Play-By-Post Match 18 | Round 06

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    Preemptively, he has alreday posted his turn:

    1. To be reposted to begin the next round:

      Much like Iron Man, the Crimson Dynamo announces his return with music. Much, much, shittier music.

      Poppin foes with my arcana, just like a wizard
      When we fight we do it right like we cooking gizzards
      Sippin potions in my armor, in my armor, like its remix
      Now I'm feelin like respawning in G6
      Spawn in G6, Spawn in G6

      Tech: Respawn at G6 (like a G6 like a G6)
      Standard - Elementally Escalated Bolt at Anwar Sadat and Lady Gaga. +6 vs Reflex
      AS - (16)+6=22 HIT
      LG - (15)+6=21 HIT
      Damage 1d12+1d10+1d6+11 = 22
      Lady Gaga is gibbed at -12.
      Anwar Sadat is at -6 and dazed again.
      Free action to shift to G4.
      Minor action to pick up the Rocket Launcher in H4.
      Minor action to cock the Rocket Launcher.
      Action Point to drop a rocket at E4. Damage 6d6=22
      Vs Kathy Griffin - (9)+8=17 HIT
      vs Xanadu - (7)+8=15 HIT? (I can't remember if you get the defense bonus for ranged while prone if it's a burst attack - if so, use Heroic Effort to make it a hit).
      KG is bloodied and at 13.
      Xanadu is bloodied and near death at 2.

      Geoff S Feb 2, 2013, 3:12:00 AM
      Boo this man! Then cheer this man!

      Alton Feb 2, 2013, 6:48:00 AM
      A clarification...

      I posted earlier that Kathra spent her second wind but regained no HP, but she did gain a +6 to her AC until the start of her next turn.

      The rocket launcher attack misses. 11 HP damage and at 24 HP.

  2. OOC: hahahaha, in the video, I just realized they have the Keep on the Shadowfell maps on their table.

  3. So is Xann delay gibbed? More than 12 hours have passed since I posted.

  4. Sorry, I've been out today. The round started at 7: 42.

  5. No fluff today children.


    Minor: slide Baron to C4 then transporter 3.
    Minor: Slide pimp to C4 then E2, causing him to leave Kathra's zone. He takes and is prone.
    Minor: Slide myself into the captain's chair.

    1. Xann has taken a literal and strict interpretation of the 12-hour timing rule, and as such he shall receive a literal and strict interpretation of his stated action.


      Otherwise, as per Rules Compendium, all stated actions are legitimate.

      Scarlett Pimp Ernrell starts his turn bloodied, prone, marked; but also alive and clutching the Aperture Sciences Portal Gun.

  6. Pimpin ain't easy, and neither is posting from a party. So just the tech...

    Move - stand.
    Minor - Portals are now at B5 and D5.
    Standard - Charge AS with Howling Strike. 24 vs AC is a hit, 13 damage gibs AS.

    1. Do you have LOS from E2 to Asar-Segt? Also, I don't think it's a legal move anyway because of the lateral movement from E2-E3, which doesn't move you closer to AS.

    2. The Mother of Beasts has the cunning of a viper and the cruelty of mankind. The portals need line of sight, and one cannot charge around a corner.

      The Dungeon Master will now interpret the stated actions in the best way he can while maintaining legality:

      Scarlett Pimp Ernell stands, summons portals at D5 and C5, then charges Kathra; keeping the attack and damage rolls.

      Charge: (13)+11 vs. AC 17+6; hit!
      for (2+1+5)+5 = 13 damage.

      Kathra is bloodied at 11 HP and Lyth may now take her turn!

    3. At the beginning of the match you said that the corners in the weapons locker were soft corners. So moving from E3 to F4 is legal.

    4. Ah, I see what you're saying. He could go from E3 to F4 to G5; straight line always moving closer to the target and ends next to Asar-Segt in the shortest possible amount of movement. All that adds up to a Charge!

      Asar-Segt is gibbed, Kathra is much healthier (though standing on a teleporter), and Lyth's time continues to tick away.

  7. I then use my Warden's grasp to slide pimp into G6.

  8. No time for flavor.


    Spawn in G6, telefragging the pimp.

    Minor: pick up the portal gun.

    Move as minor: activate the portal gun to move the portals to G4 and I5.

    Standard: Healing Strike against Red Baron. +7 vs. AC, 2d12(brutal 2)+5, on a hit use furious assault for another 1d12 (brutal 2), and Xann spends a healing surge.

    1. Also, the gravity gun is not in my possession. It it on the ground where I died in C6.

    2. [TECH]

      Healing Strike: (11)+7 vs. AC 15; hit!
      for (10)+(6)+5 = 21 damage

      After his plasma shielding temporary hit points take a beating, The Red Baron is left still standing at just 1 hit point!!!

      FOURTHCORE: It's no fun till you're at 1.

      Red Skull, go go go!

    3. And on a hit, Furious Assault deals another (1) damage!

      No! BRUTALITY!!!

      The Furious Assault deals an additional (9) damage, dropping Red Baron to the floor at -8 HP.

      Xann heals to 8 HP.

    4. Xann also has a +2 power bonus to attacks until the end of my next turn from the healing power (Battle Cleric's lore).

  9. [OOC]
    It's the Super Bowl, gents, so watching the Ravens stomp the 49ers takes precedence over flavor. I'm going to eat so much crow if the 49ers somehow win this.

