Play-by-Post: Match 01, Round 05

Playoffs! 13 === wetwORCs 15 === QuadCore 13

Sarah Connor - Renato Ugarth Dav'd - T.Grumpkin - Og - P3-10R - Morthos C.T.Feltek - Odesso Alecto Kludge - Dungeon Master
Round 5 - FIGHT!
Once again a reminder, the 48 hour limit is lifted over the coming holiday from Wednesday to Sunday.
Sarah Connor self-GIBBED!
Sarah Connor dusts herself for one (or two) final pushes. The machines cannot be allowed to win. Respawn at 1.
She moves through the temporal flux, pain wracking his body, to splatter the mutants of the apocalypse.
T.Grumpkin is TELEFRAGGED!
Using the machines' weapons against them, she rains down hell on those hideous automatons who are plundering the wealth of Man.
Dav'd is GIBBED!
Renato respawn at Location 4, surrounded by friends and catapults and tries to splatter Odesso.
Ugarth respawns at Location 1, charges through the portal to get to the Ravens party, and hears the sound of axe skittering past steel plate, not into it. Ugarth's attack misses the tricked out defenses of CT Feltek, and takes a little hurt in the process from an OA. Things are getting packed in there in the southwest corner as ....
Dav'd respawns at Location 4 to join in on the shenanigans and capitalizes on the radiant mafia synergies going on. The whole map is covered in blood!
T.Grumpkin respawns at Location 2, heals up his buddy Ugarth, and directs the strike..oooh! he directs the miss!. CT Feltek is a wall of steel, and it's going to take some impressive numbers and impressive luck to take him down the old fashioned way.
Og respawns at Location 1 and goes on a KILLING SPREE rampage, melting Odesso beneath a wave of tar and sending magic missiles from his fingertips.
Odesso is GIBBED!
P3-10R self-GIBBED!
P3-10R Respawn at Location 4. It's where all the cool people hang out! He teleports to safety and lops a catapult at the cluster of targets. These guys are desperate to take CT Feltek down.
Renato is GIBBED!
Morthos pulls out the stops, hussles his robotic ass, and tries a ballsy maneuver. The dice are unkind, but the flames remain! The southwest corner is looking much more unpleasant now.
CT Feltek is GIBBED!
CT Feltek respawns at 4, just a short distance from where he fell. He blasts back his enemies and sets up a near-perfect attack, forgoing dice-luck, he goes straight for the unstoppable Effect:'s and boils his enemies in tar.
Teddy Grumpkin is GIBBED!
Odesso respawns at location 3 and burns Alecto alive, melting him like a stick of butter.
Alecto self-GIBBED!
Alecto respawns at Location 2, ready to take his vengeance on the traitorous 'bots and sends Morthos tumbling down to be burned in the fiery lake.
Kludge eyes up the neck-and-neck score and resolves to take the lead. He moves up to P3 and shatters the robot's face, but is having quite a time breaking down that persistent resist 5 all shielding that team QuadCore has been flaunting this match.
The Allure of Greed has many stumbling head over heels, but really sets up the dim-witted Orcs for disaster as they are forced into a team kill.


The teams are neck and neck, worriedly looking towards the mid-match elimination: ROUND 6


  1. Man, goddamn allure hits me every time.

  2. Alecto likes the bling, what can I say?

    Matt (Sarah Connor) is away in Hot-lanta for a work conference and has emailed me the following:

    Move: Back through the TP to D17, Telefrag Teddy!

    Continue move to A18.

    Minor: Healing Word CT. It's a healing surge + 1d6.

    Standard: Catapult to I 10. If either of the two targets are standing, I use my Action Point to launch one more and save any resulting Killing Spree for next round.

  3. CT regains his healing surge value + (4); he regains consciousnes, but still bloodied.

    (10)+8= 18 vs. Dav'd AC 15; Hit!
    (16)+8= 24 vs. Odesso's AC 18; Hit!
    both take (4)+(3)+9= 16 damage! [-5 for Dav'd's resist]

    Dav'd is bloodied, but stil up!
    Odesso is splattered and GIBBED by the seige weaponry.

    Action POint to attack again:
    (11)+8= 19 vs. Dav'd's AC 15; Hit!
    for (5)+(5)+9 [-5] = 14 damage [total]!
    Dav'd is GIBBED!!!

