E2M1 Preview: Minecart Massacre

To give you guys a peek what's coming up in the E2 series, I'm happy to present: Minecart Massacre!

Situated within an active volcano, this rickety mining platform hosts tight quarters combat. Players pushed into the mine rails are met with a mine cart that will hastily shuttle them off to their demise. However gaining control over the rail switch can grant you control of the path the mine carts will take. The lower track features perilous hazards via stalactites, and broken sections of rail, while the top rail features the mine's owners, some Angry Kobolds, preparing to launch high explosive barrels towards the invaders of their mine! Grabbing one of these barrels and getting back to the platform will seal the fates of your opponents!

Also included, watch out for plumes of deadly lava, mine cart collisions, and suicide kobold bombers! Stay tuned for the final version and terrain powers to be posted soon!

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