Play-By-Post Match 19 | Round 01


  1. "Oh, look, Dorothy! Elmo has new friends!"

    Fairly simple, as there's not a lot to do yet.
    Double Move: to K3, like a boss.

    1. An astute maneuver, as Kathra materializes AT Location (3), essentially locked in a room with Elmo and now threatened with a dreaded telefrag unless he can escape!

  2. "You are a puppet..Yes?" "Meet your new puppeteers!!!"

    Bull Rush Elmo
    rolling 1d20 + 4
    (20)+4 = 24
    24 vs Fortitude hits and push elmo one square south
    and I will run to D3 as a move and pickup the heart as a minor.

    Elmo gets opportunity action...if it wants it.

  3. Replies
    1. Quite clever! I cannot see a reason for Elmo to not take the OA, so I will roll for him:

      (13)+7 +2 {CA} vs. AC 17; hit!
      for (6)+3 damage; Kathra is down to 26 HP.

      A crawling fog heralds the arrival of Lyth, Mother of Beasts, at Location (3).

  4. "Those bending to the will of the gods are... puppets. How appropriate."


    Spawn in location (3).

    Move: Shift to K3.

    Standard: Attack Elmo with Thunder Hooves Rage: (3)+7=10 vs. AC 17, MISS:half damage. (6)+(3)+(5)+5=19. 19/2= 9 damage to elmo, putting him at 13.

    Effect: You enter the rage of the thunder hooves. Until the rage ends, you can move through one or two enemies’ spaces during each of your turns. When you move through an enemy’s space, your next attack against that enemy during the same turn deals 1[W] extra damage.

    minor: enter the CONTRA code.

  5. Thunder and lightning crash across the darkened corners of the ambulatory, heralding the arrival of Xann, Storm Lord of Tyranny.

    Respawn at Location (1).

  6. A flash of lightning and a roar of thunder herald the approach of the mighty Xann. Seeing no enemies to slay or make dance like pitiful fools, the god takes his chance with a random fire-spouting mouth trap, then flashes down to power up in anticipation of the arrival of his enemies.


    Move: Run, C11>C10>C11>D11>E11>F11>F12>F13.
    Demon trap (1) triggered, hitting naught but the ghost of the Succubus Queen's last concubine.

    Move: F14, then back to C11.
    Power up: (3), Chaos Device!

    Minor: Activate Wizard's Fury.

    1. Swirling green magic protects Xann in a shimmering field of teleportative wonders!

      Oscar the Grouch rolls his trashcan onto the scene at Location (2).

      John and James: if you would be so kind and if you have the chance, might you regale us with how you two feel as the returning veterans of this map, and now on different teams! Wherefore art thou robots?

    2. Well, let's see after a couple rounds what we're thinking. Oddly, Jon and I seem to have swapped builds since last time. (not 100% obviously, but now I've got the wall of fur, and he's got the revenant striker?)

      The changes in the map should make for more heart captures, and even without voidsouls might make the cloister viable too.

  7. OOC: Work computer browser incompatible w/ Rolld20 :(

    "Oh look at all the wonderful trash... discarded porn, used condoms... when did I get to Avenue Q. I'm going to LOVE it here! Ha, ha, ha."

    Turning to see the still beating heart sink into Kathra's chest, Oscar yells out, "Hey! Get away from the body part. I called dibs on all still living, disembodied orgens. Give it back!" Oscar moves with his rusty sword held menecingly.

    Move: to E3
    Minor: Divine Challenge on Kathra
    Standard: Attack Kathra w/ Majestic Halo +10 vs AC (8+2 due to running CA). Hit 3d8+5 damage, miss 1/2 damage. Effect: until end of encounter enemies starting adjacent to Oscar have a Divine Sanctum on them until the end of their next turn.
    Free: Sing "The Internet is for Porn"

    1. Rolling for Oscar in Roll20:
      (btw, after that roll, not doing that again)

      Majestic Halo: (3)+10 = 13 vs AC 17 - MISS!
      Half damage: (8)+(1)+(4)+5 = 18/2 = 9 damage, taking Kathra to 17 HP

      Asar-Segt (I believe in treating our opponents' names with respect - it's a thing I do) respawns at (1)

    2. It is much appreciated.

  8. Emailed in the nick of time:


    Move action: run to C10 and hit the skull trap, then back to archway 1 to teleport.

    If he lands in location 1, finish move action in C10, hitting trap.

    Move: run to D8.

    If location 2, finish move in G3.
    Minor: Curse Oscar
    Standard:Eldritch Blast vs Oscar
    +5 vs Ref
    d10+d6+5 psychic damage

    If location 3 finish move action in I3, hitting trap.
    Minor: Curse Elmo
    Standard: Spiteful Glamor vs Elmo
    +5 (cover?) vs Will
    Hit: d8+d6+5 damage.

    If location 4, finish move action in P7, hitting trap.
    Move: to O6, then back to P9.

    1. O6 hits the trap, not P7 in contingency 4. (Obvious yes, but thought I should clarify).

    2. OOC: Sorry for the last minute post-by-email. Got stuck in a meeting that ran 2 hours late, so wasn't able to do a proper post.

      As far as regaling you with stories of the past, if I remember correctly it was my ridiculous Wall-of-Fur build on this map that led to themes getting banned in FTDM. Basically, I was a druid & had the beastmaster theme, and had little animal buddies that ran around that I used to block passages and use as brakes for the telethrower. It was awesome.

      If I remember correctly, when we played on this map the opposing team had better builds and were more effective at killing us, but we had two awesome heart-runs, and that's what led us to victory. It really highlighted that idea of Tactics beating pure mechanical optimization that FTDM has.

