Play-by-Post: Match 01 Round 02

Playoffs! 05 === wetwORCs 04 === QuadCore 06
E1M2: The Citadel
Sarah Connor - Renato - Ugarth - Dav'd - T Grumpkin - Og - P3-10R - Morthos - CT Feltek - Odesso - Alecto - Kludge

Round 2 - FIGHT!
Sarah Connor Respawn at Location #3, lashing out at Ugarth, and knocking Dav'd unconscious. Shifting past her foes, she then unleashes a wave of fire and brimstone.
Renato moves into position, and unleashes a fury of arcane power against Ugarth, Dav'd, Sarah Conner, and CT Feltek!
Ugarth is GIBBED!
Dav'D is GIBBED!
Sarah Connor is bloodied.
CT Feltek is bloodied.
Renato gains a KILLING SPREE!: Advances towards Odesso, opening the gate of battle, crushing him where he stood. Odesso is unconscious.
Ugarth comes back into the fray, and seeing a great opportunity he moves in to get some auto damage. An impressive display and a fantastic move, as he finishes off Odesso and knocks Renato unconscious! Interestingly, all that Armory of Last Resort treasure hasn't really gone that far from where it started at the beginning of the match.
Odesso is GIBBED!
Ugarth goes on a KILLING SPREE!!! Interestingly, this now puts Playoffs! in the lead for the moment. He then slashes his way through the spree and drops Morthos, and then goes on to crumple P3's face like a tin can! QuadCore is in trouble! P3-10R is bloodied!
Dav'D Respawn at Location 1. He reorients himself and showing a good grasp of the nuances of the map gets our first
TELEFRAG!!! on Alecto
Ooh, that's gotta hurt! He decides then to take a risky move, provoking an Opportunity Attack from the brutal, axe-swinging Ugarth and blasts with a point blank ranged attack. He hits, capitalizing on QuadCore's radiant mafia strategy, but it comes up just a hair short in the damage department and fails to give him a life saving Killing Spree. Is another Telefrag on the way?
Teddy Grumpkin gets moving and uses the teleporters to gib Dav'd.

TELEFRAG!!! on Dav'd
Another risky maneuver, as that #2 teleport site is proving to be a bloodbath. Teddy's gambit doesn't quite payoff, as he misses the Killing Spree and then gets.....
TELEFRAG!!! on T Grumpkin
As Og Respawn's into the game at Location 2! Friendly fire is a bitch! Og opens up with a dual volley of magic missiles, an old-school orc wizard if there ever was one, dropping both Playoffs! members Sarah Connor and CT Feltek, triggering a KILLING SPREE!!!
Og is on a streak, as he burns both Renato and Morthos with burning pitch; KILLING SPREE continues!
Renato is GIBBED!
Morthos is GIBBED!
He keep up the slaughter with more spell slinging at P3-10R, dropping the hardy droid; MORE F'ING KILLING SPREE!!! The only dungeoneers still standing being Og, Kludge, and Ugarth. Go team Orc!
[Killing Spree is getting nerfed HARD on the Dungeon Master's turn.]
P3-10R is up, and must choose to make a death save or just bite the bullet now and Respawn.
He takes the hit, Respawn on 1
and jumps into the fray, letting QuadCore slip behind. Taking a cautious approach, he pulls out some more goodies from the treasure pile.
Morthos Respawn at Location 1. A popular locale! He sees the perfect opportunity for a line effect, and rocks the leading-place orcs with a ballista bolt, pounding both Og and Ugarth. Ugarth still isn't dropped; this guy is unstoppable!
CT Feltek lies broken and dying on the parapet walls, shaking off his previous brain-washing, and hopes for a miracle. Let's hope the rest of Playoffs! can hold down the fort without him up and about.
Odesso Respawn at Location 2. Slicing and dicing he drops Ugarth. The big man finally falls!
Alecto Respawn at Location 4. Each team now has three dungeoneers on the board, some more conscious than others. He lets out a flurry of magic missiles at the magic missile man; a wizards' duel! Og is dropped!
Kludge leaps off the wall.... less than gracefully. Shaking the dust off, he is undeterred and charges into the steel-bodied P3-10R and crumbles his robotic frame. He takes it, and he throws it to the ground!

Alecto, Odesso, and Morthos are drawn towards the pile of treasures. Illogical.
Sarah Connor, Og, and Ugarth have their unconscious bleeding bodies are dragged towards the gold.
Og and CT Feltek, also unconscious, are dragged away towards the false promises of riches, and plumet to their deaths
CT Feltek is GIBBED!


