Play-by-Post: Match 01, Round 03

Playoffs! 06 === wetwORCs 07 === QuadCore 08
E1M2: The Citadel
Sarah Connor - Renato - Ugarth - Dav'd - T.GrumpkinOg - P3-10R - Morthos - C.T.Feltek - Odesso - Alecto - Kludge

Round 3 - FIGHT!

Sarah Connor self-GIBBED!
Sarah Connor , dying, decides to end it all and Respawn at Location #3, rises fom the ashes of Judgment Day. She runs to the siege weapons, using the machines against each other, and splats Ugarth
Ugarth is GIBBED!
Renato Respawn at Location 2. Some tough choices ahead for Playoffs! if they want to move ahead to the lead position. He chooses a potentially devastating assault, but is let down by Lady Luck!
Ugarth Respawn at Location 2, right in the thick of things. He tries to take a swing at QuadCore' Odesso, but failing that he risks the OA (smart move considering Odesso's poor basic attack) and nails Renato for a devastating amount of damage, pinning him into a corner.
Dav'd Respawn at Location 1 and starts the setup to take down Kludge and put those Orcs in their place. A solid hit, not enough to bloody.
T.Grumpkin Respawn at Location 2 and CRITICAL HIT!!! Stepping back Og gets back in
Og self-GIBBED!
Og Respawn at Location 1. He's got a handy little trick with being able to finish off the scraps left behind from the big fights, which he does via magic missile to Odesso, giving Grumpkin a little more breathing room. Trying to go for a big Killing Spree round, he then drops the Action Point and attempts to utilize the terrain to his best advantage, threatening both Morthos and Dav'd with the nearby lake of boiling blood. What's with the robot-hate? Dav'd drops down in the fire, soon to be burned.
P3-10R self-GIBBED!
P3-10R Respawn at Location 3. He rushes to the aid of his fallen and wounded comrade, Dav'd, but luck fails the droids and goes once again to the orcs as P3's attacks fizzle out.
Morthos rolls into action with a superb set of actions and an accompanying change in the droids' luck! He charms the dull-witted Ugarth into POUNDING his teammate T.Grumpkin, and then promptly send the berzerker to his doom, to be gibbed by ....
Playoffs! (we talkin' about Playoffs?!) takes the lead!
CT Feltek Respawn at Location 4 and drops a catapult, hitting both opposing teams at once.
Odesso self-GIBBED!
Odesso comes back onto the map, surrounded by the dead and dying at Location 2, teleports over to the face of his enemy, and takes a risk while (finally!) dropping his 'end of encounter' Daily prayer onto ...
Alecto, who slips past his attacker, looses a trusted magic missile, and pins Odesso to the spot
Kludge finds himself surrounded by goodies and looses a fireball at the cluster of enemies. They all take cover, but are singed nonethless {wand is now at 2 charges?}.
The Dungeon Master cruelly attacks all with an irresistable allure of greed, sending many tumbling off the walls to their doom.


Team Playoffs! have taken the lead!


  1. Please note the updates to Killing Spree (found at http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2011/01/e1m2-citadel.html)

    Also, note the implementation of my Respawn policy; unless you get in touch with me beforehand, if your turn starts and you're dungeoneer is dying, he Respawns to take a full set of actions.

  2. Sarah Connor shakes off the intangible remnants of her phoenix-like resurrection and steps back, gripping the release for the catapult next to her and launching a swirling projectile into the air to crash down around the robotic Odesso.

    Move - T18
    Standard - Catapult to P5 (on top of Odesso)
    Minor action: Nothing...

  3. Finally got back to the office to check my math, and Og is still holding on!

    (2)+6 = 8 vs. Odesso's AC 18; Miss!
    (14)+6 = 20 vs. Ugarth's Unconscious AC 12; Hit!
    for (5)+(2)+9= 16 damage! GIBBED!

    Renato respawn at Location 2.