    3. [OOC]

      Yeah I forget the exact sequence of events, but I definitely remember you're character pulling this crazy ass move getting "telethrown" into allies to get a heart in the pit. It was pretty epic.

  9. The foes of Asar-Segt are seared by the darkened flames of this god-forsaken hellhole. YOU ARE SEARED!!! Trap (3) triggers, burning Elmo for 10 fire & necrotic daamge and dropping him down to 3 HP.

    Asar-Segt uses the teleporters, but is dismayed to find himself right back at Location (1). Curses! Traps can only be triggered once per round, so he then spends a bunch of time running around.

    ERNIE Respawns at Location (4).

  10. Ernie tumbles out of the spawn-point with glee - "Go, Ducky, go! I'll hold the door open for you!" He jogs up to the Yellow Switch and does a brief handstand on it (which is hilarious when a Muppet does it) as Ducky travels the ether between chambers.

    Ernie continues on the taunt the thundering-hoofed goddess, as Ducky activates a Demon Mouth! Now, I don't know how many of you have recent experience with rubber ducks. If you don't rinse the insides with a bleach solution now and then, they get really disgusting inside. That is what comes spewing out of Trap # 2, all over Xann and Asar-Segt!

    Defender Aura: Active at start of match
    Minor: Spawn Duck-bear
    Move: Ernie runs to P-3. Duck-bear runs to L-13, jumping (4)+7 = 11 over the telethrower pad
    Standard as Move: Duck-bear runs to J-17, then H-8, then I-9. Ernie walks to L-3.
    Demon Mouth Trap: Duck-bear activates Trap 2, dealing 10 fire/necrotic damage to Xann and Asar-Segt, who are at 14 and 16 HP respectively.

    Cookie Monster respawns at (2).

    1. OOC: Hmm...quick rules question. If the trap is a burst 2 centered on the demon mouth, can it hit Xann? I don't remember all the rules for cover & bursts, but I don't think they can travel around corners like that, but since there's no line of effect from the source square to the square that Xann is in, I wasn't certain.


    2. Quite an astute observation, but only fitting, really, from the dark lord of magic, knowledge, and human sacrifice.

      Xann is protected by the walls of the ambulatory and does not take the damage, no line of effect.

      [OOC] By the way James, LOVE the extra effort you put in with your formatting. It goes a long way to keeping everyone understanding what you're doing and cutting down on confusion.

    3. The SE corner of E-9 has LoE to the SE corner of C-11. Xann has full cover against the trap, but the trap's not rolling a to-hit roll.

      I will obviously defer to whatever our illustrious DM decides.

    4. [OOC] Hey I'm not getting the overwhelming volume of responses that I had hoped for regarding the March Roll20 Live Tournament. At least for you guys, is the time of day a big impediment? Is it the dates? Does that kind of event simply not appeal to you?

    5. RE: Line of Effect

      Yeah I saw that, but that is definitely a hard corner. Does not a hard corner block line of effect?

    6. [OOC]

      RE: ROLL20 LIVE

      I work on Saturdays, 12-13 hour shifts, or I would. Mornings work just fine, it's just the day doesn't work for me. For my schedule, Sundays are ideal.

  11. Under "line of effect": A clear line from one point to another point in an encounter that doesn’t pass through or touch blocking terrain.

    It's the "touch" that's the kicker.

  12. OH NOES!!!

    After consulting Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, it was discovered that Animal Companions move AT THE SAME TIME as their masters. Hence, the Dungeon Master moves Ernie back onto the Yellow Key to allow Ducky all of his nefarious trap-triggering.

    GAME ON!

  13. Cookie Monster hops around the new area, trying to find someone not already playing with one of his friends. Peeking around a corner, he finds himself sneaking up on someone and leaps out to surprise them, accidentally giving them a heart attack.

    Move to F7, hopping over the telethrower, Athletics +5 with running jump grants auto-success (discussed with DM by email)

    Minor: Oath on Asar-Segt

    Standard: Angelic Alacrity
    Best of 2 grants (17) +6 = 23 vs anything Hits!
    4d6+6, brutal 1 damage is (6)+(3)+(4)+(3)+6 = 22, dropping Asar-Segt to -6

    1. I know D&D physics aren't overly realistic, but jumping around a hard corner seems a bit odd to me.

    2. Yes, rules-as-written this is totally illegal. And dumb. But I've kind of written myself into a corner, no pun intended, with the latest update of this map and am going to allow jumping over the Telethrowers.

      Play to the judge!

    3. I will, of course, play to the judge if that is your ruling. I am just not seeing, in the Ambulatory "Maps" description, where it says anything at all about jumping over telethrowers or other dungeoneer movement. What do you mean by "written myself into a corner"? What changed in the update that made this necessary?

      I am not trying to be antagonistic, I truly don't know what changes were made when to the map.

    4. No no, you're not being argumentative or anything.

      Originally, the telethrowers had some (in my opinion) clunky language allowing creatures to move over them if they were treated as difficult terrain. I thought that I was being clever by removing said language and just allowing the basic simple jumping rules to cover getting past them. Well, duh me!, that only really works for a limited number of cases. So... essentially I am allowing for the remainder of the match a DC 10 (DC 5 with a running start) Athletics skill check to safely traverse the telethrowers. Otherwise, heart runs are almost impossible to make.

  14. BAAAAACK to even further review, Ernie and Ducky move AT THE SAME TIME, meaning the second stated set of Move Actions happen in the order that he wants.

    Ernie chooses to move Ducky first, while his dungeoneer is sitting on the Yellow Key, and then moves Ernie to Lyth's right side.


    The high-intensity standoff continues into Round 02: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2013/02/play-by-post-match-19-round-02.html