Team wetwORCs are in the lead!


  1. I'll be taking over for Round 2, I expect a Massacre!

    Sarah Conner Respawns in Teleporter #3

  2. Sarah Connors steps through the teleport, eyes ablaze with anger as she shakes loose the visions of nuclear annihilation. The mechanical automaton in front of her causes the bile to surge in her throat as her motherly instincts rise and she lashes out at Dav'd.

    Tech: Earthen Hail +7v Fort v Dav'd (1d8+4) (if I hits he and Ugarth both take an additional 3 damage. My AC jumps to 24, Fort to 17, and CT would also get the bonus but it is a power bonus so I'm thinking it won't stack.)

    Will wait for resolution of this before declaring a move or minor.

  3. Tech:
    Atk: (16)+7 vs Dav'd Fort: Hit!
    Dmg: (1)+4 damage, plus an additional 3: 8 total

    Dav'd is DOWN!

    Power bonuses do not stack. He already has a +3 bonus, so a +2 would not change anything.

  4. Ugarth also takes the 3 as it creates a blast from R17-R19, T17-T19.

    I then move from Q17 to R19 and I let out a primal scream of rage, knowing I must fight for the future of all organic life as a burst emanates from my furious person.

    Tech: Minor Action Hellfire and Brimstone. A close burst 2 creates a zone centered on me, all other creatures within take 5 damage and any enemy in the zone takes a -2 penalty to all attacks and defenses.

  5. Ugarth took the 3, still standing.

    After the wave of fire and brimstone, some of the metal on Dav'd begins to melt (not -bloodied yet). Ugarth took the damage, but is still alive, and conscious.

  6. Quick run down, my defenses are 24/17/13/18, plus I have cover (-2 to hit me), and anything within 2 squares of me is at -2 atk and defenses.

  7. Sorry, an enemy within 2 of me.

  8. Gotcha, if that concludes your turn...


  9. RENALTO BURNS IN THE FIRE, MUAHAHAHA! (sorry, continue..)

  10. RENATO IS BURNING ALIVE! (thank you for reminding me :D )

    Tech: Renato starts his turn in the boiling lake of blood. He takes 15 fire damage. He is bloodied.

  11. Renato burning up will move out of the lava toward the pack of enemies congregating around the catapult. (Move H11-N11).

    Draw the wand of fireball and launch an arcane blast at R18. With the surge of adrenaline from the burning lava he musters up the energy to fire off another blast at the same area, making sure everything up there is good and dead (Action point, repeat the attack)

  12. Tech:
    CT Feltek (9)+8 vs Ref 18: Miss!
    Sarah Conner (16)+8 vs Ref 13: 11 damage
    Dav'D (13)+8 vs Ref 13: 11 damage
    Ugarth CRITICAL HIT! - 26 damage

    Dav'D reaches negative bloodied: GIBBED!
    Ugarth reaches negative bloodied: GIBBED!

    Action Point
    CT Feltek (18)+8 - 16 damage
    Sarah Conner (18)+8 vs Ref 13: 16 damage

    CTFeltek is bloodied
    Sarah Conner is bloodied

  13. Where's that half-damage on CT for the first miss Senor Muttonchops?

  14. It's probably full damage - I think he still grants CA from being dominated.

    Of course, the last thing I want is Renato getting Killing Spree from Ugarth and CT...

  15. You are correct, He is granting CA for being dominated, he gets hit.


    CT Feltek (9)+8+CA vs Ref 18: Hit!: 11 damage
    CT Feltek is still bloodied.

  16. Renato gains KILLING SPREE! from Ugarth, and Dav'D's death.

  17. Sarah ponders the nature of her hatred of the machines and wonders if man's incessant need for violence and slaughter is the root of the problem. Perhaps she should seek a Miles Dysonesque solution to her Renato problem.

  18. Sorry I had posted from my phone last night but I guess it didn't take. Move to towards Odesso with my fists raised (Move to K11). Open the gate of battle against Odesso (If the attack misses and a +4 would hit, use heroic effort). Channeling the martial spirit Renato flys into a flurry of blows against his target executing a takedown strike against his target.