    *Move: Fey Step to C5, Free MBA w/ CA vs Xann. +8 vs AC, 17 vs AC 15 for a HIT for 1d8+3 damage (7 damage, Xann is at 1 HP)
    *Standard: Luring Strike w/ CA vs Xann, +9 vs AC, 12 vs AC 15, MISS. Effect still allows a shift before or after the attack, Shift to C6
    *Minor: Pick up Gravity Gun

    1. Womp! I use form of the Willow Sentinel power. Attack misses, still gives -2 to attack for ally and half damage to Skull.

      rolling 1d20 + 6
      (12)+6 = 18
      vs AC

      Miss half damage
      (4+1)+6 = 11
      reroll 1 brutal 1 weapon
      rolling 1d6
      (3) = 3
      Total 13 half of that is 6.


    2. Red Skull used Fey Step last round. Dungeon Master rules the teleport into a shift and melee basic attack against Xann is thrown out.

    3. So I am going based on the information provided that luring strike still goes off and damage still on skull, he shifts and grabs gravity gun.

  10. "My Ally is in trouble". She turns and lunges at Lyth and shoves her out of the way teleporting her to safety. Kathra then teleports herself to the console, and pulls the level and Skull appears beside her.

    "TAG! You are both ITS"

    Standard Action: Bull Rush Lyth
    rolling 1d20
    (14) = 14
    14 misses fortitude, but because allies are considered helpless a 19 fort. hits.
    Pushing lyth into 3 and I into 1
    She teleports to D9 and I teleport to H4

    Move: I activate the teleport machine on Skull
    Random d6 roll with
    rolling 1d6
    (6) = 6
    to port Skull down to orange.
    Free Action: mark both Skull and Dynamo

  11. Es ist Zeit, den Senf schneiden ... Dampf! (It's time to cut the mustard...gas!)
    The Baron appears and sees a pathetic Xanadu in the Captain's chair.
    You are a disgrace to that chair! Sending a barrage of bullets at Xanadu, he roller skates haphazardly around the corner and is started by the ghostly visage
    of Linda Ronstadt! Out of sheer reactionary terror he fires off a Magic Missile.
    Using his Arcane Storm the Baron slides himself to a telepad, teleporting him to the chair El Capitan!
    He also moves his teammate out of harms way (for now).
    The Baron punches the Nerve Gas. The little girl screams of Xanadu, curdle even his seasoned Veteran blood.
    Linda Ronstadt used to excessive hair spray from 80's hair survives. Hopefully not for long.

    Tech: Respawn at G6.
    Cast Charm of Misplaced Wrath on Xann first roll is 8+6=14-2 due to prone target vs 13 Will
    Elven Accuracy: 10+6-2= 14 vs 13 Hit
    Slide Xann to D7, basic attack, if Xann has Magic Missile, I force the only attack valid attack possible to be Magic Missile
    Lith takes 7+2= 9dmg
    Sustain Minor Arcane Whirlwind: slide to H6 Telepad 3 teleporting to B5.
    Convert Move to Minor: Slide Red Skull to I6 teleporting to D5.
    Action Point: Activate Nerve Gas roll +6 vs Fort on Linda 7+6= miss half dmg 10 damage
    roll on Xanadu 16+6=22 hit 20 damage

    1. Wow, lots of action happening very quickly!

      Note: Magic Missile has no damage roll, so Lyth is refunded 2 HP to be bloodied at 7 HP.

      Both teams take a death, making Team Red Alert still trailing by 2. We've got just over 41 hours remaining in the match, just enough time to see some hustle and close that gap!

      Asar-Segt Respawns!

  12. Asar-Segt's turn has been emailed in this round and will be resolved following my Monday Morning Meeting!

    Hello, Mighty Dungeon Master!

    a side note: Red Skull should be in D5 from Red Baron moving him there.

    Jon asked us to email in his turn because he has limited internet access just now. Here goes:


    Respawn in G4, telefragging Crimson Dynamo.

    Minor: pick up the Rocket Launcher.

    Standard: Cast the spell Grasp of the Iron Tower on Red Skull:
    Attack: +6 vs. Fort
    Hit: 2d10+1d6 {curse} +5 damage and he cannot move closer to Asar-Segt on his turn.
    Miss: Asar-Segt takes 1 damage and makes a secondary attack vs. Red Baron
    Attack: +6 vs. Fort
    Hit: [2d10+5]/2 damage, and the Baron cannot move closer to Asar-Segt on his turn.

    Note: The attack is +6 and not +5 because of prime shot on the "to-hit" roll
    Note: if the hit bloodies Red Skull but does not reduce to 0 hp or fewer, then Asar-Segt's Dark Spiral increases by one and Red Skull is no longer cursed. If the hit reduces to 0, then the Dark Spiral increases by 1 and Skull stays cursed.

    Move: shift to H5, teleporting to E2, giving him concealment from Shadow Walk.


    1. The Baron takes 10 thunder damage from Xann Thunderlord's Stormhawk's Vengeance after the Nerve Gas attack.

      For Asar-Segt:

      Graps of the Iron Tower: (9)+6 vs. Fortitude 13; hit!
      for (6)+(7)+(3)+5 = 21 damage!
      Red Skull is dropped to 0 HP on the nose!


    The doomsday clock counts down to the impending end of this Match, continued onto Round 07: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2013/02/play-by-post-match-18-round-07.html