FTDM at Octobercon!

Not long ago, Fourthcore Team DeathMatch was contacted by Paul Weigle in regards to running some FTDM at the seventh annual Octobercon, held at The Shunned House in Norwich, CT. The con features an event called "The Clash of Champions". In this event, dueling Dungeon Masters Paul #1 and Paul #2 put their adventuring groups through a wringer of an adventure, "Hell Hath No Fury", the winner receiving a small boon for the final round. The dungeoneers knew that this was a competetive event, not unlike the D&D Open, but what they did not know was the special surprise that awaited them in the coming finale. After completing the first portion of the event, the dungeoneers were then wisked away to the (N is for ...) Netherworld and forced into a nightmarish scenario of unending bloodshed and torment, played out for the amusement of lords of the hell.

You may know this as E1M1: Slaughterhouse.

Below is the official post-game write up. You can read the excitement and exhiliration in the author's words. FTDM is the most frantic and exciting way to play Dungeons & Dragons, and it really shows here.

Another Octobercon is come and gone, including the dungeon delve Hell Hath No Fury and The Clash of Champions Seven - the Stairway to Heaven.
I'd like to echo Heather's notion, and thank her and Paul2 for being the ideal hosts.  I had a great time, all the fun definitely make the prep time well worthwhile.
There's too many fun memories to count, but some I'd like to highlight:

A fast and furious Clash of Champions Arena with some real back and forth action, well played by both teams.  Our most exciting yet, I think!

First ever Octobercon TPK!   Unforgettable.  Paul2 is a real DM now.

Mike's amazing and bloody KILLING SPREE (haulted only by a few fortunate saving throws by Heather) - way to go Mike!
Gnome humor (gnome poop, leg-humping, gnomes killing gnomes).

A photo-finish showdown between the Reavers and The Branded Ones, which ended with Mike's wizard being the last PC standing, about to be slain by the Orc Storm Shaman, before Brad's assassain miraciously recovered and saved the day.  They dont' get any closer than that one!

Jonathan's failed long-jump, Mike's unfortunate conveyer belt positioning, Heather's inadvertent slaying of teammate John, and other follies.

Unveiling Todd Willard's masterpiece creation - the bloody Slaughterhouse Arena (thanks, Todd!) - nowhere else could have contained such carnage.

Lani's version of 'Face-off.'

Reconnecting with so many fantastic gamers (and one little future-gamer).

Congrats to the Reavers (AKA Team Evil) for coming out on top in the end in a hard- fought battle.  Mephistopholes will reward your ferocity, and the Reavers will rule in hell indeed.  The Guardians put up a heroic effort, but must continued their wrongfully damned existence in hell (for now...)

I hope we get to do it again next year!


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