    Game terms
    Open the gate of battle (move action to avoid attacks of opportunity)
    Open the gate of battle (Standard Action)
    Heroic Action (If necessary to get +4)
    Flurry of Blows (On HIt)
    Takedown Strike (4 damage and knocked prone)

  19. Received Email clarification of actions,

    Renato moves to K9.

    (15)+4 vs. Fort: Hit!
    (20)+11 damage (extra d10 for being full hp)

    Odesso is dropped to 0 or fewer, KILLING SPREE! triggers again.

  20. hey hey, I'm back!

    1). Thanks much to MuttonChops for lending a hand this weekend! An excellent job that I am sure is leaving everyone hungering for Match 02, hosted by MuttonChops!

    2). Let's try an keep rules questions off the comments and just via email. These things are getting pretty cluttered!

    3). I know everyone is excited, PUMPED!, for FTDM. The excitement is electric, and you can see it in your postings. But please, EVERYONE is trying to get their comments posted as soon as they can. No one's gone longer than a day, besides ME, and everyone has a full 48 hours to post. Please show some respect and realize that we're all doing our best.

    With that, commence the slaughter!

  21. TIME IS UP! Renato has spent 48 hours pondering his decision (and taking a defensive posture) since:

    MuttonChops said...
    Renato gains KILLING SPREE! from Ugarth, and Dav'D's death.
    Nov 5, 2011 1:44:00 PM

    Ugarth Respawns on Location 1!

  22. Ugarth looks around him for a second, "Whah?" He spies the Dalek wizard standing near the cauldron of burning pitch and his blood boils! "WAAAAAAAGGH!"

    Ugarth launches himself towards his hated foe, but enroute he turns and sees a monk standing over another fallen metallic creature. A wicked grin crosses Ugarth's face and he slows before reaching Morthos. He slams his axe into the burning barrel of pitch tossing the contents onto the hapless Renoto and perishing Odesso and roars his war cry to the heavens!

    He then turns looking at Morthos and licks flecks of Sarah Connors blood from his axe. "You next, shiny man."

    Move Action: Move to I3
    Standard Action: Burning Pitch on squares (H5,L5 -H9-L9) occupants take 2d6+9 fire damage.
    Minor Action: Unfettered Fury, -2 to attack rolls, but +4 to damage rolls while stance active.
    Free Action: Be a Bad Ass.

  23. Tech: Both targets take (2)+(4)+9= 15 fire damage! Odesso is gibbed! Renato is dropped unconscious!

    Moreover, Alecto is TELEFRAGGED via Dav'd Respawn at Location #2!

  24. My bad! Ugarth goes on a Killing Spree. Alecto isn't telefragged (yet). We will be rerolling for Dav'd's respawn.

  25. Ugarth’s eyes go red and he smiles. He slurps back the spittle on his lips and begins walking backwards giving himself plenty of room to build up some speed. He grinds his feet into the gritty stone to get a good grip and roars as he launches himself at the wizard, his gory ax held high.

    Move Action: Move back to G3
    Standard Action: Charge to square J3 and melee basic attack against Morthos, +7 vs. AC (+1 for charge, -2 for stance), on hit, 1d12 + 8 damage (brutal 2)
    On Hit:
    Free action: Takedown strike, +5 damage and knocked prone
    Power Strike, +1d12 (brutal 2)

  26. Tech: (11)+7= 18 vs. AC 15; Hit! for (3)+8+5+(3)=19 damage! Morthos is dropped!


  27. melee basic does +12 damage. Forgot my +4 from my stance. good catch Anthony.

  28. As the ax digs into Morthos, an energy surge rushes out from the robot, blasting into Urgoth as the droid falls. Morthos cackles.

    Stormhawk's fury & Infernal Wrath): Auto damage: 10 thunder + 5 fire + 1d6 fire

  29. Oh ho! Thou hast been served, mine noble lord!

    Tech: (3)+5+10= 18 damage! Ugarth is bloodied!

  30. Ugarth stands panting, a literal paragon of rage, oil dripping from his axe blade mingling with the blood of puny humans. Ugarth turns his head to the northeast and sees so many targets. He notices where Alecto is standing and smiles. He turns his attention to P3-10R and growls a low growl. He sees his heavier armor and he focuses his attention on the tin warrior. He begins running past, completely ignoring Alecto and bashes into the robot man.

    Move Action (trade for minor): Berserker's Charge, +2 to speed and attack rolls on a charge.
    Standard Action: Charge P3-10R (ending move in square Q3) +10 vs AC, 1d12 (brutal 2) + 8 damage
    if I hit...
    Free Action: Furious Assault 1d12 (brutal 2) additional damage.

