Play-By-Post: Match 01, Round 06 (FINAL ROUND)

Playoffs! 15 === wetwORCs 17 === QuadCore 13
Round 6 - FIGHT!
This round will be the mid-way point and will see the elimination of one team from the match. The losing team will then have the honor of choosing the next map to be used. Each surviving team will have 48 hours to revise and resubmit their character sheets and icons as they wish to better handle the changing map. Since the Play-By-Post is a stress-test of sorts for FTDM, we want to see the craziest and most effective builds you can throw at the maps.

Sarah Connor burns in the flames of Morthos, and then drops a catapult shot to splatter Og and knock out Morthos before escaping to safety and creating a fiery zone himself. AND IS THEN KNOCKED OUT by a double barrel shot of Stormhawk's Vengeance as she drops while earning a useless KILLING SPREE!!!
Renato respawns at Location 3. He cleanly splats his opponents, sending the orcs further down the ladder. Can they make a triumphant comeback? Ugarth's axe says "yes!". Renato's attack, however, is disgraceful
Ugarth respawns at Location 1 and charges at Alecto! The luck has lft him this round, however.
Dav'd hits the dirt and sends a ballista bolt flying past Feltek and into the chest of Renato, crackling his sternum and damaging his perfectly formed abs.
Teddy Grumpkin respawns at (4). He shies away from Renato, taking a painful OA that almost knocks him out. The gamble is paid off, however with a 19 and a crit against Team Playoffs with the catapult, dropping Playoffs! down a peg and granting Teddy an extra attack.
Renato is GIBBED!
Sarah Connor is GIBBED!
Og respawns at Location 3, eager to close the gap! He is pulling out all the stops and going for as much havoc as he can in this final round, cutting through Playoffs' defenses by applying the Art of War and going around their defenses with auto-damaging attacks. CT Feltek is down, but not out!
P3-10R rushes to Morthos' aid and does battle with the bees forming a defensive perimeter around CT Feltek, but cannot get through the angry swarm's protective nimbus.
Morthos uses the force to call the wand of fireballs to him and burns Alecto in a frantic race to see a tie game sudden death round.
CT Feltek keeps a low profile, hoping to ride out this round to victory.
Odesso move up to Alecto and bloodied him, bad! The excitement is mounting as Playoffs may actually get dragged into a sudden death round!
Alecto responds by taking a defensive measure, confident in his skills, his eye on the prize. Winning.
Kludge finishes this match out with a band, having been granted an action point in compensation from the Dungeon Master's fouled up actions. He lets loose a flurry of siege weaponry attacks, brutal in their ferocity. The fates have turned away from the Orcs this day, and they end here, defeated.




  1. Sarah's eyes match the blaze of the flames, so used to the nuclear fire of her dreams, these piddly flames mean little to her.

    She once again pulls back the lever of the catapult and launches a projectile, wondering where that nasty little robot has wondered off to.

    As she watches the world burn, she steps forward out of the blaze and calls down a tactical strike to wipe clean the earth.

    Standard: Catapult to D9
    Move: Shift to B17
    Minor: Hellfire and Brimstone - Close Burst 2, creatures within take 5 fire damage and creates a zone. Enemies within are at -2 to defenses and attacks.

  2. FYI, I dropped the ball on the ruling surrounding falling off of ledges. Kludge will be getting some sort of "oops, I kind of screwed your plans!" bonus from me this round.

    Sarah Connor takes 5 fire to be bloodied at 15 HP and then burns Kludge for 5 fire damage.

    (20) CRITICAL HIT! against Og
    (14)+8= 22 vs. Morthos' AC 15; Hit!

    Og takes 21 damage and is GIBBED!
    Morthos takes (2)+(6)+9= 17 damage! He is unconscious at -9!

    Being as this is the last round, I will be going through the process of waiting for unconscious dungeoneers to say whether they take a death save or respawn.

