FTDM 12 - Army of Darkness - FINAL ROUND

Well this is it, dawn is coming and the deadites have nearly overtaken the field. Can the Dorks catch up in the final round, or are the Corporations going to keep them all down?

Comic Book Guy sends many corporations on their asses and into deadites.
Lowe's lights up the dorks and then digs in.
Scott attacks Lowe's and really hurts him.
Wil gibs two raiders and sets a third one up to be gibbed; tying the game.
K-Mart respawns at location 2 clears some deadites and attacks Igor.
Walmart respawns at location 2 and slashes some prices and people.
Igor jumps up, grabs the boomstick, and shoots up the K-Mart.
Home Depot respawns at location 1.


  1. "These big box boys are the worst opponents. Ever."


    Move: to H7

    Minor: Majestic Word on Scott + Will of the Living

    Standard: Astral Terror vs HD, Walmart, and K-Mart (+ scads of deadites within 3).
    + 5 vs will (+1 vs bloodied targets).
    Hit: d6+4 psychic damage, and push 2.

    Walmart to K12.
    HD to J12.
    K-Mart to D12.
    Use MoTL as needed, order of importance as above.

    If I trigger a killing spree, I will declare my AP after this resolves.

  2. "Worst zombie hoard ever!" Comic Book Guy says as wades through the undead without taking any damage. I believe CBG uses Healing Word and heals Scott 6+(5)+4=15 points, Scott's at full, 5 deadites fry, K-Mart's at 22, and Home Depot's at 3.

    Astral Terror attacks:
    Walmart (18)+5+1=24 hit.
    Home depot (6)+5+1=12 hit.
    K-Mart (17)+5=22 hit.
    35 Deadites: 4, 8, 12, 7, 17, 6, 5, 10, 3, 15, 12, 3, 5, 18, 17, 13, 12, 20-Groovy!, 17, 8, 3, 5, 5, 15, 8, 6, 20-Groovy!, 4, 6, 9, 17, 1-Humiliation, 15, 10, 6
    Damage: (2)+4=6 leaving Walmart at 1, Home Depot at -3 and K-Mart at 16
    And on the Save front Walmart (1), (13), Home Depot (4), (11), K-Mart (12). Walmart is prone in J11, Home Depot is prone in H11, and K-Mart is prone where he started.

    The Lowe's can now take its final turn.

    1. Wait slight edit. As the deadite in J11 is dead, HD only gets one save for the one in J12 which he fails, so Home Depot is in J12 and still prone due to the whole hemorrhaging money thing.

    2. Forgot to add the Deadite of Humiliation on the map. The only legal location is G8, so we have a Deadite there (reflected on the next map update.

    3. Minor corrections, Scott is trained in religion so Will of the Living does 5 damage not 1. Also when entering a deadite square, you take 5 damage. So hp totals are as follow (will get in next map update):
      K-Mart: 12 (bloody)
      HD: -11 (gibbed)
      Walmart: -4 (dying)

    4. Since both Walmart & HD went below 0 hp, does that trigger the Killing Spree?

    5. No Killing Spree (the Deadite reduced Walmart to 0 not CBG).

      I receive an e-mail that CBG wants to use Manifestation of Malediction, on K-Mart to do another push 1 so the next save is (8). K-Mart is in E11, he doesn't take damage due to DR, but is still prone and bloody.

  3. As per Lowe's email, Steven is having power cord issues:

    Move to K8,
    Standard and Action Point to double Hand of Radiance on Scott, Wil, and Igor
    +6 vs Reflex, 1d4+7 radiant on hit.
    Minor to Dwarven Resilience. I should be at full HP anyways from smacking Igor, but the extra +2 defenses on top of the Kevlar should make Lowes untouchable.

    You heard the man, dorks! Get back to work!

  4. Well everyone but Igor has cover from the Deadites (Igor's on higher ground).

    Hand of Radiance one:
    Scott (4)+6-2=8 vs. 16 miss
    Wil (20)+6-2=24 vs. 19 Groovy! (4)+7=11 damage Wil @ 10 hp and bloody.
    Igor (4)+6=10 vs. 17 miss

    Hand of Radiance two:
    Scott (16)+6-2=20 vs. 16 hit. (1)+7=8 damage Scott @ 18 hp
    Wil (15)+6-2=16 vs. 19 hit. (3)+7=10 damage Wil @ 0 hp.
    Igor (12)+6=18 vs. 17 hit. (1)+7=8 damage Igor @ 16 hp and Lowe's @ 25 (HP pinata).