  4. Sorry, those attack bonuses should have been +8's. No net change, though.

  5. Renato opens the gates of battle on Odesso and puts in a heroic effort to hit his foe. The monk launches a flurry of blows and a takedown strike on his target. He then moves back to the balista preparing to fire (r1)

  6. (4)+4=8 vs. Odesso's Reflex 14

    Ugggg, even with a Heroic Effort, it would be just shy of hitting. If only you had combat advantage!

    Ugarth Respawn at Location 2.

  7. Ugarth appears in a shimmer of light. "Whah? Ugarth feel stronger.......more sexy.......greeener."

    After admiring how good his orc muscles look. He turns and sneers at Odesso standing right next to him. He lifts his ax high and roars bringing his weapon down in a staggering cut. Then, without even looking back to see if Odesso falls, he turns toward Renato and lumbers toward him slashing wildly back and forth.

    Standard Action: Melee Basic Attack: + 8 vs. AC, 1d12 (brutal 2) + 8 damage, on hit, trigger Takedown Strike: + 5 damage and knocked prone, then Power Strike: + 1d12 (brutal 2) damage.

    Minor Action: Unfettered Fury, -2 to attack rolls, +4 to damage rolls.

    Standard Action to charge Renato (ending in square R2): +7 to AC (-2 from Unfettered Fury, +1 for charge),on hit 1d12 (brutal 2) + 8 damage, trigger Furious Assault: + 1d12 (brutal 2) damage.
    (also condition: if first attack misses, add takedown strike to this attack and leave Unfettered Fury off, so +5 damage and prone instead of static + 4 damage to this attack and attack bonus is +9 instead of +7)

  8. Attack : (7)+8= 15 vs. Odesso's AC 18; Miss!

    Movement then causes opportunity attack:

    (3)+3= 6 vs. Ugarth's AC 17; Miss!

    Charge: (18)+9= 25 vs. Renato's AC 18; Hit!
    for (9)+(3)+4+5= 21 damage and knocked prone!

    Renato is bloodied! Drink the hooch!

    Dav'd Respawn on 1.

  9. CS asked me to update his math. My attack did an additional 4 damage (25 total) and Renato is down because of that.

    *sorry for the confusion over my math*

  10. DAV’D spawns at Space Time Coordinate D:4. He is the beginning. He is the end. He is the one who is many. DAV’D recognize an imperfect being, created by an imperfect being. DAV’d find KLUDGE's weakness--it was only a matter of time. He then tears KLUDGE's skin from his limbs as one would a defective circuit. KLUDGE's life as it has been, is over. From this time forward, he will service us.

    1. MINOR
    Radiant Darkfire vs. Kludge
    +9 vs. 15
    Hit: Until the end of your next turn, all attacks against the target have combat advantage, and the target cannot benefit from invisibility or concealment. Also, when you hit a target with your Darkfire racial power, the target gains vulnerability to radiant damage equal to your Charisma modifier [5] until the end of your next turn.

    Radiant Vengeance on Kludge
    +7 vs. 15 [+5 if Darkfire missed]
    1d8 + 10 [+5 if Darkfire missed]
    Hit: gain temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier [5]

    3. MOVE

  11. Thanks for the excellent, clear formatting of your actions!

    (7)+9= 16 vs. Kludge's Reflex 15; Hit!

    (11)+5+2= 20 vs. Kludge's Reflex; Hit!
    for (2)+10= 12 damage! & temps for Dav'd

    Teddy Grumpkin back in action, respawning at Location 2.

  12. Realizing it's his turn, Teddy chugs his Orctoberfest and splashes himself with a bucket of green paint.   Materializing next to a Go-Bot, Teddy swings his khopesh in a wide arc followed by a violent shield bash, hoping to overpower the Go-Bots fragile frame.  

    Disrupting advance, +6 vs AC, 2d8+4 and target is pushed 2sq and is slowed.  I assume he takes some fall damage as well.
    If I hit, move down stairs to P7 and use inspiring word on kludge.  Shout in victory over our foes!
    If I miss, shift to Q5 to end turn in bitter shame....

