Play-By-Post Match 19 | Round 04


  1. Elmo dies, all creatures take 1 thunder damage from the Succubus Queen's shriek, and then Elmo Respawns at Location (1)

    1. I think Elmo died already, and we already took the damage from it.

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    3. Aha! I stand corrected. Elmo died via CHASM OF DISCIPLINE; I was thinking he was just dying at the start of his turn and Respawn'ed. I'm going into Roll20 now and adjusting everyone's HP 1 point as needed.

  2. AP: move to F13
    Move: Open Gates movement (8 total) to I16, then through portal to H8. Jump over telethrower = 13+8=21 = Sucess.
    Standard: Open Gates on Xann, 5+6 = 11 vs 16, miss.
    Minor: Throw hissy fit and blame Dorothy for distracting me.

    1. +8 is autosuccess, so isn't the 13 the attack roll?

      *completely innocent face*

    2. And did Elmo's skull get added twice? Once for the Chasm, and once for respawn?

  3. It would have been autosuccess, but I assume Bryan called out pb Roll20, "hey, this is my jump roll. Hey, this is my attack."

    You are though correct about the skulls, score is 4:2.

  4. GM is correct - I specifically rolled once for each for completeness. I flat missed.

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    2. The Athletics check to jump the chasm is DC 10, unless you have a running start, in which case it is DC 5.

      Running start is defined as moving at least 2 squares prior to the jump.

      How does Kathra have a running start?

    3. This is, of course, just talking about the jump to square E16. Going back to the "mainland", as it were, would require another Athletics check.

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  6. Allright everyone. Sorry for the confusion and mass emails sent out for this last turn.

    To clarify, Kathra tried to telestop into Cookie. Cookie decided to use his chaos device that he received last round. This boon was not listed on the token and was not mentioned by the player either.

    Based on the new information, Kathra would not have posted her turn as such to use the telethrowers to push Cookie. Went to DM.

    The ruling from the DM says that Kathra can restart her turn from the second jump.

  7. Skipping! Skipping! Skipping!

    Xann needs me!!! I jump into the portal, onto the grate frying oscar and Ernie, but Lyth also. OOPS!!

    previous rolls 6+8=10 athletics, running start second jump auto success.

    OK so I hope I placed everything how it was before
    With the boon of Haste from the powerup.rolled 5. Kathra's run speed is 9.
    I provoke from Elmo when I reach H9
    From Steven N.
    +6 vs AC MBA
    rolling 1d20+6
    (2)+6 = 8

    Marc T.:I step onto the violet switch with my 17th square of movement and activate demon mouth trap 4 catching Oscar, Ernie and Lyth.
    and then end my move in H9 by stepping back out of Xann's square.Will then mark Elmo
    so Lyth, Elmo, and Oscar take 10 fire and necrotic damage from the trap.

  8. RAGE


    Spawn in location (2).

    Move: to H6

    Standard: Pressing Strike, shift 2 squares before the attack to the power up, gain (1): CHAOS DEVICE. Attack: (8)+7+2(CA)=17 vs AC 19, MISS.

    If Cookie Monster opts to use his Chaos Device, then I will revise.

  9. Map updated.

    Lyth's Respawn earns team Pantheon another skull and deals 1 thunder damage to all! I assume that wasn't included anywhere, since it wasn't written out. The net result should thus be:

    Ernie 17 HP
    Oscar 4 HP
    Asar-Segt -5 HP
    Cookie Monster 17 HP, 9 temp HP
    Elmo 21 HP
    Xann 20 HP
    Kathra 32 HP

    Game on!

  10. No time for fluff.


    Move: walk to I9 then back to H8, provoking from the marked Elmo.
    Trigger trap 4 for 10 fire and necrotic against Oscar and Ernie.

    Standard + Minor: Magic Missile vs Elmo (two times), for 14 damage to him, 10 damage to Cookie, Ernie and Oscar, and 10 healing to Xann, Asar-Segt, Lyth and Kathra.

    Not accounting for the OA,

    Ernie should be at -3
    Oscar at -14 and gibbed
    Cookie Monster at 16
    Elmo at 7
    Xann at 24
    Asar-Segt at 5
    Kathra at 35

    Roll20 not updated (I'm about to go into meetings all morning).

