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Map Special Rules
  • Orgasmic Shriek: The spirit of the succubus queen dwells here, her sensual pleasure growing more intense with the most gruesome of deaths. Each time a creature dies (1/turn), the demon faces let out a piercing orgasmic shriek dealing 1 thunder damage to each creature in the arena.
  • Mounting Pleasure: Each time a creature scores a critical hit, the thunder damage of Orgasmic Shriek increases by 1 for the rest of the match.
  • Always Run (ON): Dungeoneers that run take no penalty to their attack rolls.
Teleportation Archway

Respawn                                 Terrain Power
At-Will (teleportation)
Trigger: You start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter.
Effect (No Action): If you are dying, you die. You regain all hit points and healing surges, remove all failed death saves and conditions, refresh all encounter powers and power points, and teleport to a random teleport square. If the destination teleport square is occupied, that creature dies.

Teleportation Archway (random)         Terrain Power
At-Will + teleportation
Trigger: You move onto a teleport square.
Effect (No Action): You teleport to a random, different teleportation archway (Roll 1d3). If the destination teleportation archway is occupied, that creature dies.
Special: This square is difficult terrain.

Forced Teleportation (random)                        Terrain Power
At-Will + teleportation
Trigger: You push, pull, or slide a creature onto a teleport square.
Target: The creature that you pushed, pulled, or slid.
Effect (No Action): You teleport the target to a random, different teleportation archway (Roll 1d3). If the destination teleportation archway is occupied, that creature dies.

Killing Spree                                 Terrain Power
At-Will (1/turn)
Trigger: You reduce 2 or more enemies with at least 1 hit point to 0 hit points or fewer during the same turn.
Effect (Free Action): Gain an action point. You may spend more than one action point per encounter, but only one action point per round.

A creature that enters (including via forced movement) or starts their turn on a telethrower slides straight in the direction shown to the next telethrower or the Chasm of Discipline. If the triggering creature slides into an occupied square, the forced movement ends and the occupying creature takes 5 points of damage and is pushed 2 squares.

Trap Switch and Demon Mouth Trap
A creature that enters or starts their turn on a square containing a switch rolls a d6. The demon mouth trap displaying the number rolled breathes forth a cloud of burning corpse dust and red-hot lava nails in a close burst 2. Creatures in the burst take 10 fire and necrotic damage. If a 6 is rolled, every demon mouth trap attacks.

Neither the switches nor the traps block movement, line of sight, or line of effect. The demon mouth traps may only be triggered once per turn.

Yellow Switch, Portcullis, and the Brimstone Portal
While any creature weighing at least 20 lbs. is on the yellow switch, the portcullis is open and creatures may step through the Brimstone Portal. Otherwise, the portal is inactive. (NOTE: Dying creatures satisfy this condition.) A creature stepping through this portal is teleported to the gray portal in the Cloister of the Succubus Queen. Any creatures occupying the gray portal are killed instantly.

Heart of Malcanthet and Pit of Wombs
A dungeoneer within 1 square of the Heart of Malcanthat may claim it as a minor action. The Heart burrows inside the dungeoneer and cannot be removed while that dungeoneer is alive.

A dungeoneer bearing the Heart that enters the Pit of Wombs causes all enemies on the map to become pregnant, swell up, and then explode with a litter of infant succubae. The enemies are instantly killed, and the newborn demons teleport out of the match. The Heart of Malcanthet then immediately returns to its starting square, and the triggering dungeoneer heals all hit points, teleports to a random Teleportation Archway, shifts 1 square, and ends their turn.

Chasm of Discipline
This chasm is filled with the burning blood of a thousand Balors that disobeyed the Succubus Queen. A creature entering or starting their turn in the chasm is incinerated and dies. The chasm is 100 ft. below the surface of the map.

Floating Bone Platform
A creature that rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll is humiliated and immediately teleported to a random, unoccupied platform above the chasm. If all three platforms are occupied, the creature is instead teleported directly into the Chasm of Discipline.

Power-Up (1/turn)
A dungeoneer moving into a square containing a power-up rolls a d10 on the chart below.
  • 1-3: Chaos Device: Once during this lifetime, the dungeoneer may teleport to a random starting teleporter as a Free Action.
  • 4-5: Haste: The dungeoneer gains +2 Speed until he or she dies.
  • 6-7: Protection: The dungeoneer gains 15 temporary hit points.
  • 8-9: Invisibility: The dungeoneer does not provoke opportunity attacks until he or she dies.
  • 10: Quad Damage: The dungeoneer deals an additional 4d6 damage with all attacks that hit and deal damage until he or she dies. (Participants are encouraged to use their Custom FTDM Trophy Dice, if able)

Cloister of the Succubus Queen

Gray Portal: Creature that pass through the Brimstone Portal emerge from here. Re-entering the gray portal teleports the creature to a random Starting Portal.

Violet Switch: A creature entering this square causes any number or combination of demon mouth traps to activate.

Altar: The altare bears the Whip of Pleasure and Torment, a 5 lb. magic item that does not require free hands to use.

Whip of Pleasure and Torment
Wondrous Item
Property: Whenever you deal damage to an enemy with an attack, you may choose to either deal 5 psychic damage to each other enemy on the map or you may choose to have each ally heal 5 hit points.