  13. Oh, conditional effect: if I hit and do less than 12 damage, add furious assault for the extra +1d8.





    Odesso's reign of invulnerability is ended as he takes 20 damage and is pushed to the lake of boiling blood.

    (18); Pass. Odesso is prone and bloodied in P5.

    T.Grumpkin is blocked by Odesso's prone body and thus cannot move to P7, so I assume he shifts to Q5.

    Og Respawns at Location 1.

    Tie game; 6-6-6, the number of the beast!

  15. ORC-RIT!!!!!!! Fuck it, add the furious assault, if he goes unconscious then I'm moving down the stairs.

  16. Odesso takes another 8 damage, but he does not drop.


  17. Og pops in to view and immediately takes a step back, slamming the robot across the arena with a missile.

    He motions to the two nearest robots and shouts "You! GO NOW!!!".

    Move: Shift to C5

    Minor: Magic Missile (Wizard's Fury) on Odesso, automatic 6 damage.
    If that doesn't drop him, add Furious Assault (+1d8).

    Standard: Hypnotism on Morthos
    +4 to hit vs Will, on hit no damage and slide 5 squares (3 squares base, +2 for Enchantment Apprentice).
    Slide him to G4, then off the platform to H5 (20' drop, save applicable) then in to lava at H6 (yet another save applicable)
    REMINDER: Stormhawk's Vengeance does NOT apply to falling damage or lava damage; I didn't drop him "with an attack" to 0 HP... the ground did. :)


    Hypnotism on Dav'd, same as above (+4 vs Will)... Slide him to E5, then off platform in to lava at F6 (fall damage + lava; is that one save or two?)

    If I hit Dav'd and didn't use it on Odesso, add Furious Assault (+1d8 damage).
    Do *NOT* use Furious Assault on Morthos if I hit him!

  18. Odesso is dropped via the magic missile!

    (8)+4= 12 vs. Morthos' Will of 12; Hit!
    Morthos slides to G4; (11) Pass!
    Morthos is prone in G4

    CRITICAL HIT!!! on Dav'd
    Saving Throw (4); Fail! The terrain is all one area, so only one save.
    Dav'd gets furiously assaulted and then dunked into fiery death for (5)+(9)+(6)= 20 damage!

  19. P3-10R has considered taking the death saves to hold onto his treasures, but has not specifically said one way or another what he is up to. In the interests of keeping things moving, I assume he Respawns, and at Location (3).

    You could also say that I have gibbed him for delaying the game.

  20. P3-10R whirrs into existence, and curses the constant reboots. Examining current targets, he notices Sarah Connor's formidable armor, fortress, and sense of willpower. He briefly points at her, then at the wetORCs, nods his orb, then performs something resembling a DDR dance move on the teleporter, whisking him off to 'port 1.

    One of P3's arm cannons focuses on Dav'd, firing an energizing beam of blue light. Sidestepping around the frantic Og, P3 charges both arm cannons for a spectacular result: a wave of red force bursts out, assailing the wizard and creating fields around P3, Morthos, and Dav'd.

    -- Free --
    communicate to Sarah that the berserking orcs are the real threat

    -- Move --
    step off and back onto the 'port, to D-4

    -- Minor --
    Healing Word Dav'd (surge + 1d6, gains +2 attack UENT)

    -- Free --
    Rules Nazi power to remove either 5 or 6 damage from Og's Furious Assault

    -- Standard (Move) --
    to B-4, risking a staff smack from Og

    -- AP (Standard) --
    Moment of Glory, close blast 5 on C-4 to G-8
    Attack: +5 vs Will (Og is only target)
    Hit: push 3 (to F-7) and prone
    Effect: P3-10R, Morthos, & Dav'd gain resist 5 all UENT

  21. Healing Word: Surge + (4); Dav'd is no longer bloodied.

    Og's unarmed attack OA CRITICAL HIT!!! The orcs have the luck, lemme tell ya. For 4 damage [?]