    Renato, however, is completely GIBBED and respawns at Location (3).

  3. Sarah Conner takes 10 thunder damage from Stormhawk's vengeance from Morthos. *Looks to Og for Stormhawk's Vengeance Part 2*

  4. HUZZAH! Shit just got nuts. Sarah Connor *technically* gets a Killing Spree, but the double helping of Stormhawk's Vengeance knocks her unconscious at -5 HP!!!

  5. Technically speaking, the Stormhawk's should take effect before my move or minor...

  6. however, a killing spree is a free action, so you could technically then promptly spend an action point as a free action, and since Stormhawk's Vengeance doesn't say that you can't take free action's before it's damage, you would be able to use action point standard action before the stormhawk vengeance damage kicks in. I would say don't worry about the fact your move/minor wasn't quite right, as otherwise you could instead say that you fire off a second catapult shot somewhere.

  7. Right-o, so the Action Point is gained and spent immediately. Matt (Sarah Connor) tells me that he wants to second wind, bringing him to 7 HP (and even crazier defenses) and putting his bloody (but conscious) self back to A18. When I update the map again, significantly less fire.

  8. Renato seeing the easy prey on the teleporter activates his teleport to move to location #4. Shifting to square C18 he aims the catapult at Odesso and lets fire a volley.

  9. Renato enters the fire and burns for 5 damage, dropping to 18 HP.
    However, in the process, he cleanly GIBS Kludge!

    And then attacks....
    Renato is knocked prone.

    Ugarth respawns at Location (1).

  10. Clarence looks about him, and the pools of blood running over the sides of the Citadel. "Truly the Gods protect my bees. With only 12 people here, and in only 6 rounds, we have seen 43 deaths. Someone has died more than once every 10 seconds in these walls; and my bees have fed gloriously."

  11. Ugarth appears in a blaze of glory, covered in gore from his own many deaths and the deaths of those around him.

    "Ugarth is getting tired of exploding in teleport thingy." He looks around and hears the sound of CT gloating in the distance.

    "What shiny man talking about? People dying all the time." Overcome with heavy sense of the death of all those around him, Ugarth turns his head and sees the much less protected Alecto standing by the cauldron.

    "Heh,Heh,Heh. You turn less shiny man." A wicked grimace spreading across his face and his orcish feet grinding several kidneys into the hard stone beneath him.

    "FOR THE OOOOOOOOORRRRRCCCCCCS!" Ugarth screams as he hurls himself forward, pounding the ground furiously as he brings his axe into a wicked scything motion attempting to cleave Alecto in two.

    Minor: Berserker's Fury, +2 to speed and attack rolls when charging.
    Standard: Charge to square J3 and melee basic attack against Alecto,
    +11 vs. AC (+2 from Fury, +1 from charge, +8 normally)
    on hit, 3d12 (brutal 2) +13 damage and knocked prone (Furious Assault, Power Strike, Takedown Strike).

  12. (5)+11= 16 vs. Alecto's AC 20; Miss!

    Dav'd is up!

  13. DAV’d notices that everything is going exactly according to C4D6’s plans! “Their defenses are broken, let the slaughter begin!” He shouts as launches a bolt from the massive Ballista. “I would have waited an eternity for this. It's over BUMBLEBE”.

    1. MINOR
    Oath of Enmity on ALECTO

    +8 vs. 22+ AC CT FELTEK
    +8 vs. 18 AC RENATO

    3. MOVE [Buy down to Minor}
    Drop Prone


    (12)+8= 20 vs. CT Feltek's AC 23; Miss!
    (11)+8= 19 vs. Renato's AC 18; Hit!
    for (4)+(3)+9= 16 damage!

    Renato is bloodied at 2 HP!

    We welcome Teddy Gumpkin back onto the map at Location (4) standing over the battered and beaten form of Renato.

    "You don't know where I've been, Lou, YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE I'VE BEEN!"