  31. Tech: Opportunity attack from Alecto (13)+4 (or 7?)= 17 vs. AC 17; Hit! For (6) damage (maybe 4 more, need to check; either way still bloodied, not dropped)

    changes to Killing Spree discussed and coming at Dungeon Master's turn.

    Ugarth attacks: (9)+10= 19 vs. AC 19; Hit! for (3)+8+(9)= 20 damage!
    [three 3's in a row, weird]

    P3-10R is bloodied, but still up, stopping the punishing Killing Spree!

    Dav'd is (finally) up! Respan at .. Location 1!

  32. The Citadels strange magic redirects Dav’d’s re-spawn to 1.

    Gears spin, sensor whir, and detectors, well detectors detect, as Dav’d processes the Citadels treachery, “MUTTONCH0PS!” he screams as he reenters the temporal portal.

    Reappearing in the halo of blood and gore that was Alecto, all of Dav’d programming focuses on the gene slime Ugarth.


    1. MOVE
    D:4->C:4->D:4 TELEPORT Q4 [spawn 2]

    2. MINOR
    Oath of Enmity vs UGARTH

    [Provoking an Opportunity Attack from UGARTH]
    Bond of Censure vs UGARTH
    +7 vs Will [Two rolls]

  33. Telefrag via Teleprtation Archway (Controlled)! Huzzah!

    Assuming Dav'd survives Ugarth's opportunity attack; Tech: (9) or (19)+7+2= 28 vs. Ugarth's Will; Hit! for (2)+5 [radiant vulnerability] = 7 damage. If there are any static modifier's to that damage, please post. If not, I don;t believe that will drop Ugarth.

    Map updates in the morning; otherwise, TEDDY GRUMPKIN is up!

  34. Ugarth covers his beady eyes from the brilliant light coming from the Avenger, "NOOOOO, not shiny man!" He swings wildly trying to protect himself.

    Melee Basic Attack: +8 vs. AC, 1d12 (brutal 2) + 8 damage on hit.

  35. I missed the end of encounter effect from Dav'd's opening round, dealing another (1) damage to Ugart. The effect adds additional radiant damage to the attack, so I believe the total is then (2)+(1)+5= 8 total damage. Seems like Ugarth has now taken 32 damage since respawning, making him bloodied and still standing.

    Ugarth's OA: (12)+8= 20 vs. AC; Hit! for a punishing (10)+8= 18 damage! Sounds like Dav'd survives Ugarth's counterattack, but at quite a high price!

  36. WwwhhhhrrrrrbbbblllooodddiidAGAINbbrrtzzzt

  37. Teddy watches fireballs explode in front of him and the puny humans burn and stumble around trying not to die. At the same time, the warcry's of Ugarth draw Teddy's attention to the north, where his clansman is again covered in the oil of droids. Hearing the howl of Ugarth as the black droid appears and slices into him, Teddy marchs to the teleport platform, JUMPS onto the teleport and starts kicking with his spiked boots as he comes crashing into the droid know as Dav'd. Too bad, he wasn't built studier. Ugarth joins in with Teddy's howl, and he knows the death he has dealt satiates our god. With one droid left, Teddy yells "For the wORCS!" and then strikes at the silly orb-droid with a mighty blow, Ugarth as his witnesses to the glorious slaughter.

    Move action M17-Q17 (teleport to Q4, GIBBING Dav'D).
    Minor action: Inspiring word on Ugarth (heals surge value+1d6)
    Standard action: Bastion of Defense against P3-10R, +6 vs AC, 3d8+4 (brutal 1)
    Effect: Ugarth gains 7 temporary hp.
    If I hit, all allies w/i 5sq gain a +1 to defenses until the end of the encounter.

  38. Og blinks in to view, inadvertently obliterating his teammate. He looks around in anger and stares down P3 next to him, but chooses to ignore it. Taking a step back, he fires two volleys of magic missiles clear across the battlefield and hopes that's enough to take those pesky humans down.


    As per CSR, I'm appearing on pad 2. Popular pad as of late...

    Move: Shift to P3
    Standard: Magic Missile against Sarah Connor, automatic hit for 6 damage
    Minor: Magic Missile (via Wizard's Fury) against Sarah Connor if she's still standing, and if she's down hit CT Feltek with it instead, automatic hit for 6 damage.

