Situated within an active volcano, this rickety mining platform hosts tight quarters combat. Players pushed into the mine rails are met with a mine cart that will hastily shuttle them off to their demise. However gaining control over the rail switch can grant you control of the path the mine carts will take. The lower track features perilous hazards via stalactites, and broken sections of rail, while the top rail features the mine's owners, some Angry Kobolds, preparing to launch high explosive barrels towards the invaders of their mine! Grabbing one of these barrels and getting back to the platform will seal the fates of your opponents! 

Current Revision: 2
Safeguards: The Mining Platform hangs precariously high within an active volcano. All outside edges of the Mining Platform have safety rails. These rails provide a +3 bonus to saving throws against being moved into hazardous terrain. 

Kobold Cache: A creature passing the Kobold Cache in a mine cart in the north loop gains a High Explosive Barrel. 

Track Tunnels: The tracks are not in line of sight, or line of effect to the mining platform between the tunnel tiles.   These tracks are highly dilapidated, and are unsafe to walk on. Any PC outside a mine cart who ends their turn on these tracks will fall through the rail and into the Volcanic Lava below. 

Variable Track: The middle track can lead either to the north or south loop. The direction is randomly determined unless someone is in control of the Mine Cart Controls. When each mining cart passes through the split in the tracks, the Dungeon Master will roll randomly to determine which direction that mining cart travels. 

Mining Carts: Creatures in a mining cart have cover and move with the mining cart. At the end of each combat round, on the Dungeon Master's turn, each mining cart moves the length of track it's assigned to reappearing at the exit tunnel on the other side. If a mining cart enters an occupied square, the creature in that square is immediately slid into the mining cart. At the end of each round, the first unoccupied mine cart will be pushed off the platform as if Hop In! was used on it.  Other unoccupied mine carts will move up, but will not move beyond the mining platform, and will have a minimum of 1 square between them. 

Volcanic Lava: Creatures entering, ending their turn, or starting their turn in Volcanic Lava are incinerated and die. The Volcanic Lava rests 200 feet below the mining platform. 

Humiliation: A creature rolling a natural 1 on an attack roll is attacked by Angry Suicide Kobolds immediately.

Respawn      Terrain Power
At-Will (teleportation)
You start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter.
Effect (No Action):
 If you are dying, you die. You regain all hit points and healing surges, remove all failed death saves and conditions, refresh all encounter powers and power points, and teleport to a random teleport square. If the destination teleport square is occupied, that creature dies.

Killing Spree      Terrain Power
At-Will (1/turn)
 You reduce 2 or more enemies with at least 1 hit point to 0 hit points or fewer during the same turn.
Effect (Free Action):
 Gain an action point. You may spend more than one action point per encounter, but only one action point per round.

Mining Cart Vehicle
Medium (2 square x 1 square)
Driver: None. The mining cart moves along its track and cannot be controlled.
2. No more than 2 creatures can be in a mine cart at once.
: The mining cart is immune to all damage and effects, except Mine Cart Controls.

Mine Cart Controls Terrain Power
At- Will
You are adjacent to the mine cart controls.
Minor Action
Effect: The variable track switches to the direction of your choice, either north or south loop.
The destination track will be decided after the cart moves past the last square in the central track length.  If the Mine Cart Controls are being sustained, you must succeed a Strength, or Dexterity check vs the sustaining dungeoneer's Fortitude.  
Sustain (Free Action): The Mine Cart Controls will remain in its set position until you are no longer adjacent or this terrain power is used again. 

Hop In! Terrain Power

Requirement: You start your turn on the mining platform and outside a mining cart.
: You enter a square with a mining cart.
Effect (No Action): You and the mining cart slide 5 squares along its tracks.

Lava Plume Terrain Power(zone) 
Trigger: You score a critical hit.
: A Lava Plume rises up in an unoccupied square of your choice on the Central Platform. All creatures adjacent to that square take 5 fire damage, and are pushed 1 square.

Angry, Suicide Kobolds      Terrain Hazard
Attack: +7 vs Fortitude
Hit: 10 fire damage, and the target is pushed 1 square away from the Kobold Cache.

Effect: The target is knocked prone.

Broken Track Ahead!      Terrain Hazard
Attack: +7 vs. Fortitude
: You slide into the Volcanic Lava. This slide cannot be reduced or negated in any way.

High Explosive Barrel Wondrous Item

Standard Action (fire) + Consumable
Attack: Area burst 1 within 5 (creatures in burst); +7 vs. Reflex
: 6d6 fire damage.
: Half damage.


  1. 4 Questions:
    Is the Volcanic Lava a terrain hazard?
    When do the stalactites attack? (At the end of each round like Alluring Greed?) And what space do they attack?
    Where do the minecarts start, and how many are there? Can we somehow spawn more of them?
    Can the minecarts somehow jump past the broken track, or do they fall in (leading to possibly running out of minecarts?) When do we get attack by Broken Track ahead!? And what happens to the cart if it misses? What happens to the cart if it hits?

  2. What happens if someone is subject to forced movement while in a cart? Can the forced movement eject them from the cart? Can the forced movement throw the cart off the track? (I assume not, but forced movement is not technically an effect)

  3. Does it cost any extra movement or skill checks to leave a mining cart? Is there any way to leave a mining cart while it is moving (in order to get to the safety of the grey squares on the southern path before falling into the broken track)?

  4. Excellent questions! Thank you for bringing them up.

    Volcanic Lava is a hazard, but only comes into play if someone is pushed off the platform. Since it's a board effect, I left it on the top section.

    The bottom track loop has both the stalactites (grey tiles) and broken track ahead! hazards. These hazards will auto attack when a mine cart moves past them.

    The minecarts will be placed once the match starts. Exact number hasn't been determined yet, I'm thinking maybe 4 or 5. The platform will start with at least 2 immediatly accessable. Minecarts will always be on the tracks, and players can't spawn more of them.

    Mine carts will always jump past the broken track, even if the PC is slid into the Volcanic Lava.

    A mine cart can not be affected by forced movement. It's passenger however still can although, they gain cover for being in the mine cart.

    It does not cost any extra movement to move out of a mine cart.

    The grey squares on the bottom path are the stalactites. You can't actually move on to them. It's just hard to express that hazard with pyMapper :)

    I hope that clears some things up. Keep 'em coming if anyone has any more questions

  5. Respawn, Humiliation, Killing Spree, Forced Teleportation: Which of these apply to this map and how exactly do they function? Those four powers, while on MOST maps, are not necessarily on all maps and have slight variances from map to map.

  6. Ah yes, thank you for the reminder. I'll update the page for those soon.

  7. The graphics for the platform look like two levels. Is there a mechanical consequence? (athletics, difficult terrain, etc)

  8. Heya,

    Yes there are two levels to the platform. There are stairs on each side to get to the top part. I'll update the map with height markers and x / y excel coordinates either later today or tomorrow. Thanks!

  9. "Sustain (Free Action): As long as you are adjacent, the Mine Cart Controls will remain in its set position." So what happens if you set the controls, and have sustained it, and someone else comes up and tries to set the controls?

  10. Also, that area up top with the Kobold Cache. Can someone stand in that area?

  11. You know...that never occurred to me. I'll have to update it. It will be in order of actions, so if someone comes and spends a minor action to manipulate the controls, it will override. The sustain action is to keep the controls from randomizing on your ally (or enemy).

    Also no, you can not stand on the kobold cache or the stalactite tiles.