  15. Teddy reappears in the haze of blue, frustrated with Orcish blue balls (AKA a clean axe). But his higher functions get the best of him, and he stomps on the teleport to make it work so he can rain orcish death down on the ho-mans. Unbeknownst to the DM, teddy has prepared special ammo for this, and loads his ho-seeking, dead-red ball of fury onto the catapult for launch.

    Still time to turn this juggernaut around, baby!

    Move action: Stomp on Teleport, move to Q17, then to R20
    (Yes, I know I take the AoO)
    Standard action: Launch Catapult centered on B18.
    Condition: Use furious assualt if I hit either ho-man, Sarah Connor over Renato b/c of health status.
    Free action: Call down the fury of gruumsh, WHO HATES BEESWAX AND ALL THINGS THAT GO BUZZZ!

  16. OA: (19)+6= 25 vs. Grumpkin's AC 17; Hit!
    I assume Renato will use his Flurry of Blows to deal a total of
    (10)+3+6= 19 damage!
    Teddy is bloodied at 6 HP!

    (20) CRITICAL HIT! on Sarah Connor for 21 damage!
    Sarah Connor is still technically alive, unconscious at -14 HP!

    (11)+8= 19 vs. Renato's AC 18; Hit!
    for (5)+(6)+9= 20 damage!
    Renato is GIBBED!



  17. Before anyone asks, yes, Trent left himself signed in on my computer...my bad for using his log-in!

  18. As for the rest of Teddy's turn,

    minor action: Inspiring word, healing myself for 6+1d6 hp.

    Then I will spend my new ACTION POINT!
    (post to follow after lunch)

  19. Forgot to add the furious assault damage; (8) to Renato and 8 to Sarah Connor.

    Sarah Connor is GIBBED!

    Teddy gains (4)+6= 10 HP to be at 16 HP and no longer bloodied.

  20. How many crits did I take this game?

  21. Knowing his time is short, teddy builds another ho-seeking, dead-red ball of doom and loads the catapult. He lines up his shot on the only non-bloodied homan left, and fires away!

    He ends his frenzy shouting ". SHINY MEN, Y U NO BRING CAN OPENER TO PARTY?!"

    Std action: catapult targeted at L4, keeping ugarth out of the burst.
    Free action: Shout and dance the magic dance!

  22. (11)+8= 19 vs. Alecto's AC 20; Miss!

    Og respawns at location (3).

  23. Og pops in to view hundering for human blood, only to see none of them in the vicinity.

    "GAAAAAHHHH!!!" he shouts as he fires an arcane bolt across the arena. Taking a quick step off the teleporter and back on, he races forward and drops the pitch on the puny human.

    "Kill the human!!! KILL THE HUMAN!!!" he shouts and points across the field at Alecto.


    Minor: Magic Missile (Wizard's Fury) at CT, with Furious Assault ... automatic 6 +1d8 force damage.

    Move: Running... Step off teleporter, back on it and popping over to #4, then continuing the run to D12. By my count, that's a move distance of 7, which can be made by running. If somehow I can make that without running (do I have to step off the teleporter at all?), make it a normal move.

    Standard: Drop the pitch on CT. If he's somehow still standing before that, I'll eat the OA.

    Free: Pray that I don't get boned before the end of round.

  24. That is indeed a run, so you grant combat advantage to all attacks and take a -5 penalty to your attack rolls until the start of your next turn. Cleverly, you have avoided having to make attack rolls!

    Alecto takes (5)+6= 11 damage! He is still prone (from the end of Round 5) and at 21 HP.

    CT Feltek strikes at Og: (8)+6+2[CA]= 16 vs. Og's AC 14; Hit!
    for (5)+3= 8 damage! Og is at 17 HP.

    CT Feltek then takes automatic (5)+(2)+9= 16 fire damage! Feltek is down at -5 HP!

