Online Live Event: Friday March 1st


Let's maybe backtrack a bit and not bite off quite so much at once. Dungeon Master Ross is pulling together a single FTDM match, online but live via the Roll20 app, on Friday March 1st, 12:00 (Midnight), Eastern Standard Time. The match will be played on James Barlow's excellently designed E5M1: 2FORT.

The first eight players to Comment here or on the similar thread on our Google+ Community with a commitment to play get in.

If this event gets full and you want in, suggest a date, time, and map to play and the FTDM community will try and pull it together.

Play-By-Post Match 19 | Round 06


Google+ Community


A Google+ Community has been created for Fourthcore Team Deathmatch to better facilitate discussion on various topics: strategy, tactics, bloodshed, murder.


E0M3: Basic Training

As the GenCon 2013 Tournament of Champions, and other various events, loom black and approaching upon the deadly horizon, we look to sharpen our blades. To that effect, this article aims to provide some basic tips and tricks for newcomers to use when building their dungeoneers. After all, none of us want an easy victory. If we did, we wouldn't be playing Fourthcore. Thus, I encourage the FTDM veterans out there to lend in their suggestions as well. New players reading this and improving their skills will only serve to make a better deathmatch.

Play-By-Post Match 19 | Round 04


Baltimore Showdown 2013

He did not care any more. Life? Death? The same.
Only that the crowd would be there to greet him with howls of lust and fury!

Charm City Game Day 2013
Date: Saturday February 9th, 10:00am