    1. While I'm happy to roll for people, I would feel much more comfortable with a "green light" from one of Sesame Street before committing any of their dungeoneers to a potentially nasty mark violation. I'll let Oscar (or whoever) make that decision on his upcoming turn.

      Otherwise, map and stats updated. Oscar Respawns at Location (1)!

    2. Looking back, Oscar wouldn't have been gibbed outright by the whip (not that it matters much) and the Queen's shriek hasn't been accounted for.

    3. You have a green light to have Elmo OA Xann... There may also be modifiers if he hits.

    4. Opportunity Attack: (5)+6 -2 {marked} vs. AC 11; miss!

    5. "You will not attack my collegue!!!" Kathra's skin hardens further and she attempts to step in from of Elmo's attack. She manages to trip Elmo up doing some partial damage to him.

      Immediate Interrupt
      Form of the Willow sentinel power: +6 to attack AC
      rolling 1d20+6
      (4)+6 = 10 miss but the power still does half damage.

      rolling 2d6+6
      (5+6)+6 = 17
      8 damage to Elmo, bringing him down to -1 and Elmo would have gotten a further -2 to the attack roll.

  11. Sorry, Asar-Segt should be at 10

  12. “Oh, good, no one’s here to bug me. Finally,” Oscar looks around and then says, “Ah, hell! Life’s no fun if I can’t annoy people.” Oscar jumps into the teleporter.

    Move: Move off and on the teleporter (1)… we are having no luck. Well, Oscar moves to D11.
    Standard -> move: Run to F14 and grab a goody (1) Chaos devise, and then move to E13 (on the demon mouth)
    Minor: Dump the roll d20 dice into the Chasm of Discipline.

  13. fluff later:

    Minor: Curse Cookie Monster
    Standard: Armor of Winter's Grasp - 1d20(15)+5 = 20 vs Fort 13 [HIT] Damage:2d6(5)(2)+5+1d6(1) = 13 damage & slowed

    Waiting on my move to see if cookie uses the chaos device

    1. Cookie confirmed with me not using Chaos Device.

    2. tech: Asar-Segt runs to K3, over the power-up (8 - Invisibility) and over the switch in I3. This Provokes from Cookie prior to getting the invisibility power-up.

      Cookie OA: 1d20(13+3 -2(prone) +2 CA)=16 vs AC 15+2(Armor of Winter's Grasp effect) [MISS]

      Switch: 1d6(3)

      Cookie took 13 damage from the attack, goes down to 3hp
      Cookie & Lyth take 10 damage from the switch
      Cookie is at -7
      Lyth is down to 14

      Asar-Segt has concealment for moving more than 3 squares, & Armor of Winter's Grasp increased his AC & Fort by 2. Cookie was marked, so the Darkspiral aura increases to 3

    3. Ernie respawns at 1d4(4) - (Rolled by Steven N.)
      Everyone takes 1 damage.

      Asar-Segt: 9
      Xann: 23
      Kathra: 34
      Lyth: 13

      Cookie: -8
      Ernie: 28
      Elmo: -2
      Oscar: 30


    Marc asked me to double check the score, and in doing so have developed this.

    - ROUND 01 -

    No deaths.

    SCORE 0:0

    - ROUND 02 -

    Elmo, delay gib
    Cookie Monster, pushed into Chasm of Discipline

    SCORE 2:0

    - ROUND 03 -
    Asar-Segt, gibbed via telethrow
    Kathra, Respawn
    Elmo, pushed into Chasm of Discipline
    Ernie, Respawn

    SCORE 4:2

    - ROUND 04 -

    Lyth, Respawn
    Oscar, gibbed via Whip of Pain


    1. So correct me if I'm wrong.

      Also, Asar-Segt normally has AC 13 & Fortitude 12, but the token has been permanently adjusted to AC 15 & Frotitude 14 to represent the effect of Armor of Winter's Grasp. Jon mistakenly doubled up that bonus on his post (Feb 15th 12:36AM EST), turning that missed opportunity attack into a hit. Dungeon Master applies 2d6+2 = 2+3+2 = 7 damage to Asar-Segt. He is at 2 HP.