  25. I think the Magic Missile was at CT Feltek. I'm also not certain if Furious Assault can be used with MM.

  26. Magic Missile was aimed at CT; so Alecto is still at 32 hp. CT however is at -11. Furious Assault has Trigger: You hit a target with an attack. Magic Missile does not hit - it has an effect. Furious Assault cannot be used with Magic Missile. Furious Assault also cannot be used with the burning oil for the same reason.

  27. Also: As usual, if CT is dying but not yet dead, he will not self gib himself.

  28. Why humans not die?!? *poke!*

    ANSWER ME!!! *poke!* *kick!* *poke!*


  29. At first, P3-10R is flabbergasted that this chassis has lasted more than six seconds (seriously, FTDM is like playing Paranoia), but his servos kick into overdrive!

    Pounding his metal limbs as fast as he can to the NW quadrant, he fires a recharge beam at Morthos right before stomping on the motionless body of Bee-boy.

    -- Move --
    To the 'port, then to C-6

    -- Minor --
    Healing Word on Morthos: surge + 1d6, and Morthos gains +2 attack bonus

    -- Standard --
    Charge CT Feltek (move to C-10).
    Attack: +7 (Sonnlinor's Hammer) +2 (CA from helpless) +1 (charge) = +10 total vs AC (which should have -5 from unconscious)
    Hit: 1d8+6 damage

  30. Morthos is healed and is at (1)+6= 7 HP; Back in the game!

    (7)+10= 17 vs. CT Feltek's unconscious AC 18; Miss!

    Morthos' turn is up and he is prone on the ground.

  31. P3 curses his manufacturer for installing an optional At-Will instead of the emergency targeting system!

  32. The blue light of Morthos' eye-stalk begins glowing again, and he quickly examines the battlefield. From the sounds above, his robo-buddies are trying to EXTERMINATE one of the Humans, but from his current vantage point, Morthos cannot see the human in question. Instead, he turns his attention to the Human he CAN see, the one who tried to send him into the lava pit.

    Using his telekentic beam, the wand of fireballs flies through the air to Morthos, and he expends the last remaining charge blowing up the Mage who was foolish enough to challenge the almighty Morthos

    Minor Action: Mage Hand the wand of fireball
    Move Action: Bring the Wand to Morthos
    Standard Action: Fire the Wand at square K6, catching Alecto in the blast. +8 vs Reflex (+2 for the bonus from P3, -2 from being prone). Damage: 4d6+2. Using Divine Guidance from Dav'd to make 2 attack rolls and using whichever is higher.

  33. Does the want still have charges?

  34. Oh and I thought you weren't prone because you took no damage from the fall?

  35. The Bees buzz and the hammer is fuzz, and everything is right in the rain. You can stab and you can slash, you can burn and you can mash, but you'll never kill my brain! CT FELTEK FOREVAH!

  36. Morthos was prone because he went unconscious from the catapult, and I believe that was the final charge for the wand.

    Round 2 - 2 charges used by Renalto
    Round 3 - 1 charge used by Kludge
    Round 4 - 1 charge used by Odesso

  37. Jon has got his shit together and just did some nice "Luke in the ice caves, come here my lightsaber" action on that mage hand, love it!

    But my love is not what you need. You need dice-love, and they have no sympathy fir your plight.

    (1) HUMILIATION!!!


    Divine Guidance to use a (16)+8= 24 vs. Alecto's Reflex 16; Hit!
    for (4)+(3)+(1)+(5)+2= 15 fire damage to Alecto, dropping him to 17 HP

    The wand is now out of charges.

    If CT Feltek maintains his position on non-gibbing, he rolls an (8) on the death save; fail!

    Leaving Odesso up to act.

  38. Seeing no other choices ahead of him, Odesso moves towards the nearest living creatures, activation his neo tri-beam blasters and firing away at the prone human Alecto.