    After the surge, Lowe's is at full and very defensive.

    It's Scott's turn now.

  5. Scott looks at the score, digs down deep, and strides forward boldly.

    Move: To J9 (via I10, so only through one square of deadites)
    Standard: Vengeful Strike: +6 vs. AC 1d10 + 4 + 8 (bonus from vengeance strike)
    Minor: Will of the Living: 5 radiant damage to Lowes & the Deadites.

  6. OOC: Is it just me or is anyone having an issue with the "Subscribe by Email" option not showing up?

    1. Nevermind, it just showed up. :facepalm:

  7. Scott moves into the Deadite hoard (down to 13 & bloody). Then the attack: (17)+6=23 vs. 22 hit for (10)+4+8=22 hp. Lowe's is now bloody at 6 hp. Will of the living takes out some Deadites and leave Lowe's at 1 hp.

    Wil respones at location 3.

    Map to update in a bit.

  8. Wil Wheaton appears in a puff of smoke, a Jenga Tower in his hands.

    "Oh, Hi guys. I'd love to tell you about a wonderful new game. It's a game of mystery and Dread and terror. Please enjoy as we explore now here on the Tabletop as we explore, Dread."

    He busts out the Jenga tiles and begins whirling them about his body in a whirlwind of wood and shadow. The Jenga Tower collapses and falls on to the nice employee from K-Mart. Blocks of shadowy dread go whirling about the battlefield as Wil tries to show the audience just how cool a game this is.


    minor action: Bladesong +2 to all defenses and attack rolls and a +5 to damage rolls until the end of my next turn.

    standard action: Melee Basic Attack +10 vs. AC, 1d8 + 12 damage on a hit and trigger Frost Bite against Lowe's for 3 cold damage and slowed until end of his next turn.

    if I hit, I should have just dropped two enemies below 0 and earned a KILLING SPREE!!!!

    move action: Fey Step to G9


    Charge: at Lowe's into square J8 (through 2 deadite's for 10 necrotic damage to Wil), +11 vs. AC, 1d8 + 12 damage and trigger Unseen Hand against Walmart for 3 force damage and slide Walmart three squares into M14 (or as many squares into Deadites as I can going that way).

    free action: Summon Loser's Couch and prepare to give winner's trophy to whoever wins this match, because they deserve it, but only for a moment cause we can only afford to have one.

    1. If you Action Point - charge, the deadites there have been destroyed by Scott's Will of the Living, so you shouldn't take the radiant damage.

    2. and by radiant, I mean necrotic.

    3. YAY! Wil gives Scott Pilgrim a super high-five for +5XP!

  9. Wow, I need to update the map quicker. Blade song is on, and now onto an attempt to smack K-Mart; attack (19)+8+2(bladesong)+2(CA)=31 vs. 17... after consulting multiple math texts, I can find no way for this not to be a hit. Damage (1)+7+5(bladesong)=13 hp not a mighty blow, but enough to drop K-mart to -1. Then the Frost Bite drops Lowe's to -2 hp. KILLING SPREE!!!

    Now a quick teleport and a charge attacking Lowe's. Attack (15)+8+1(charge)+2(bladesong)+2(CA due to prone)=28 vs. 23-5(unconscious)= 18, hit! The Lowe's takes (8)+7+5=20 hp and the ghetto crit takes Lowe's to -22 and the Lowe's is Gibbed. The unseen hand drops Walmart to -7 then he gets saves to stop the movement first one is a 3 taking to -12... the burnt out remains of the Walmart is DOA before the rest of the move.

    That's two gibs for Wil! And with the respawn of K-Mart, the Corporate Raiders have lost the lead and the game is all tied up.

    K-Mart respawns at 2 looking for vengeance.

  10. "Blue light special on... Ah, f%$& it."