    Will await to see if they're both still standing after that.

  39. Tech for Teddy Grumpkin: (13)+6 -3 [marked] = 16 vs. P13's AC 19; Miss!

    Og Respawns on (2); TELEFRAG!!!

    Just checked Sarah Connor and CT Feltek's stats; They are both dropped! KILLING SPREE!!!

  40. Og laughs as he trots over to the burning pitch and throws it forward at Renato. "WHERE EVERYONE AT?" he shouts as he looks over all the bodies on the field.


    Move: Move to J3
    Standard: Burning Pitch south to Renato

    If that triggers another Killing Spree (which is likely)...

    Standard: Magic Missile towards P3-10R, automatic 6 damage

    If that triggers another Killing Spree (which I doubt)...

    Standard: Drop the burning pitch again, this time East on top of Morthos, just for good measyre. :)

  41. That was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

    P3-10R is up, firstly with making the choice to either stay put (unconscious) or Respawn and take a full turn.

  42. Without any targets left to attack, Og conjures a spectral hand in the middle of the battlefield, then proceeds to have it raise its middle finger and bounce around.

    Move -> Minor: Mage Hand at J8, 2 squars off the ground
    (no apparent limitation as to altitude)

    Free Action: Raise hand's middle finger and salute the dead.

  43. Hum...whirr... *Recalculating*

    *Comparing objectives*
    *Upgrade objective confirmed*

    P3-10R copies Renato's first round, speeding down to the treasure pile, and attempting to clear the stairs with his jump servos. Skidding to a halt in front of the pile, his intent is to obtain the Crown of Tesh Naga and the Lifedrinker upgrades.

    On the way, he high-fives the spectral hand. We may on different teams, but that round was ridiculously awesome nonetheless.

    [double move] from D-4 to I-9, avoiding the Lake and using Athletics (+6) and/or Acrobatics (+6) to avoid the difficult terrain
    [minor] equip Crown
    [free] equip Lifedrinker

  44. Tech: Athletics to clear the squares: (14)+6= 20; Success!

    Clarification: Did you mean to go to square J-9? I assume so.

    Morthos also respawns on Location 1.

  45. Uh, yes, yes I did. The directive to avoid the Lake overrides any typos.

  46. Re-materializing, Morthos eyestalk quickly swivels to examine the two creatures responsible for his death. "INFIDELS! YOU shall BE EXTERMINATED!"

    Noticing the foolish orcs are standing in a line, Morthos backs up to the Ballista, takes aim, and sends a bolt towards Og and Urgesh.

    Move to C1
    Ballista vs Og & Urgesh
    +8 vs AC (+9 vs Ugresh for being bloodied)
    Damage: 2d6+9

  47. Tech:
    (12)+8= 20 vs. AC 14 for Og; Hit!
    (15)+9= 24 vs. AC 17 for Ugarth; Hit!
    Both orcs take a punishing (3)+(2)+9= 14 damage!
    With the inspiration provided by T Grumpkin, Ugarth is still up! Og is now bloodied.

    CT Feltek: please get in touch with me if you want to Respawn or ride out the round dying.

    Afterwards, I'm assuming that ALL characters want to Respawn if they start their turn dying. If there are any specific conditions otherwisem such as "I always want to make death saves, unless I contact you" or whatever, please contact me. This will make things go a lot smoother.

  48. CT Feltek (via email) has informed me that he will be taking the death saving throw! Still dominated, that does Team QuadCore little good as the paladin's broken body lies bleeding on the castle parapets.

    Tech: (16); Pass!

    A reminder: From here on out, if your character is dying I will assume that you are using Respawn at the start of your next turn unless you tell me otherwise.

    Odesso Respawn at Location 2!

  49. Odessobot flashes onto the platform again, Psy-circuits working quickly. ::::Control over the fleshbot has been lost, protocol abandoned.:::
    :::New objective: Dominate Pungent greenbot not currently following set commands.:::
    Odessobot brings his arms up, and a wave of blue-green energy hits the greenbot. "Submit or Die greenbot, we are your future!"
    Odessobot then turns north, eye sensors on the large siege engine while his psy-circuits contemplate its usefulness.

