FTDM Match 2 Call to Arms!

That's right you slabs of meat, I will be hosting Match 2 of the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch. Please read all the rules for character creation, and the play-by-post variant rules to get familiar with the format. As Gib happy as I am, I am sticking to the standard Play-by-post rules for this match.

The map will be E2M1: Minecart Massacre, so it'll pay to read the info for that as well.

I am looking for 8 dungeoneers (2 teams of 4) to take the field. Once I have 8, I'll make an announcement of the start date. It will be at least a week after I've filled the last slot. The match will last 12 rounds.

As an added twist to the ever-evolving Pbp format. At the conclusion of Round 6, we will switch to a new map which will remain unannounced until the start of Round 7! That's right folks, in Match 2, you get to play on TWO maps for the price of one!! This keeps you guys on your toes, and helps us play test our maps in preparation for the live tournaments at upcoming conventions!

We want to encourage newcomers to the deathmatch format so tell your friends, spread the word, and send in your stuff! Newcomers and vets with newcomer teammates will be given priority, so get out there and recruit!

Once you're familiar with the setup, send me an email, and I'll get you setup in a team. If you've got friends in mind whom you'd like to join in on your team, be sure to mention it and I'll hook you up.

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