    Move: walk to J-6. Necro damage and DR.
    Minor: Will of the Living (partially for cover reduction, partially in case we go into sudden death round)
    Standard: Cutting Words against Igor
       Attack: +6 vs Will 12 (iirc, there's a ruling about no cover if he's standing on the Olds?), using MoaTL if within 6
       Hit: 1d8 + 6 psychic damage, pull to I-11

  11. K-Mart strolls out and blasts the Deadites. And then it turns it's corporate machine on Igor. (14)+6=20 vs. 12 hit! Igor yells, "I get a second chance." After everyone consults the rule book we reply "Yes, yes, you get a second chance." (if you don't get the "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" reference, check it out.) Second chance: (14)+6-5=15 vs. 12, still a hit. (1)+6=7 damage leaving Igor bloody at 9 hp. And the pull save (14, wow my die love 14 on this turn). Igor saves and is now prone on the Olds.

    Walmart respawns at 2, ready to slash prices all the way to the finish line.

    Map to update later this afternoon.

  12. "Attention all shooppers, from now until the end of September, we are slashing prices on all sporting apparel and equipment. Also, due to labor strikes on the subcontinent of India, there we are forced to mark up earl grey tea 250%. We expect this small increase in price to last only until October 16th. We apologize for any inconvenience."

    -there, THAT should drive the dorks away!!!!!

    Move to I7 via Kmarts sq, so no OAs.
    Minor action to use improved razor storm, slashing up the area...sorry K! +7 vs all reflexes in the area.
    If I hit and drop Scott pilgrim to 0 hp....
    Use std action to deft strike (can move 2 sq before attack...and have +2 to AC vs OAs due to artful dodger...).

    If I do not drop Scott pilgrim, use opening move against CBG...+8 vs AC, 2d6+5 damage and I gain +4 AC and reflex as per usual.

    Damn, wish I had gotten that killing spree earlier. Oh we'll. best try to set up HD and be ready for OT just in case.

  13. First the Razor Storm
    K-Mart: (16)+7=23 vs. 13 hit.
    CBG: (17)+7=24 vs. 11 hit.
    Wil: (10)+7=17 vs. 19 miss.
    Scott: (9)+7=16 vs. 15 hit.
    Deadites (auto hits) - 15 & 7
    Damage (1)+5=6 hp (damn you dice, last round should be bloodier). K-Mart @ 20, CBG @ 21, and Scott @ 7. Deadites are still alive.

    Attack vs. CBG (3)+8=11 vs. 16 miss!

    Okay it's now Igor's turn.

  14. Igor, covered in blood, smears a bloody hand-print on the Oldsmobile as he stands, grabs the shotgun, pumps it once triumphantly, and blasts a hole through K-Mart's windows.

    Move to stand
    Minor to pick up boomstick (I can pick it up if its adjacent right?)
    Standard to slugshot Kmart

    OOC: Here come's sudden death?

  15. The boomstick comes out and shoots at the K-Mart. (19)+8=27 vs. 17 hit. Damage (1)+(2)+(1)+(5)+6=15 so K-Mart is bloody at 5 hp (my d20 seems to be working now, but the damage dice are hating everyone now).

    Starting in location 1, Home Depot can you win this thing or will we be going to sudden death? Map to update sometime after work.

    1. Oh, and the boomstick also knocks K-Mart prone.

  16. Hail Mary, baby!

    Move: Cranes' Wing jump to I9
    Standard: Crane's Wing attack vs. Scott (+5 vs Fort), 1d10+5 + 1d8 (Furious Assault) + 6 (Flurry)
    Minor: WotL vs Scott and Wil

    C'mon dice!

  17. Well ladies and gentlemen, it comes down to Home Depot trying to jump the shark.

    We have the jump... Crane's Wing give a running start and +5 so (7)+9+5=21... which is just enough to get to I9. But wait Comic Book Guy gets an OA (17)+2=19 vs. 17. Damage (4)-1=3 so Home Depot's at 19 hp... Oh the disadvantage of making STR your dump stat.

    Crane's Wing attack (9)+5=14 vs. 17 miss.

    Will of the living takes Scott down to 6 and Wil to 21.

  18. The score is 12 to 12. It's still anyone's game. Initiative will be rerolled and the winner determine if they want to switch. And then we are in SUDDEN DEATH!!! Let the killing continue.

    Sudden death round will be posted shortly.

  19. Sudden death here: