GenCon 2013 Tournament of Champions

On Saturday August 17th, GenCon 2013 will be ground zero for carnage and slaughter, hosted by the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Dungeon Masters. Come alone or with friends, but leave only with honor, glory, and pride.

The tournament will consist of teams of 4 dungeoneers competing in a ladder bracket on the maps listed above. It is highly recommended that dungeoneers form their teams well ahead of time and develop a coherent strategy towards winning before coming to the event. However, lone wolf dungeoneers are more than welcomed at the tournament and will be placed in a team so as to best fill out all sides and ensure everyone has an ample opportunity at murder. The Dungeon Master is more than happy to help small groups or lone dungeoneers form teams beforehand. Email the Dungeon Masters and they will set you up!

Dungeoneers may compete in EITHER the Morning Entry Round (10:00 am) OR the Afternoon Entry Round (1:00 pm). The winning teams from each entry round will then be allowed to move on to the Championship Match (4:00 pm), there to compete for ultimate victory and the title of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS CHAMPIONS.

Teams have already started forming for these highly anticipated events. Don't miss this chance to seize your destiny and bathe yourself in glory!


Don't forget to stop by for a quick 45-minute Match on Thursday night in our Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Open Play!