninja'd (and confirmed) by the man himself!

    ~ P3-10R

  28. Grumpkin spawns, and upon seeing his comrade drenched in blood, marches towards him thumping his chest and praising Gruumsh! His words are powerful, reinvigorating Ugarth to fight on and destroy the dinky metal man in front of him.

    Double move form D17 to N18. Inspiring word on Ugarth (healing surge +1d6 hp restored as a minor action).

  29. Dice Rolls:

    d6 - 2

    Og Respawns at Location 1.

    Map image update in the morning.

  30. Og appears on the battlefield, lets out a furious yell as he raises his quarterstaff above his head, then suddenly disappears from view.

    Minor: Vanish ... Og is INVISIBLE until the start of his next turn.

    Standard and Move pending. Will message the DM with my actions privately.


  31. please note, since you were not hidden at the start of your first move, we still know where you are at the end of your move; at the end of your first move you can make a stealth check to try to become hidden, and if you then move after that, anyone who fails a perception won't know where you are; anyone who succeeds at perception will still know where you are, regardless of you being invisible.

  32. and just to clarify, we don't have to roll an active perception, you compare your stealth check against our passive perception; and if you move more than 2 squares you'll have a -5 on the stealth check (-10 if you run).

  33. I am aware of that, and I imagine the DM is as well. He has been notified of my movement and my Stealth skill check, and will apply appropriate penalty if I chose to move far enough to require it. I will let him relay that information accordingly.

    Might be wise for everyone to post their passive perception now... :)

  34. Og gets a total of (2)+6= 8 Stealth check. Anyone with a Passive Perception of 8 or higher, which should be everyone, can target him with attacks (with typical invisibility penalties); everyone else cannot. For ease of play, I'm keeping his actual location on the board, and declaring his sent Standard action: cast Wizard's Fury.

    In addition, Ugarth's charge was technically illegal since (I'm told) charging movement needs to always be closer to the target, no k-turns. There are a few different ways he could have gotten around this, so I'm not calling for any changes, but I just wanted to clarify for everyone for use on future charge attacks.

  35. P3-10R materializes and immediately analyzes available targets. Strange, sector F-3 is negative on visual scans, but auditory and olfactory scanners indicate presence of unarmored target.

    Locomoting away from the anomaly, P3 activates the ancient siege technology and fires a ballista bolt across the Citadel!

    Move Action: Q-4 to T-3
    Standard Action: Ballista Close Line 20 R-3 to A-3
    Attack: +8 vs AC (close attacks ignore penalties from concealment)
    Hit: 2d6 + 9 damage

  36. Dice Rolls: (11)+8= 19 vs. Og's AC 14; Hit! for (2)+(4)+9= 15 damage

  37. Must say, the updated map is quite spiffy. Thanks!

  38. David Flor actually put it together. And I agree, quite spiffy, it makes the map a lot easier to read. Thanks to David!

  39. Well then, thanks much to David! (And sorry about the stealth comment - the rules of Hidden Club seem to be overly complicated, and you hadn't posted where your first move would end before you could have a chance to stealth, so I was foolishly jumping to the conclusion that you might be unaware of at least some of the rules of the hidden club. My bad!)

  40. Appearing just moments behind his comrade-in-arm-cannons, Morthos materializes. After quickly surveying the pathetic mortals that think themselves his equal, Morthos cackles as he wheels forward to the cauldron of burning pitch, and if he were capable of whistling a jaunty tune, he would do so as he tips the cauldron over onto the foolish fleshy creature who thought his invisibility could save him.

    Shifting his attention from the dieing half-orc, Morthos turns his eye-stalk to the greedy creature by the treasure pile. Morthos' eyestalk lights up, as he issues telepathic orders to the pitiable human, forcing the lowly creature to submit to Morthos' commands. "Obey! OBEY! OBEY!!!!!"

    Minor - pity foolish mortals
    Move - K4
    Standard - tip burning pitch onto OG. 2d6+9 fire damage
    Action Point: Hypnotism vs. RENATO. +5 vs Will (+1 for the high-ground?). On hit, slide to H11->G11->F11->E12->F13. If he avoids going into the pit, I believe it puts him prone in E13.
    Free Action: Cackle maniacally.

  41. > David Flor actually put it together
    So typical for a Human to take credit for P3-10R's work. Clearly his Visual Scan removed the oppressive cloud cover.