    Sarah Connor is on a KILLING SPREE!!!

  4. Whoops! Not Ugarth.

    RENATO respawns at Location 4.

  5. QuadCore pointed out to me that I had incorrectly added up Odesso's HP. After the first catapult, he would actually be still standing at 1 HP.

    Action Point:
    (9)+8= 17 vs. AC 18; Miss!


    I'm going to start posting HP totals after people take damage. Hiding it is taking way too much effort and is not worth the trouble.

  6. Didn't Sarah telefrag Teddy and then drop Dav'd which is two kills and should be a killing spree?

  7. Telefrag is basically: Go to gibland. Do not pass 0 hit points, do not collect 5 temps.

    It skips over the trigger for killing spree. At least, that's what I've come to understand...

  8. I don't know if there was a ruling as to whether Stormhawk's Vengeance is triggered by it. I'm assuming not at this point.

  9. Angille's answer is correct and applies to both questions. Since things like telefragging, E1M1's meat grinder, the team-killer on E3M1, etc. do not change the target's hit points, effects related to dropping, bringing a creature below 0 hit points, etc. do not trigger. For example: after being telefragged, what are Ugarth's current hit points? Unchanged, he is simply dead. Killing Spree only triggers when you bring enough enemies below 0 hit points.

    This one's going into the FAQ!

  10. Whoops! I'm really dropping the ball here. The old map image was in conflict with what was posted. Posted numbers take precedence and Renato stays at Location 4.

    By the way, he has until 8:00am tomorrow morning to post or Total Defense on the teleporter.

  11. Renato JUST emailed me to say:

    "For my move I wanted to shift to C19 and fire the catapult at Odesso. If necessary to hit I'd like to use heroic effort as well. I don't want to have him shooting the wand at us all clustered up. Can't post at work due to filters otherwise I'd put it up myself."

    Sorry guys, no free gibs

  12. (5)+8= 13 vs. Odesso's AC 18; Miss!

    Ugarth respawn at Location (1)

  13. Ugarth appears in a slurry of glimmering energy and looks down at the treasure pit, "So....shiny...." He shakes his ugly mug back and forth, snapping back to the action and growls at the pile of humans in the corner. He steps off the transporter pad and leaps back into it. When he reappears next to his targets, he sizes them up. "Didn't Ugarth already kill you puny man?!" He grinds his feet into the ground to build up speed and leaps into the air charging past the monk and bringing his ax down hard on the prone figure in the back.

    Move: Teleport to Pad 4
    Minor: Berserker's Charge, +2 to speed and attack rolls when charging
    Standard: Charge to square D19 (provoking an OA from Renato) and melee basic attack against CT; +13 vs AC, (+8 base, +1 for charge, +2 for power, +2 for prone enemy with melee attack), on hit; 2d12 (brutal 2) + 13 damage (from Furious Assault and Takedown Strike).

  14. Huzzah!

    Opportunity Attack: (16)+6= 22 vs. Ugarth's AC 17; Hit!
    for [d10] (1)+3= 4 damage!
    Ugarth is at 31 HP.

    Charge: (7)+13= 20 vs. CT Feltek's AC 23; Miss!

    Dav'd respawn at Location (4).

  15. DAV’d returns to the planet of his creation seeking clues to his mortality. Assessing his tactical positioning, “I had in mind something a little more radical” he mutters.

    Then he notices UGARTH.

    “Quite an experience to live in fear isn't it?” he mocks while exploding in radiant glory!

    “I want more life, fucker!” he taunts retreating…

    1. Minor--Radiant Darkfire on UGARTH
    +9 vs 13 REF
    If I hit, until the end of my next turn, all attacks against UGARTH have combat advantage, and UGARTH cannot benefit from invisibility or concealment [yeah, like he would ever even consider concealment!]. Also, when I hit UGARTH with darkfire he gains vulnerability to radiant damage 5 until the end of my next turn.