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  1. Ouch.

    *immediately begins strategizing.*

  2. I *LOVE* THIS! Can't wait to give it a go!

  3. One other question to you Sersa; it is currently possible (although unlikely) to pick up the heart, and jump in the pit of wombs, every single turn (yes that's 48 movement every time it's your turn. Totally possible.) You don't even need to be a particularly bad build in order to do it. If it is not intended, one very simple solution is to not have the pit of wombs trigger a killing spree (since you're not actually the one doing the killing, I think that would be reasonable).

  4. I'm thinking of having killing spree not apply to this map. Could you be more specific on how a dungeoneer could heart-grind? I'd like to know more so I can more effectively head off potential abuse.

  5. Yeah, I think leaving Killing Spree off of this map would be a good "variant" to the standard set of terrain powers common to most maps. So, Respawn and Teleportation Archway function as per E1M1, Humiliation is unique here (and described above), no Killing Spree.

    You could always change the Heart description to slow its bearer to avoid any Heart-Grind.

  6. @Sersa - speed can get ridiculous if you build for it. 1st level human Primal Predator Druid with the Fast Runner feat and the Cheetah's Speed feat can have a speed of 15 when running (That build took me less than 5 minutes to come up with after some searching in the Compendium for "speed"). That makes going from the heart to the pit a piece of cake without even bothering to spend an action point. Maybe if you're carrying the Heart, your speed gets capped at 6?

    Other thought: When you've got the heart, you get Resist 5 - all. Makes everyone scramble a bit more to kill you as you move across the map.

  7. Thanks for the insights! I'm not an optimizer at all (quite the opposite), so you guys will have to be my brain on this one.

    I like the idea of having the heart slow you down. However, to keep it attractive, I might combine it with the damage resistance. So, while you have the heart, you move at half-speed, but gain resist 5 all?

    My intention with this map is to present the dungeoneers with a few more tactical options that can make the match a bit more interesting and challenging.

  8. I could also make grabbing the heart a minor action. I intentionally made things like the powerups and switches go when you moved over them to 1) encourage people to go after them since you don't have to stop to use another action and 2) to simulate how it works in video games.

    However, requiring a minor action to grab the heart could be a good way to deter heart-grinding, forcing you to end one of your move actions to claim it instead of grabbing it on the fly during a 100-square move.

  9. You have an excellent grasp of what it takes to make a truly great FTDM map!

    At that rate you could even have grabbing the heart be a standard action. It's a pretty big payoff if you can manage to get through! It's always so hard to tell with these things, what is too much, what is too little, what ridiculous optimized builds will do to your map. That's why I'm really looking forward to trying this beauty out as soon as possible; stop speculating, start playing!

  10. without killing spree, you can't do it every round (as far as I can tell, no way to move all 48 in one round without an action point); this means it will always take you a minimum of 2 turns, which is PLENTY of time for other people to kill you. Instead of changing anything else, I would suggest just having the heart respawn any time the carrier dies, thus requiring someone to make the entire trek in one piece. This would encourage team play (which is always good), and if someone wanted to build for pure speed (which would be a sacrifice in other maps) would not completely stop them from doing it. I wouldn't do any type of slowing at all, or anyone not built for speed would never be able to get to the pit.

  11. The blank space - walls blocking los/loe? If so, I assume all standard rules apply to them?

  12. Yep, blank spaces such as Column R, L7 to L12, etc. are solid blocking terrain.

  13. Unless Sersa says otherwise, I would assume 10 ft. (2 squares). Which, by the way, is a generous and extravagant ceiling in real life. Most are only 8 ft.

  14. The ceilings are 10' high, slightly arched.

  15. If while being thrown by the telethrower you hit someone, that person takes damage/is pushed. What happens to the initial person thrown? Does he/she stop, or does movement continue?

  16. Creatures cannot be force moved through occupied squares, so the triggering creature, the guy originally thrown, would end the movement.

  17. Do the telethrowers stop a move action in progress? If I move three squares onto a telethrower, can I continue the rest of my movement after I am thrown?

  18. Yes! One can complete the remainder of one's move after stepping on a telethrow and being slid around. Although every telethrow will end up either smacking you into another creature or put you into the Chasm of Discipline, so you don't always have a good situation where you want to or CAN continue moving.

  19. If there are no creatures intervening between telethrowers the RAW seems to assert that you would be moving in a circle from telethrower to telethrower indefinitely.

    This is because you always slide to the next telethrower in order, and whenever you enter a telethrower, even from forced movement, you end up triggering it, so the telethrowers effectively trigger each other by sliding you about in perpetuity.

    1. This would almost be true, right up until you fall in the Chasm of Discipline at F-15...

    2. Oh, I see what you mean. Man, that is holding very close to RAW.

      The intent, and how we played it in Match 2, is that the telethrower in F-6 slides to F-15, not to G-13.

  20. So can you walk on squares containing a Demon Mouth Trap?

  21. Does the Demon Mouth Trap's power include the origin square? It is a close burst 2, so if a character is standing on the DMT square when it goes off, is that character safe, or fried?

    1. The Demon Mouth Traps are flat to the ground, so a creature standing atop a Demon Mouth Trap when it is activated is also attacked.