    (2)+5= 7 vs. Og's Will 12; Miss! Roll a 2, drink the hooch!

    Morthos, /viel Glueck!/

  22. Morthos, on his back, but well protected thanks to his robo-buddy, crawls forward. His eyestalk narrows at the sight of Urgoth up ahead. "SO you THINK you are SEX-y?! That's NOT what your TEAMmate SAID! SHOULDn't you make him PAY?"

    Move: Crawl to J3
    Standard: Charm of Misplaced Wrath on Urgath. +3 vs Will (+5 - 2 from Prone).
    On Hit: Urgath moves to Q4, is dazed and makes a melee basic attack against Teddy G. (Should be +6 vs AC (+8 -2 for stance), Damage: 1d12 [brutal 2] + 8 + 4 (stance) + 2 (charm of misplaced wrath)). Urgath Teleports to Telepad 4.

  23. Great minds DO think alike!

    (11)+5-2= 14 vs. Ugarth's Will 10; Hit!

    Dazed and confused, Ugarth just fucking NAILS his buddy for, no shit, an ORCISH CRITICAL HIT!!! Also, per RAW, Charm of Misplaced Wrath adds +@ to the damage roll of the MBA.

    Double checking the post's, Ugarth is NOT in the bonus damage stance; thus, he ONLY delivers a total of 22 damage to his friend and confidant, Teddy Grumpkin, before promptly disappearing in a flash of teleportation. Grumpkin is bloodied, but not dropped.

    Wow! Balls-y!

    CT Feltek Respawns at .... 4!!! *squish*

  24. Morthos cackles maniacally, before shedding a single tear at the bloodshed.


    Oh wait, robots can't cry. He continues cackling.

  25. Whoops, m'bad, Ugarth has a high crit weapon: T.Grumpkin takes an additional (7) damage, dropping him!

  26. And Feltek with the telefrag, frickin gorgeous! Worth taking a break from Skyrim to read!

  27. Og's not unarmed; he has a quarterstaff... +2 vs AC, 1d8 damage.

  28. Clarence awakes, looks around blinking stupidly. "Who dares crisp the mighty Clarence Terrence FELTEK?!!!" CT Feltek backs away to the 'safety' of the corner, and lobs a giant boulder towards the western ballista, hoping to smash down opponents from all factions, thus ensuring that the mysterious figure who so resounding burned him will die. As the projectile lobs toward his target Feltek screams "Whichever one of you puke coloured metal orc things did that is going to DIE!"

    Move: Walk to C20
    Standard: Catapult centered on C4, +8 vs AC vs both Og and P3-10R. On hit, 2d6+9 damage.

  29. (12)+8= 20 vs. Og's AC 14; Hit!
    (15)+8= 23 vs. P3-10R's AC 19; Hit!
    for (4)+(4)+9 = 17 damage!

    Both are bloodied!

    Odeso Respawn at Location (2)

  30. Odessobot boots up at location 2, registering no viable lifeforms in the area, steps off and onthe teleport pad, reappearing by Alecto, states calmly: "You will be upgraded", circles his target, then using up his energy stores, drives his greatsword towards Alectos soft, human skull.

    Move on/off teleporter (Q4->R3->Q4), then from D17->B17 (I am aware of the OA..)
    Minor action: Oath of Emnity on Alecto,
    Standard Action: Aspect of Might vs Alecto
    two rolls, +7 vs AC, 3d10+4 if I hit.
    Conditional: If I miss w/i 4, use memory of a thousand lifetimes to gain +1d6 on the roll.

  31. Alecto strikes with (2)+3= 5 vs. Odesso's AC 18; Miss! Roll a 2, drink the hooch!

    End of encounter: +5 to Athletics, +2 Speed, +2 melee damage rolls

    (5) or (8)+7= 15 vs. Alecto's AC 20; Miss!
    That's 5 points off of the target, so no Memory of 1,000 Lifetimes.