    2. Standard—Shining Symbol on Close Blast 3 [B:18-B:20-D:18-D:20]
    +5 vs 14 RENATO
    +5 vs 15 CT FELTEK—if Darkfire hits
    +7 vs 10 UGARTH [+5 if Darkfire missed]

    1d8 +1d6 [being within 2 of UGARTH] +5 [+10 if Darkfire]

    3. Move--D:16->D:17->D:4[teleport]->C:1

  16. Radiant Darkfire Shadowdarkbad: (9)+9= 18 vs. Ugarth's 13 Reflex; Hit!
    Ugarth grants combat advantage and has radiant vulnerability

    Shining Symbol:
    (9)+5= 14 vs. Renato's Will 14; Hit!
    (8)+5= 13 vs. CT Feltek's Will 18; Miss!
    (10)+7= 17 vs. Ugarth's Will 10; Hit!

    Renato has radiant vulnerability until the end of P3-10R's turn, so both take (5)+(3)+10= 18 radiant damage and are both bloodied!

    Renato at 5 HP
    Ugarth at 13 HP

    Teddy Grumpkin! Respawn at Location (2)

  17. Teddy IS SO HAPPY TO BE BACK! HE HAD TERRIBLE DREAMS HE WAS A HUMAN, AND THAT HIS BRAIN NO WORK GOOD AT STUFF! He huffs, and he puffs, and he stomps all over that teleport pad. Appearing near Ugarth, he cannot believe the humans still stand, and calls out: "UGGY GO BOOGY RED BUGGY GO FASTER FASTER!" (a popular orc phrase of encouragement): Teddy then steps back to watch the carnage unfold...

    Move from Q4-R3-Q4, Teleport as a free action to pad 4, move up to C14 (total movement 5sq).

    Minor: Inspiring word on Ugarth (hs +1d6 hp)

    Standard: Direct the attack on Ugarth against CT. Ugarth makes a basic melee attack, I assume at +12 b/c the charge bonus would have faded...

    I imagine Ugarth will use takedown strike, so 1d12+13 (brutal 2)+2 damage from my lend strength feat (total 1d12+15). If that doesn't drop him, I don't think Joe would mind using furious assault as well. We orcs don't approve of our enemies standing around (or running to opposite corners like drow).

  18. me name is Ugarth, and me support this message.

    (power strike in there too! +1d12)

  19. Ugarth spends a surge + (6); bringing him to 27 HP and no longer bloodied

    (8)+12= 20 vs. CT Feltek's AC 23; Miss!

    Og respawn at Location (1)

  20. Og runs toward the burning pitch and dumps it over the side, then threads a missile through his teammates to the South.

    Probably the worst place I could spawn... :P

    Move: Move to D-10

    Standard: Burning pitch East on to Odesso. Don't have the damage stats on that right now.

    Minor: Magic Missile (Wizard's Fury) at Renato, automatic 6 damage. Should drop him.

    If Odesso dies and triggers a Killing Spree, another Magic Missile (Standard Action) at CT Fellek ... automatic 6 damage.

  21. Effect: Odesso takes (4)+(2)+9= 15 fire damage to be GIBBED at -14 HP!

    Renato takes 6 force damage to DROP to -1!


    CT Feltek takes 6 force damage and is at 5 HP. That's one way to get past an AC 23!

    P3-10R bites the bullet and respawns at Location (4).

  22. Okay, suddenly I'm feeling very claustrophobic down here...

  23. "Foolish green mutant men! You cannot kill Clarence Terrence FELTEK!!" The bees swirling around him growl menacingly and nod their heads. Feltek gives them good bones to gnaw on while they make their honey mead. Looking down CT shakes his head "Although some humans seem not to have that same appetite for life. Why must you pick on him so? He's so innocent and beautiful. And as soon as this infernal time-trap that won't let me act yet ends, I SHALL DEFEAT YOU ALL!'

  24. P3's orb is already spinning as his world comes into focus - firing both arm cannons at his allies, he steps back through the 'port to a (relatively) safe position. He kicks the SE 'pult and lets loose the gibs that constantly seem to magically fill the basket!

    -- Minor --
    Sustain Moment of Glory: resist 5 all for Dav'd, Morthos, and P3-10R

    -- Move --
    Off and on 'port 4, to 3, then to T-18

    -- Standard --
    Catapult to C-19 (burst 1)
    Attack: +8 vs AC (CA vs Ugarth & Renato)
    Hit: 2d6+9 damage

  25. Renato: (10)+8= 18 vs. AC 13 [unconscious]; Hit!
    Ugarth: (11)+8= 19 vs. AC 17; Hit!
    CT Feltek: (17)+8= 25 vs. AC 23; Hit!