    Move 8 to M3
    Use templar's fist as a standard action vs Alecto. +4 vs wil, 1d10+4 psychic damage.
    Add memory of a thousand lifetimes +1d6 to the attack roll, I won't be needing it again.

  39. Free action: contemplate major hardware upgrades.

  40. (18)+4= 22 vs. Alecto's Will of 14; Hit!
    for (10)+4= 14 psychic damage, bringing Alecto to 3 HP and bloodied!

    Alecto, battered and surrounded by enemies, it is your move!

  41. Alecto brushes himself off and stands up surveying the landscape. Not much to be done about this, enemies on all sides o' me.

    Move action: stand up
    Standard action: Second wind, bringing my defenses up by 2 and recovering 8 HP.
    Minor action: pray :)

  42. Alecto spends a surge to heal himself to 11 HP (still bloodied).

    Kludge's turn is nigh, and he respawns at location (1), smack dab in between his two foes.

    Kludge has been awarded an Action Point in compensation for the mistakes the Dungeon Master made on his part at the end of Round 5.

    Can Kludge do it? Can he tie the game and give the Orcs their only fleeting chance of victory?


  43. The NW telepad glow swiftly increases to a blinding intensity. Coalescing within the divine radiance is an orc clad in white robes with red, angry ring flashing to life upon his left hand.

    Kludge descends to the mortal planes once again to attempt the impossible! As the radiance subsides, the monk fades with it only to appear in the SE corner. The steel-thewed marvel springs toward the catapult and fires twice in quick succession.

    "Narya, bitches. DIAF." Kludge kisses the ring for luck.

    "For this is the Ring of Fire, and herewith, maybe, thou shalt rekindle hearts to the valour of old in a world that grows chill." -Cirdan to Gandalf

    "Will shall be the sterner, heart the bolder, spirit the greater as our strength lessens" - and ancient expression of heroic will as translated by Tolkien

    Kludge moves through telepad 1 to 3 and ends his move at T18.
    Kludge fires the catapult to twice, expending his action point! He targets D10 (unmodified) and L4 (add Furious Assault), which should target P3, CT, Alecto and Odesso.

  44. Ugarth's jaw drops as fire falls from the heaven. "When you get so awesome Kludge?!?!?!!?" He drops his head in shame. "Ugarth jealous."

  45. (9)+8= 17 vs. Alecto's AC 22; Miss!
    (5)+8= 13 vs. Odesso's AC 18; Miss!

    (2)+8= 10 vs. P3-10R's AC 19; Miss!

    The dice that hath fed thou with crits, hath now forsaken thee.

    I has a sad.

  46. The Allure of Greed to finish out the round!

    Sarah Connor and Renato are immune due to previous gibbings.

    Ugarth and Clarence Terrence Feltek are being blocked by terrain.

    Dav'd: (19)+6= 25 vs. Will 16; Hit! Dav'd slides to D3.

    Teddy Grumpkin: (5)+6= 11 vs. Will 13; Miss!

    Og: (20) CRITICAL HIT! Og slides to the edge of the wall and saves (16); prone at the edge.

    P3-10R: (19)+6= 25 vs. Will 18; Hit! P3 slides to the edge of the wall and saves (12) at D10; prone.

    Morthos: (19)+6= 25 vs. Will 12; Hit! Slides to G9

    Odesso Pizano: (9)+6= 15 vs. Will 15; Hit! He slides off of the wall to K5, failed save (6), and lands to take (4)+(5)= 9 falling damage; minus a few for an inconsequential Acrobatics check.

    Alecto: (5)+6= 11 vs. Will 14; Miss! For the first time?

    Kludge: (12)+6= 18 vs. Will 13; Hit! Slides to R17


    The Orcs have been defeated, this time, but they move on to play in the next arena and have a chance at redeeming their lost honor.

    Orcs: Please let me know what map the surviving teams will be deathmatching on.

    Please look toward a post-game chat-post for further discussions.