    Minor action: Oath of Emnity on Ugarth
    Standard action: Templar's fist vs Ugarth, +4 vs Will (best of two rolls), 1d10+4 psychic damage. On a hit, target is slowed.
    Effect: Next ally to hit gains a +3 power bonus to atk until the end of his next turn.
    (on the off chance I roll two <6, I will use memory of a thousand lifetimes to gain the +1d6 on the roll)
    Move action: Shift from Q4 to R3.

    Actions powered by the Intel Pentium 9001 processor.

  50. Teddy Grumpkin is no longer marked.

    (11) or (19)+4= 23 vs. Ugarth's Will 10; Hit!
    Ugarth takes (3)+4= 7 damage and drops unconscious!

    Alecto respawn at Location (4)

  51. Alecto will post as soon as he can, he is traveling for business.

  52. Alecto reappears and sends bolts of magical energy around the arena.

    Minor Magic Missile Og (via wizard's fury), 7 damage, auto hit.
    If he is still up use standard to magic missile him again.
    If he dies use standard to magic missile Kludge.
    Move to A18

  53. It does take both shots to take him down, but the orcs lose another teammate to unconsciousness as Og drops, dying!

    Kludge to wrap up round 2!

  54. Tech:
    Stormhawk's Vengeance on Alecto: take 10 damage.

  55. Kludge sidesteps the cauldron and leaps into to courtyard. He hits the ground sprinting towards the treasure pile but does not slow. The green machine powers over the items and crashes his fists through P3-105's tin-skin.

    Move - Circle the cauldron and jump down (+8 Athletics) to P10.
    Standard - Charge 8 sq (Furious Charge) to K10 and unleash Kludge's furious fists! (+7 vs AC, 1d8 + 3 dmg).
    If I hit, trigger Furious Assult (+1d8 dmg).
    If I hit, trigger Takedown Strike (+3 dmg and prone).
    If I hit, trigger Stone Fist Flurry of Blows (+6 dmg).
    If I hit and P3 isn't dead, spend 1 action point to execute Crane's Wings (+4 vs Fortitude, 1d10 + 4 dmg and kick the can 1 sq to I8).

    Question: Crane's Wings can potentially grant me a +5 bonus to the Jump check as part of that first move. If you rule that it is applicable, please roll the bonus into the check. The relevant text is here:

    Movement Technique - Move Action
    Effect: You make an Athletics check to jump with a +5 power bonus. You are considered to have a running start, and the distance of the jump isn't limited by your speed.

    As a Full-Discipline power, using the movement technique does not prevent me from using the standard action associated with it. It does prevent me from using a different Full-Discipline power on the same round.

  56. If the Charge misses, trigger the AP and Crane's Wing's anyway!

  57. Falling Damage [20 ft.]: (2)+(7)+ 9
    Acrobatics check to reduce: (4)+9= 13; Damage reduced by 6 to only 3, but still knocked prone!
    Standard Action then used to stand, Action Point to charge!

    (17)+7= 24 vs. P3-10R's AC 19; Hit!
    for (8)+3= 11 damage; Ghetto Crit!
    Adding in the extra triggered damage of (6)+3+6= 15 damage [total 26]!

    P3-10R is dropped!

  58. The Allure of Greed!

    Sarah Connor: (7)+6= 13 vs. Will 13 [unconscious]; Hit! Slide to Q17
    Ugarth: (18)+6= 24 vs. Will 5 [unconscious]; Hit! Slide to O5
    Og: (19)+6= 24 vs. Will 7 [unconscious]; Hit! Slide to K5;
    Saving Throw (8); drop! for (6)+(2)= 8 damage;
    Gibbed? I think so, but please double check me.
    Morthos: (14)+6= 20 vs. Will 12; Hit! Slide to D3
    CT Feltek: (9)+6= 15 vs. Will 13 [unconscious]; Hit! Slide to N14;
    Saving Throw (9); Fail!
    Fall for (4)+(10)= 14; Gibbed!
    Odesso: (20) CRITICAL HIT! Slide to P5
    Alecto: (18)+6= 24 vs. Will 14; Hit! Slide to C17

    I'm stuck using OpenOffice, so some of my usual graphics capabilities are even more limited. To help, here's a summary of everyone's status:
    Sarah Connor (dying) - Renato (gibbed) - Ugarth (dying) - Dav'd (gibbed) - T Grumpkin (gibbed) - Og (gibbed) - P3-10R (seemingly fine) - Morthos (seemingly fine) - CT Feltek (gibbed) - Odesso (seemingly fine) - Alecto (seemingly fine) - Kludge (seemingly fine)