    (3)+(2)+9= 14 damage!

    Renato is GIBBED!
    Ugarth is bloodied at 13 HP.
    CT Feltek is unconcious at -9!

    Hither come Morthos!

  26. Before I go, shouldn't the death of Renalto/unconsciousness of CT Feltek trigger a killing spree?

  27. Per the Round 3 "errata", it only triggers when you drop someone who was conscious.

  28. (ah, my mistake)

    Morthos, tired of being so far removed from the bloodshed, puts his wheels into overdrive, and speeds towards western side of the map. Screeching to a halt next to the Orc Wizard, Morthos zaps the floor under the catapult, heating the area to burn the flesh off of all nearby.

    In doing so, he opens himself up to attack from Og, but between the shield of protection provided by P3, and his own countermeasure, his eye-stalk narrows. "Go AHEAD. TRY it!" He goads Og.

    Move: Run (yes, run) to C9. I grant CA & take a -5 to hit.
    Standard: Fountain of Flame centered on B19
    Attack: +0 vs Reflex (+5 - 5 for running)
    vs Sarah Conner
    vs CT Feltek (the coward who makes death saves)
    Damage: 3d8+5 (miss half)
    Effect: Creates a Zone A18-C20. Any enemy that starts it's turn or enters the zone takes 5 fire. Last til End of Encounter.
    Minor: Taunt Og to take the OA.

  29. Opportunity Attack: (9)+2+2 [combat advantage] = 13 vs. Morthos' AC 15; Miss!

    Sarah: (9) vs. Sarah's Reflex 15; Miss!
    Feltek: (8) vs. Feltek's Reflex 13 [unconscious] ;

    for (3)+(7)+(7)+5 / 2 = 11 fire damage!

    Sarah is mildly singed and at 20 HP.
    CT Feltek is GIBBED at -20 HP! The mighty have fallen!

    CT Feltek respawns at Location (4)

  30. The mighty has fallen! But he CAN get up!


    Following up his mighty roar CT Feltek strolls up to Teddy Grumpkin and smacks him in the face - SMACK! The bees howl and Teddy goes flying away - all the way past the boiling oil. Gleefully, CT Feltek follows the careening orc and arriving at the pot looks with joy at the 3 green-bots to the north. "Time to heat things up a bit..."

    Move: Walk to C15
    Standard: Divine Pursuit vs Teddy Grumpkin, +6 vs Fort, 2d8+3 damage on hit and push 4 to C10 and shift to C11
    If Divine Pursuit hits:
    ACTION POINT! Boiling Oil to the north, targetting: Teddy Grumpkin, Og and Morthos.

    "Come and get me Metal Grunts!!"

  31. (10)+6= 16 vs. Teddy Grumpkin's Fortitude 15; Hit!
    for (7)+(7)+3= 17 damage! Teddy is bloodied!

    Action Points is spent to deal boxcars! (6)+(6)+9= 21 fire damage to Teddy, Og, and Morthos (who resists 5)

    Teddy is GIBBED! at -13
    Og is bloodied at 4
    Morthos is bloodied at 8

  32. Immediate reaction: CT takes 1d6+5 fire damage from Infernal Wrath.

  33. Slipped in right before I head out to the heimat!

    CT Feltek takes (3)+5= 8 fire damage! to be at 23 HP.

  34. Tipping the cauldron provokes opportunity attacks from both Teddy and Og:

    (20) CRITICAL HIT!!!
    (2)+2= 4 vs. AC 23; Miss! Roll a 2, drink the hooch!

    CT Feltek takes an additional 1d8+4= 12 damage!
    he is now BLOODIED at 11 HP!

  35. Don't think it's even physically possible for me to hit his AC (+2 to hit vs AC 23), so don't bother. :P

  36. ... or not.

    Whatever, carry on. :)

  37. Odesso comes back, and Deletes his original plan while his software updates. Imagines of a turkeybot flash across his visual sensors. Somehow his update went wrong, and he sees the only course of action is to install the turkey template to Alecto...

    move to R11,
    Use boiling oil on alecto for 2d6+9....

