Play-By-Post Match 18 | Round 07

Previous Rounds: 0102030405, 06


  1. CRIMSON DYNAMO comes back aboard, ready to incinerate his foes!

  2. and incinerate his foes he does!

    Spawn at teleport pad 1 with no telefrag. Dammit.
    Walk to D6.
    Elementally Escalated Bolt vs Kathy Griffin and Lady Gaga.
    vs LG - 14 hit
    vs KG - 12 hit
    25 Damage gibs Lady Gaga (who was at 7) and reduces Kathy Griffin to -1.
    Can you say
    Free slide to D8.
    Minor pick up the Portal Gun the fried Lady Gaga dropped.
    Action Point
    Elemental Bolt vs Anwar Sadat.
    17 hits. 19 damage takes him to 7 and bloodied.
    Action Points in reserve: 1
    Kill count: Climbing.

  3. Last needed die roll was at 8:50am EST, meaning Xann is ...

    !!! DELAY-GIBBED !!!

  4. Work has me traveling, so no fluff, sorry everyone.

    Spawn at G6.
    Standard - Charge Anwar Sadat with Howling Strike. 16 vs AC hits. 19 damage takes him negative but doesn't do the deed.
    Action Point - Howling Strike Part II, Electric Boogaloo. 20 vs AC hits. 13 damage takes Anwar Sadat to negative bloodied and GIBBED.

  5. Asar-Segt (Since you seem incapable of pronouncing my name) has concealment, the 16 misses. For the second attack, Immediate Interupt: Darkspiral Aura - Pimp takes 3d6 damage

    1. Yes, was informed of that. My apologies and correction on turn. Instead of the Howling Strike it'll be Resurgent Strike (with the hopes that the extra damage would do the deed). The original damage of 13 was 1W + 1d6. Adding roll for additional 1d6 for weapon damage and 2d6 for Furious Assault (which had been factored into original damage).
      Ends up being a total of 21 damage, taking Asar-Segt to -15.
      Darkspiral Aura does 9, taking the pimp to 19, plus 4 temps from Resurgent Strike.

    2. I'm going to wait for a ruling from Ross over whether you can change what the attack was after the fact and add decide to add in Furious Assault.

    3. Furious Assault had been factored into the first attack, so it only make sense to use it in the second attack.

    4. (Mills Lane voice): I'll allow it as posted. Assuming Roll 20 verifies these die rolls, Asar-Segt gets gibbed and Lyth respawns, map updates at 730am.

      !!! YOU HAVE LOST THE LEAD !!!


    5. Wow - close game guys. Are we gonna see that three-team brawl that sounds so awesome? (Sesame Street's not gonna just *let* it happen, but it'd still be neat to see)

    6. Neat to see, VERY DIFFICULT TO DM!


      Upon further review of the field, Scarlet Pimp Ernell has been forbidden to change the attack power used, since the attack roll was already made and known. However, Furious Assault was still available and triggers on a hit, dealing its additional 2d6 damage.

      Asar-Segt takes 13 damage from Howling Strike II, (2)+(2) damage from Furious Assault, and is dazed at -11 HP; maintaining the lead.

    7. Let me emphasize how tense this now is: Asar-Segt is 2 HP away from losing the lead and changing the entire dynamic of this match.

  6. That last ruling was very contentious and has major implications to strategy and available timing. Dungeon Master is setting the 12-hour Timer start to 8:11am (EST).

  7. A pillar of bright white light appears, as blinding as it is horrifying. The Mother of Beasts has arrived. "Let this be finished," she growls while pointing her axe at the buffoon on the chair.


    Spawn in G6.

    minor: Healing Word on Asar-Segt. He regains 6+(6) hp, putting him not dying at 12 hp, and he has a +2 power bonus to attacks.

    Move: F6>E6>D6>C5>B5>C5, moving into and back out of Baron's space as per Rage ability.

    Standard: Healing Strike on the Baron: (15)+7=22 vs. AC 15, HIT! 2d12+1d12(rage bonus)+1d12(furious assault)+5 adds up to, after 1 brutal re-roll, to (5)+(5)+(5)+(4)+5= 24 radiant damage, dropping the Baron from 14 to -10 and DYING. Kathra spends a healing surge and is now conscious at 8 hp.

    Note: the Baron gets an OA for me passing through his space.

  8. [TECH]
    Red Baron's OA: (9)+3 vs. AC 18; miss!

    RED SKULL starts his turn dying and must choose if he wishes to Respawn or not at this late stage in the game.

  9. [IC]
    "Death... I embrace thee." And the Red Skull perishes, only to reappear on the teleportation pads fully revitalized. "Time to die, 'gods.' I am the only god here!"

    *Respawn at Teleport Pad 2
    *Standard: Greenflame Blade vs Kathra (+7 vs AC, +2 from CA, +9 vs AC total; 25 vs AC 17, HIT for 1d8+4 fire damage (7 fire)
    **Kathra is at 1 HP
    *Move: Fey Step to G5, Free MBA vs Kathra (+6 vs AC, +2 from CA, +8 vs AC total; 25 vs AC 17, HIT for 1d8+3 damage (7 damage)
    **Kathra is at -6 HP
    *Free 3 sq teleport from Vanishing Blade to F8
    *Minor: Mark Asar-Segt with my Aegis
    "GET OVER HERE!!!"

    1. [TECH]
      Action Point: Charge Kathra, (+6 vs AC, +1 charge, +2 from CA, +9 total; 13 vs AC 17 MISS)


    A hard fought match that was just one or two dice rolls away from slanting the other direction.

    A big round for such an astounding showing from Team Red Alert, half of which have just cut their teeth on FTDM for the first time in this utterly brutal and cutthroat tournament! Until next time!


    As many of you are aware, Fourthcore Team Deathmatch has a number of fun events coming up soon.

    In the Baltimore/DC area this weekend we have an event at a local convention where we expect to get three full teams involved and do a similar Round-Robin style matches.

    Saturday mornings in March we will be starting a series of 'live on the internet' matches, using Roll20 as a basis and Google+ hangouts for its voice, video and recording capabilities.

    And of course, the grand spectacle of FTDM revelry and chaos that will be at GenCon this year with our Open Play, Tournament, and Post-Tournament Bunker Party.


  11. Hard fought indeed. Good game all!