  32. Also, I've just checked my records back at the office, and Og's character sheet here (and in my inbox, and on the 'Current Roster') says that he is unarmed. In fact, not only is he not equipped with any weapons, he simply does not own them. Damage dealt from the OA to P3-10R over the weekend stays at 4.

  33. Free action: Load selfloathing.exe file....

  34. Oh, why not, I might as well...and seeing as Alecto hasn't posted yet, I'll use memory of a thousand lifetimes...I may get lucky here!

  35. ugggg ... (3)

    Sorry, still a miss. Look at it this way, you'll probably be dead and have MoTL back by the time your turn comes up again, so it's not like that big a waste.

    Looks like Aspect of Might DOES deal half damage on a miss, so:

    (8)+(3)+(4)+4= 18/2 = 9 damage to Alecto! Alecto is bloodied!

  36. (mostly) dodging a big bullet Alecto steps away from the avenger. Alecto lets Odesso know that he should stay right there and further that he doesn't deserve vengeance.

    Standard: Foesnare vs. Odesso +8 vs. AC, 1d8+5 damage and immobilize until end of my next turn.
    Move: shift to D16
    Minor: magic missile Og, (via wizards's fury) 7 damage auto-hit

  37. (18)+8= 26 vs. Odesso's AC 18; Hit!
    for (3)+5= 8 damage and immobilized until end of alecto's next turn!

    Og is damaged, but not dropped.

    Bring'er home, Kludge!

  38. DDI's piece of shit char sheet strikes again!!!!

    My most humble apologies to David (Og).

    He does indeed have a quarterstaff equipped and all. It's on his off-hand, so I didnt see it, like a dummy.

    P3-10R takes an additional 4 damage (total of 8) from the opportunity attack the other day.

    * embarrassed*

  39. Kludge finds himself playing King of the Hill atop a veritable horde for magical goodies. He hastily scoops up two of them, spins around to point a thin wand towards the south-west corner and shouts "FUEGO!" with sadistic glee.

    Minor - Pick up Lifedrinker (+2 implement)
    Minor - Pick up fireball wand
    Standard - Expend a charge to fireball Alecto, CT Feltek, & Odesso (Burst 2 on c17, +8 vs reflex, 4d6+2 dmg [1/2 on miss])

  40. Luck is failing the crit-happy orcs!

    vs. Alecto: HUMILIATION!
    vs. CT Feltek: HUMILIATION!
    vs. Odesso: (5)+6= 11 vs. Odesso's Reflex 14; Miss!

    All three take (6)+(4)+(6)+(1)+2= 19/2= 9 fire damage!

    Odesso is bloodied!


    Sarah Connor: (8)+6= 14 vs. Will of 18; Miss!

    Renato: (18)+6= 24 vs. [unconscious] Will of 9; Hit! Slide to T3.

    T.Grumpkin: (5)+6= 11 vs. [unconscious] Will of 8; Hit! Save vs. Hazardous Terrain: HUMILIATION! T.Grumpkin falls 20ft. into the boiling blood for (2)+(3)= 5 damage!

    Og: (18)+6= 24 vs. Will of 12; Hit! Save vs. Hazardous terrain (of a 10ft. drop onto the stairs); (10) Save! Og is slid to D6.

    P3-10R: (14)+6= 20 vs. Will of 18; Hit! Slide to D17. Uh-oh!

    Morthos is braced against blocking terrain and cannot be pulled further.

    C.T.Feltek: (11)+6= 17 vs. Will of 18; Miss!

    Odesso: (8)+6= 14 vs. Will of 15; Miss!

    Alecto: (14)+6= 20 vs. Will of 14; Hit! Save vs. Hazardous Terrain (2); Roll a 2, drink the hooch! In he goes for (7)+(10)= 17 damage and is in the boiling blood! Alecto is dropped!

    Kludge (prone from Humiliation) cannot be pulled further.

    === END ROUND ===