  42. Tech: (2)+(5)+9= 16 fire damage!

    (17)+5= 22 vs. Renato's Will 14; Hit!
    Slide into hazardous terrain save (3); Fail

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. No human! ORC!!! Stupid robot!!!

    (Sorry about the above)

    Half-orc resilience ... I gain +5 THP "first time bloodied in the encounter". Don't know if that recharges on respawn.

    ...and that takes me to -1 HP, which means Morthos takes 10 thunder damage (Stormhawk's Vengeance).

  45. That map is ten kinds of awesome!

    Almost makes up for being the first dungeoneer to hit two deaths, huh? ;)

  46. CSR: I'll take the death and respawn at SONT. For future reference (and for benefit of all), at what point do I need to decide whether I'm going to respawn or not? Free action before start of my turn, or can I make the decision at the start of my turn?

  47. All actions at the start of your turn happen in your choice of order; so, if dying, you may choose to Respawn (killing yourself) and then take a full round of actions.

    Announcing it beforehand just helps the flow since I can hit you up with a respawn point right after the previous dungeoneer's turn ends.

  48. "Clarence Terrence Feltek has ARRIVED!" Having announced his presence, the mighty paladin gazes around, his eyes lingering on the hacked up pieces of his fellow human. "For your sins against nature and all that is good in this world, I send thee one of the great plagues!" A huge swarm of bees spreads out, enveloping Urgath, Dav'd, Teddy Grumpkin and CT Feltek. After gnawing on their bones, the bees surround the paladin protectively.

    Minor: Divine Challenge on Teddy Grumpkin
    Standard: Fog Of Insects, attacking Dav'd, Teddy Grumpkin and Urgath - +4 vs Fortitude, 2d10+4 damage; miss: half damage. Until end of encounter I gain a +3 power bonus to all defenses, bringing me to AC 23, F 18, R 18, W 18.
    Move: Shift to P17

  49. (Divine Challenge: any attacks you make that don't include me take a -3 penalty to hit)

  50. @Nelphine:
    Did you use feats to improve your divine challenge and your daily? I only ask because your bonuses seem higher than the versions I'm used to. Just checking.

  51. Tech: (8)+(1)+4= 13 damage [6 damage on half]

    (13)+4= 17 vs. Dav'd's 11 Fortitude; Hit! for 13 damage

    (9)+4= 13 vs. T Grumpkin's 15 Fortitude; Miss! for 6 damage

    (11)+4= 15 vs. Ugarth's 17 Fortitude; Miss! for 6 damage

    Odesso respawns on Location #1.

    @Nelphine: Any penalties for ignoring the mark? Radiant damage?

    Map updates in the morning.

    I will be out of town from Friday night to Sunday night, look for Graham (Muttonchops) to fill in as he is able for die rolls.

  52. no other penalties from ignoring the mark (no radiant damage whatsoever, my charisma really is that low), yes I used feats to increase the things that seem high, no I don't really know if marking someone is remotely a good idea in this style of arena, so I thought this first online game was a good place to try it.

    And holy mackerel, I am loving team deathmatch, and round 1 isn't even over yet!


    Dav'd is Bloodied.

  54. Nelphine, you get an official Angille Badass Point for your optimization-fu!

  55. Whoa, slipped up a bit there.

    Ugarth is granting combat advantage to all attackers until the end of Dav'd's next turn; thus, a hit for 13 damage instead of a miss for 6. This also chews up his half-orc 5 temporary hit points. He is still bloodied, but not out!

  56. Odessobot teleports in, and upon seeing no immediate threat from the lowly fleshbots, engages his thrusters and moves down the stairs and straight to the armory of last resort for an upgrade. Upon installation of the Lost Crown of Tesh-naga, Odessobot commands the fleshbot CT to change his primary directive.

    Double move from Spawn point 1 (down stairs to H5, then around lake to J9).
    Free action: Grab Lost crown of Tesh-Naga
    Use at-will power of Crown, trying to dominate CT Feltek (he looks like a robot right now anyways, why isn't he on our side?).

  57. Tech: (17)+6= 23 vs. CT Feltek's formidable Will 18; HIT! Remember that ALL of Odesso's defenses are boosted by 1 while he wears the crown.