  38. Sorry, forgot I have speed 8 b/c of aspect of might. Move to R10 before turkey-frying Alecto.

  39. Alecto BURNS for (5)+(3)+9= 17 fire damage! He drops at -1 HP, then self-GIBBED to respawn at Location (2)!

  40. Damn no-roll-to-hit oil.. No worries I know what will make everyone feel better... magic missiles! And lava, lots of lava.

    Minor: Magic missile for Odesso, 7 damage (he has no resist 5 from what I can see here, if he does I'd like to hit someone else -- assuming we'd know this)
    Move: to K3
    Standard: Hypnotism on Og, +5 vs. Will of 12, move him E9 -> F8 -> G7, essentially off the cliff and into lava.
    Action point: Hypnotism on Morthos, +5 vs. Will of 12, move him to D9 -> E8 -> F7, also off the cliff and into lava.

    Minor Action: Magic Missile to Og, 7 damage should drop him (he is at 4).

  41. Wizard's fury only allows one minor-action magic missile per turn, I believe.

  42. Yeah, sorry ignore that last line of my post. I had typed that and then changed my mind. But it was still in the text box below where I could see.

  43. Odesso is, in fact, the only QuadCore member to not have the fortune of falling under P3-10R's protective resist 5 all shielding; AND THUS TAKES 7 DAMAGE FROM A MAGIC MISSILE! Odesso is at 22 HP.

    You guys don't realize this, but whenever I type in caps on FTDM, in my mind I'm talking like a WWF announcer.

    (6)+5= 11 vs. Will 12; Miss! on Og
    (19)+5= 24 vs. Will 12; Hit! on Morthos!
    Morthos is slid towards the drop, (9) Fail!, and falls tumbling down. OH THAT'S GOTTA HURT!

    Morthos the Not-Acrobatic falls for (2)+(1)= 3 damage to be at 5 HP. Lucked out on that one!

    Kludge, alive, finishes out this round. Perhaps using his new laptop?

  44. (New laptop! Ye Gods, the old one was over 6 years old! Yaaaayyy!!!!)

    Kludge tip-toes up behind P3 and politely taps him on the shoulder. As the automaton turns, the monk round-house kick it in the 'face'.

    Move to S18.
    Open the Gates of Battle! +4 vs Reflex, 3d10+4 dmg (P3 is undamaged, triggering the higher damage)
    If Kludge hits, then trigger Flurry of Blows for an additional 6 dmg.

  45. As pointed out via email, Morthos still has resist 5 all, so he takes no damage from the fall and (per Rules Compendium) he thus is still standing.
    Furthermore, and this was news to me, Rules Compendium states that succeeding or failing at a save to avoid hazardous terrain stops the forced movement on one side of the line or the other. Hence, Morthos is safely on the ground at E9. Clearly, this map needs some more bite if people can get thrown off of castle walls and still land safely. Good thing I'm getting rid of it at the end of next round!

    Onto Kludge's turn ...

  46. (8)+4= 12 vs. P3-10R's Reflex 11; Hit!
    Way to go after the weak point!

    P3 is at full HP, so he takes (2)+(7)+(6)+4 -5 [resist] = 14 damage
    Flurry of Blows for an additional 6 -5 [resist]= 1 damage.

    P3 is bloodied at 11 HP.

  47. The Allure of Greed! Where will it screw you over THIS time?

    Sarah Connor: (11)+6= 17 vs. Will 20; Miss!

    Renato and Teddy Grumpkin are in The Gib-Void.

    Ugarth: (19)+6= 25 vs. Will 10; Hit! Ugarth is slid to D17. It's like his second home.

    Dav'd: (20) CRITICAL HIT!

    Og: (18)+6= 24 vs. Will 12; Hit! Og is pulled off of the wall? (11) Save!; Nope, he is prone at D10.

    P3-10R: (8)+6= 14 vs. Will 18; Miss!

    Morthos: (5)+6= 11 vs. Will 12; Miss! Dodged the bullet there!

    Clarence Terrence Feltek and Odesso are braced against blocking terrain.

    Alecto: (20) CRITICAL HIT! It's almost comical with you, man.; Save? (20) CRITICAL SAVE! Alecto is prone at K4.

    Kludge: (11)+6= 17 vs. Will 13; Hit! Kludge is pulled to Q17. The Dungeon Master decides to speed up the process a bit, and uses Forced Teleportation to gib Ugarth by sending Kludge on a fantastic voyage through the brute's innards.