    2. John mentioned having concealment in roll20. If so, the 17 would be correct. If he could confirm, though, that would be helpful.

      We missed the shriek damage from Oscar, which happened after my whip attack as I didn't do enough damage to gib him outright.

      Thus, I think the hp should be

      Asar-Segt: 8 (or 1 if no concealment)
      Xann: 22
      Kathra: 33
      Lyth: 12

      Cookie: -9
      Ernie: 28
      Elmo: -3
      Oscar: 30

    3. It's true. He has concealment from his Shadow Walk class feature.

    4. Ah, ok. I hadn't realized that my defenses had already been adjusted, so I applied the +2 to Fort/AC again on top of what was already listed. I did have concealment, but hadn't listed it to the side, so I wasn't sure if it counted.

      So 8 HP or 1 HP, whichever the DM judges I won't argue with.

    5. We cool. The net result AC is thus the same, so I'll refund Asar-Segt the HP.

    6. Is Ernie's most recent respawn reflected in the score?

    7. ooooohhhh I see. No one ever changed Ernie's HP to -3 from Xann's turn. Brendan says -3, then shortly after Jon says 28 HP.

      GUESS WHAT DM FIAT: We're keeping the game moving and not stopping to sip tea and discuss. Team Sesame Street takes a death and Ernie is considered to have recharged all of his encounter powers, etc. as per Respawn. He is where he is.

  15. Ernie skips back into the arena, whistling a dirge. The telethrower throws muppets around like nobody's business, positioning Ernie for the perfect storm!

    Alas, 'tis not to be. Asar-Segt's dead ears hear not the horrific dirge that Ernie whistles. And Lyth finds herself in a quantum state of Chaos.

    Move: Ernie runs to M-6, activating the telethrower.
       Telethrower: Ernie to J-6, Cookie to G-6 at -14 HP
    Minor: Healing Word on Cookie
       Effect: Cookie heals to (6)+7 = 13 HP
    Standard: Echoing Dirge, targeting Asar-Segt, then Lyth
       Attack vs A-S: (6)+4 +2 (CA run) -2 (concealment) -2 (cover) = 8 vs Will 16 - MISS!
       Attack vs Lyth: (12)+4 = 16 vs Will 11 - HIT!!
       Hit: (6)+4 = 10 psychic damage, push 2 to... nowhere. Lyth at 2 HP.

    I suppose Lyth has a chance to activate her Chaos Device. Looking at the character board, there are four Chaos Devices in the hands of conscious PCs? That's quite a lot of Chaos that can be unleashed in a single free action.

    1. Lyth does not use the Chaos Device at this time.

  16. Moving on! Cookie Monster is saved from the black hand of death and takes his turn.

    Map updated.

  17. Still dizzy from all the awesomeness that is Ernie, Cookie Monster slowly regains his feet and shuffles off to the side to regain his energy, greeting Elmo in the process.

    Move to stand
    Move to run to G3
    Minor for Healing Word: Gain (5)+7 HP to 25 and +2 attacks until end of next turn

    Elmo respawns at (2) and he and Cookie Monster high five


    Sesame Street is falling perilously behind, the fate of the entire tournament resting upon their shoulders. They came into this match with a very defensive strategy, a lot of marking capabilities, extra animal companions, and some of the highest defenses I've ever seen. Team Fourthcore Pantheon has been capitalizing the central area well and utilizing the clearly overpowered Whip of Pleasure & Pain; combining that with magic missile to brush off the entire notion of defenses and stick straight to the damage.

    Can anyone get a Heart Run? Reply looks hazy, although if it went to either team it would change the dynamics of the match considerably. In this twisting and turning maze, its very difficult to get the mobility needed. When this map first debuted, there was a lot of fear and speculation of a speed-themed team being unstoppable here. Not so! The 1 square corridors and 4E occupancy rules are quite the deterrant.

    The hellish nightmare-world of torment continues in Round 05: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2013/02/play-by-post-match-19-round-05.html