Play-by-Post: Match #1 - Smack Talk!

Team 3 has a few words for their rivals!


  1. Team 3, I want to thank you for putting so much more time into your game-face than your game. I'm sure that modeling your team after a Hugh Jackman movie sounded like a good idea at the time, but let's be honest--Real Steel is Rock-'em, Sock-'em Robots and we all know that a quick uppercut is all it takes to take you down.

    -WetwORCS (team2)

  2. Aww! Look at the orcs trying to pretend they're literate. It's adorable!

  3. Hey, at least that was entertaining. So far Team 1's got "I'm Sarah Conner."

    It's gonna take a bit more than an uppercut from some Wet-behind-the-ears-wORCs to take out these cool, calculating, uncaring machines!

    Post-apocalypse, we'll see who's still standing!

  4. And I would like to thank you, Mr Shaven, for painting a giant target on your back.

  5. One Down!

    How much more preferable would it be if they BOTH lost, yeesss...