Online Live Event: Friday March 1st


Let's maybe backtrack a bit and not bite off quite so much at once. Dungeon Master Ross is pulling together a single FTDM match, online but live via the Roll20 app, on Friday March 1st, 12:00 (Midnight), Eastern Standard Time. The match will be played on James Barlow's excellently designed E5M1: 2FORT.

The first eight players to Comment here or on the similar thread on our Google+ Community with a commitment to play get in.

If this event gets full and you want in, suggest a date, time, and map to play and the FTDM community will try and pull it together.


  1. I'm in! This sounds amazing. I'm already working on builds for this map.

  2. Talked to wife - I'm golden!

    Next step is seeing if locals are interested in a team...

  3. Sweet! Jon and Joe Stroup signed up via the G+ post, so weve got 5 players already.