    Respawn (2)

  58. Alecto (notice the 't')
    Minor: Wizard's Fury (shoot Magic missiles as a minor action until end of encounter)
    Standard: Magic Missile Dav'd (R18), auto hit damage 7
    Move: move to Q2

  59. Thanks, AlecTo!

    Tech: Kludge Respawn on 3, wachaa! End of Round 1 forthcoming!

  60. Kludge's calloused fingers curl into hammer-like fists as he grips destiny with all his prodigious strength and shouts "Qapla'!"

    The green machine opens a can of whup-ass on Feltek.

    Standard - Open the Gate of Battle. +4 Dex vs Reflex. If Feltek has taken no damage so far, I deal 3d10 +4.
    If I hit, trigger Furious Assault (+1d8 dmg).
    If I hit, trigger Takedown Strike (+4 dmg and prone).
    If I hit, trigger Stone Fist Flurry of blows (+7 dmg to Feltek and 11 dmg to DAV'D.

    If I kill Feltek & DAV'D, trigger KILLING SPREE!

    Waiting on attack results before declaring my move and minor action.

  61. Sorry for the delay!

    Tech: (6)+4+2[Combat Advantage]= 12 vs. Feltek's Reflex of 18; Miss!

    .... Sorry! Kind of a let-down. Proceed with the rest of your turn.

  62. Hey everyone, just dropping an introduction here. I'll be filling in for Ross starting tonight through Sunday. There's only been one death so far, you guys are a sad lot! I expect fields of carnage by Monday!

  63. Is Og unconscious? It looks like he's taken 31dmg. Is he still invis?

  64. "Robots.. are.. superior. Metal.. shall.. not.. fall.. to.. flesh. Die.. infidel.. fleshbags." Feltek ignores the mass of putrid orcflesh around him, and listens to the glorious whispers of Odesso. The metallic creature is beautiful and will surely grant him the strength to defeat many more orcs this day. (Gah, why did the dominate have to hit my vaunted will defense? Why? Now the devoted champion of the Nature Gods might unknowningly hurt something beautiful and natural.. like a human. Although those silly orcs and robots, well, I don't mind hitting them. Nor drow-bots and tiefling-bots or any other kind of fleshbot, but I suspect the Odessobot won't make me hurt those guys.)

  65. Og is unconscious and dying, and technically still invisible.

  66. Og is unconscious (back when Morthos hit him), and probably actually declaring himself dead (he did declare himself dead, but was asking about when he needed to do that, so it looks like Casey was waiting for confirmation that that happened.) Actually, to our lovely DMs could we get a 'damage taken' spot added to the current roster? Makes it easier on those of us who haven't set up an entire spreadsheet of our own yet.

  67. FREE ACTION triggered by Stone Fist Flurry of Blows miss


  68. via email: With a muttered curse, Kludge takes off due north.

    Kludge moves to R10 with Open The Gates, preventing Dav'd OA attack, and CT Feltek (being dominated) not being able to make an opportunity attack.

    Alluring Greed Tech:

    (Note: When in doubt, I will always choose the option of higher damage. More gibs = more fun.)

    Renato: (17)+6= 23 vs. Will 14; Hit!

    Ugarth: (1)+6+2 [Combat Advantage]= HUMILIATION! The Dungeon Master is knocked prone.

    Dav'd: (3)+6= 9 vs. Will 16; Miss!

    T Grumpkin: (20)+6= CRITICAL HIT!
    Save vs Hazardous Terrain (8); Fail! T Grumpkin is prone at T16.

    Og: (18)+6= 24 vs. Will 7 [-5 defenses when unconscious]; Hit!
    Save vs Hazardous Terrain (6); Fail! Og takes (9)+(7)= 16 damage!

    P3-10R: (20)+6= CRITICAL HIT!

    Morthos: (13)+6= 19 vs. Will 12; Hit!
    Save vs Hazardous Terrain (14); Pass! Morthos is prone at K4.

    CT Feltek: (10)+6+2 [Combat Advantage]= 18 vs. Will 18; Hit!
    Save vs Hazardous Terrain (16); Pass! CT Feltek is prone at P16

    Odesso: (8)+6= 14 vs. Will 16; Miss!

    Alecto: (18)+6= 24 vs. Will 14; Hit!

    Kludge: (7)+6= 13 vs. Will 13; Hit! Blocking terrain prevents